The Mary Tyler Moore Show Cast and Crew

Mary Tyler Moore - Mary Richards
Valerie Harper - Rhoda Morgenstern; Mary's Friend
Ed Asner - Lou Grant; Producer of the News Show
Gavin MacLeod - Murray Slaughter; the News Writer
Ted Knight - Ted Baxter; Anchorman
Cloris Leachman - Phyllis Lindstrom; Mary's Friend
Lisa Gerritsen - Bess Lindstrom; Phyllis's Daughter
John Amos - Gordie Howard; the Weatherman
Georgia Engel - Georgette Franklin; Ted's Girlfriend
Betty White - Sue Anne Nivens; Host of
Nancy Walker - Ida Morganstern; Rhoda's Mother
Harold Gould - Martin Morganstern; Rhoda's Father
Priscilla Morrill - Edie Grant; Lou's Ex-Wife
Liberty Williams - Debbie Morganstern; Rhoda's Sister
Nanette Fabray - Dotty Richards; Mary's Mother
Bill Quinn - Walter Richards; Mary's Father
Joyce Bulifant - Marie Slaughter; Murray's Wife
Sherry Hursey - Bonnie Slaughter; Murray's Daughter
Tammi Bula - Marie Slaughter; Murray's Daughter
Helen Hunt - Laurie Slaughter; Murray's Daughter
Sheree North - Charlene McGuire; Lou's Girlfriend
Brad Trumbull - Howard Gordon; Edie's 2nd Husband
Nora Heflin - Janey Grant; Lou's Daughter
John Gabriel - Andy Rivers; Mary's Occasional Date
Robbie Rist - David Baxter; Ted's Adopted Son
Ted Bessell - Joe Warner; Mary's Boyfriend
Mark Gordon - Chuckles the Clown; Performer on Channel 12
Richard Schaal - Chuckles the Clown; Performer on Channel 12
Dick Balduzzi - Philly; Lou's Friend
Eileen Heckart - Flo Meredith; Mary's Aunt
Penny Marshall - Paula Kovacs; Mary's Neighbor
Claude Stroud - Mary's Landlord
Ted Lehman - Fred; Mary's Apartment Building Super
Lee Vines - Lee; the WJM Announcer
Chuck Bergansky - Tony; Bartender at the Ballantine Bar
Peter Hobbs - Bartender at the Happy Hour Bar; Lou's Hangout
Benjamin Chuley - Pete; a Newsteam Member
Lew Ayres - Doug Booth; Murray's Father
Brett Somers - Rhoda's Aunt Rose
Liam Dunn - Robert Baxter; Ted's Father
Robert Moore - Ben Lindstrom; Phyllis's Brother
Pat Priest - Lila; Sue Anne's Sister
Angus Duncan - Bill; Mary's Ex-Fiance
Lawrence Pressman - Bill Phelps; Lou's Son-in-Law
Jack Cassidy - Hal Baxter; Ted's Brother
Slim Pickens - Wild Jack Monroe; Owner of WJM-TV
Michael Tolan - Dan Whitfield; Mary's Former Fiancee
Jerry Van Dyke - Mary's Friend
Darrell Zwerling - Mr Charney
Gordon Jump
Jay Sandrich
Marjorie I Mullen
James Burrows
Harry Mastrogeorge
Mel Deerber
Doug Rogers
Joan Darling
Michael Zinberg
James L. Brooks
Allan Burns
Stan Daniels
Ed Weinberger
David Lloyd
Mary Kay Place
Valerie Curtin
Ed Weinberger
Stan Daniels
Michael Elias
Bob Ellison
Pamela Russell
Martin Donovan
Earl Pomerantz
Patricia Nardo
Gloria Banta
Richard Powell
Jerry Mayer
Jack Winter
Michael J Leeson
Shelley Nelbert
Karyl Geld
William Wood
Marilyn Miller
Monica Johnson
Ziggy Steinberg
Glen Charles
Les Charles
Gail Parent
Martin Cohan
James L. Brooks
Allan Burns
Treva Silverman