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South Dakota
Bear's latest adventure takes him to the Black Hills, the Great Plains and the Badlands of South Dakota.

The Deep South
Bear survives the deadly swamps of the Deep South.

Dominican Republic
Bear demonstrates how to survive a hurricane in the Dominican Republic.

Bear Grylls navigates the jungles of Belize.

Bear's Essentials
Bear recaps survival essentials that he has used to navigate deserts, swamps, jungles and icy mountains.

Bear fights his way across the frozen wastelands of North America's Yukon.

Bear Grylls takes on Hell's Canyon in Oregon, where snowdrifts, frozen lakes, burnt out forests and frigid white water rapids await.

Baja Desert
Bear travels to the desert of Mexico's Baja California, battling a bee sting and a deadly diamondback.

Bear enters the forest of Transylvania, where he encounters steep ravines, an underground water system and an adult brown bear.

Bear's Ultimate Survival Guide
Bear offers a survival guide for the most dangerous of places.

Bear survives the rugged West Coast of Ireland, where he must scale 2000-foot-high sea cliffs.

Bear travels to Turkey to test his survival skills.

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