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'Masters Of Sex' Recap: 5 Memorable Moments From 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' And Thoughts On Season 2

9/29/2014 8:43am EDT
'Masters Of Sex' Recap: 5 Memorable Moments From 'The Revolution
Individually, the episodes that make up Masters of Sex’s second season have been brilliant. The development of Virginia and Bill has moved at a steady, believable pace, as well as the character development of side characters like Libby, Betty, Lester, and Austin. We lost one of the show’s best characters, Dr. Lillian DePaul, probably too soon, but it was effective nonetheless. The introduction of Bill’s brother and exploration of his relationship with his father was another strength. However, as a whole, season two has been rocky.

The show rid itself of some of season one’s strongest eleme...

'Masters of Sex' Recap: Top 5 Moments from 'One For The Money, Two For The Show'

9/22/2014 10:16am EDT
'Masters of Sex' Recap: Top 5 Moments from 'One For The Money, T
Here are the top 5 moments from “One for the Money, Two for the Show:”

Historical Context

One of the highlights of any period television series is when real world events affect the lives of the characters. Mad Men famously made the death of Marilyn Monroe personally affect many of the office characters. We’ve seen this a couple of times during Masters of Sex, especially in “Fight,” but this episode was overflowing with historical events, each of which effected the characters drastically.

For fantasy obsessed Flo, the news of Clark Gable’s heart attack is devastating, leading her to conti...

Master Of Sex: Best Moments From 'Below The Belt'

9/15/2014 9:55am EDT
Master Of Sex: Best Moments From 'Below The Belt'
“Below the Belt” was not one of Masters of Sex’s best episodes. It highlighted many of the problems with this very uneven season. Every individual episode is brilliantly written, with witty dialogue and subversive plotting. However, the season as a whole is brimming with issues. Many of the plots and characters have gone so off track, including Libby going from bored housewife to demonic racist to her old self again with no explanation and Betty’s domestic problems with the pretzel king.

Yet, as with every episode, there are plenty of amazing moments in “Below the Belt.” Here are a few of ...

'Masters Of Sex:' Best Moments From 'Story Of My Life'

9/8/2014 9:08am EDT
'Masters Of Sex:' Best Moments From 'Story Of My Life'
Here are the top 5 moments from Masters of Sex: “Story of My Life:”

Virginia the Amateur Therapist

Last week, Virginia once again made her intentions to expand her career prospects clear to Bill. He, in very Bill-like fashion, claimed to be supportive, while listing all of the reasons why it was a terrible idea. However, Virginia is determined to add a psychology aspect to the sex study, in order to help patients move past the sexual dysfunctions that are born through trauma. It’s the Barbara’s case of Vaginismus, caused by a childhood incestuous relationship with her brother, that real m...

'Masters Of Sex Recap:' The Best Moments From 'Mirror Mirror'

9/1/2014 8:25am EDT
'Masters Of Sex Recap:' The Best Moments From 'Mirror Mirror'
Here are a few of the top moments from a slow, but pivotal episode of Masters of Sex:

Christian Borle as Frank Mason

Tony winning Christian Borle, best known for his role on “Smash,” joins the cast of “Masters of Sex” as Frank Mason, a former medical school peer who has come from Kansas City with his wife to help get pregnant. The vibe between the two men is awkward from the start, with mentions of writing each other letters and an unspoken rift. Bill has never been the type of person to have friends, so the man’s presence is ominous throughout the episode, as Virginia and Betty try to gu...

'Masters Of Sex' The Top 5 Moments From 'Asterion'

8/25/2014 7:49am EDT
'Masters Of Sex' The Top 5 Moments From 'Asterion'
Here are the best moments from “Asterion:”

Bill’s Intense Speech About His “Wife”

“Your wife sees you and she’s not repulse. She doesn’t recoil. She doesn’t leave. And the betrayal of that kind of wife who comes in and opens you up and just leaves…that is a wife that cannot be forgiven.”

Bill says these words to the bellboy from the equally intense episode “Fight.” He tells this bellboy that his wife has left him for greener pastures. But he’s not referring to Libby, the woman with whom he actually took vows. He’s talking about Virginia, his emotional wife, the woman who has never consid...

'Masters of Sex' Season 2 Episode 6: Top 5 Moments From 'Blackbird'

8/18/2014 9:02am EDT
'Masters of Sex' Season 2 Episode 6: Top 5 Moments From 'Blackbi
Here are the top 5 best moments from last night’s episode of Masters of Sex:

1. Hendricks’ Objection to the Study

The last episode ended with the assumption that Dr. Hendricks, the head of Buell Green, has been sabotaging the study for nefarious purposes. However, at the beginning of “Blackbird” he explains his position succinctly. Medical history has been marred by white doctors deciding to perform horrific experiments on black people to further stereotypes. Hendricks sees the addition of black patients on the study as a contribution to that long line of disgusting behavior in the medica...

Creative Arts Emmys 2014: HBO Tops Winners List (Complete List)

8/17/2014 8:12am EDT
Creative Arts Emmys 2014: HBO Tops Winners List (Complete List)
Yes folks, there was an award ceremony last night.

The Prime Time Creative Arts Emmy Awards were held Saturday night at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles to honor programs and individual achievements. The ceremony, held the week before the bigger Prime Time Emmys, honored the many talented individuals who work behind the scenes as well as guest performers who appeared in TV series.

Taking home the most Emmy awards was HBO with 15 awards, followed by NBC with 10; PBS with 8; FOX and Netflix tied with 7; CBS with 6; ABC had 5 respectfully. You can see the complete tabulation of awards here....

'Masters Of Sex' Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Top Moments From 'Giants'

8/11/2014 9:28am EDT
'Masters Of Sex' Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Top Moments From 'Gia
Here are the top moments from “Giants:”

The Lillian/Virginia Confrontation

The Lillian and Virginia pairing continues to be the heart and soul of Masters of Sex. It’s so refreshing to see a female relationship that’s so strife with conflict that has nothing to do with fighting over some boy. When these two fight, it’s clear they’re fighting for each other. Their relationship is built on respect and a similar interest in making an impact in medicine. The first season illustrated that Lillian needed a person like Virginia in her life, but this season proves that Virginia needs her even more...

'Masters Of Sex' Recap: The Best Moments From 'Dirty Jobs'

8/4/2014 11:04am EDT
'Masters Of Sex' Recap: The Best Moments From 'Dirty Jobs'
Here are the top moments from Masters of Sex, “Dirty Jobs:”

Langham Catches Bill and Virginia

It was bound to happen. Bill and Virginia’s non-affair was always going to be caught, especially since their efforts to hide it were shallow at best. But who could have predicted that Dr. Langham, the resident horn-dog, would be the one to uncover what was happening, even if it was only part of the truth. He handles it as well as you’d expect. First, he goes to Virginia to subtly point out what he saw, but he doesn’t get the dirty details that he’s looking for. She masterfully lies on the spot wi...

'Masters Of Sex' Recap: Top Moments From 'Fight'

7/28/2014 9:41am EDT
'Masters Of Sex' Recap: Top Moments From 'Fight'
Here are the top moments from an amazing bottle episode of Masters of Sex:


Most of “Fight” takes place on a single night, in a single hotel room, during one of Virginia and Bill’s session. The first two episodes of the season demonstrated that work-only affair between the two colleagues had been taking place in a hotel, under the assumed name of Dr. Francis Holden, but left much to the imagination. In “Fight” we not only get to see the contents of a night between these two, but also feel the atmosphere.

Besides a few short scenes, the episode is solely shot within the hotel room,...

'Masters Of Sex' Recap: The Top 5 Moments From 'Kyrie Eleison'

7/21/2014 8:24am EDT
'Masters Of Sex' Recap: The Top 5 Moments From 'Kyrie Eleison'
Here are the top moments from “Kyrie Eleison:”

New Additions to the Cast

Masters of Sex can already boast of having one of the best ensembles on television, with Lizzy Caplan, Michael Sheen, Alison Janney, Beau Bridges, and Julianne Nicholson making up the cast. It’s always a risk to add members to an ensemble so filled with chemistry because there’s the chance that it can change the dynamic. However, so far the two new additions seem great.

First there’s Keke Palmer as Coral, the Masters’ new nanny. She’s young, sweet, and has plenty in common with Libby. Coral and Libby bond early on o...

'Masters of Sex': Top Moments From 'Parallax'

7/14/2014 9:40am EDT
'Masters of Sex': Top Moments From 'Parallax'
Masters of Sex’s first season was yet another in a long line of Showtime critically acclaimed debut series. The true story of Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson’s quest to discover what happens to the body during sex was often riveting, touching, and female-friendly in a way that’s rare on TV these days. The last episode left viewers with a few hanging questions. Would Virginia take up Ethan’s marriage proposal? Would Bill and Virginia begin an affair? What was going to happen to the study now that Bill was fired from his position at the university?

The biggest question left lingering was w...

5 Reasons We're Excited for 'Masters of Sex' Season 2

7/13/2014 10:00am EDT
5 Reasons We're Excited for 'Masters of Sex' Season 2
With the Masters of Sex second season premiere approaching, it’s time to get excited about the return of our favorite series about the science of sex. When the show first debuted in September of last year, it was a risky sell for audiences. It was yet another one of the many period pieces that popped up after the success of Mad Men, with the added bonus of being centered solely on a study about sex. There was the risk that it would pale in comparison to the other great Showtime series and focus more on titillation than strong writing. However, Masters of Sex soon proved naysayers wrong by b...

Meet 'Once Upon A Time's' Magical Rose McIver

11/17/2013 4:25pm EST
Rose McIver
Rose McIver has a pretty charmed resume; she's played both a Power Ranger and the most famous fairy in pop culture. Currently, she's got recurring roles on two hit TV shows: ABC's Once Upon A Time and Showtime's Masters of Sex. BFTV sat down with Rose last week to chat about finding her own place in pop culture.

"There should be more than enough of me for the next little while," she quipped, referring to her double-recurring status. On Once, you know her as Tinker Bell. That's a well-known character on a show full of magical goings-on and high adventure. So how much does Rose have to keep ...

Showtime Renews 'Homeland' & 'Masters Of Sex'

10/23/2013 6:23pm EDT
Showtime has greenlit new seasons of "Homeland" and "Masters of Sex." The spy thriller, starring Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, is getting a fourth season, while new series "Masters of Sex" will return for a second season, the network announced on Tuesday.

Both programs will return in 2014 with 12 episodes each.

Showtime entertainment president David Nevins said in a statement: "Homeland continues to prove its strength for Showtime, and is one of television's most exciting, provocative and widely-discussed shows. It has grown its audience significantly in each of its three seasons."


Fall 2013 TV Report (So Far)

10/5/2013 2:06pm EDT
Sleepy  Hollow
Here’s how the Fall TV season has been shaping up.


ABC doesn’t have a lot to celebrate about. Once Upon A Time and Revenge are both down season-to-season, yet up from last season’s finales. So, really, you could say they are even for the night. Their new drama, Betrayal, however is a disappointment. Low ratings. Does ABC have anything ready to replace Betrayal though? They’re already definitely going to cancel the much lower rated Lucky 7 (an almost certainty), can they afford to axe two shows?

CBS has a nice strong lineup of returning shows, all performing well. FOX’s shows are ...

'Masters Of Sex' Stars Lizzy Caplan And Michael Sheen Unfazed By Show's Nudity And Sex Scenes

9/27/2013 3:58pm EDT
Masters Of Sex
Showtime's new series Masters Of Sex, which premieres on Sunday, September 29, focuses on the real life studies of sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson, who in the 1950s began to revolutionize the way people view the things that go on between couples in the bedroom.

The show, based on the book of the same name by biographer Thomas Maier, stars Michael Sheen as Masters and Lizzy Caplan as Johnson, both of whom had to get comfortable with a lot of nudity and simulated sex acts.

"We've seen so many people do bizarre things in front of you, you get used to it," Sheen said at t...

'Masters Of Sex' Star Lizzy Caplan Sizzles In The October GQ

9/26/2013 12:37am EDT
Lizzy Caplan
Lizzy Caplan stars in Showtime's new series Masters Of Sex, about human sexuality researchers William Masters & Virginia Johnson. She also stars in a sexy new pictorial for the October issue of GQ Magazine.

Since the show focuses on sex research there's bound to be nudity -- but that's something Caplan, who's no stranger to stripping off -- didn't have any interest in discussing in her accompanying interview.

"I feel like I've answered that question a thousand times about nudity and being nude on set and how am I comfortable with that and what do I think about people on the street who hav...