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Public Relations
Don Draper takes an interview with Advertising Age but the exposure does not necessarily help the new firm. Pete and Peggy try to keep the Sugarberry Ham account through a publicity stunt without running the ploy by Don or other senior staff. Betty and Henry spend thanksgiving at Henry's mother's house. Don spends the holiday at his apartment with a prostitute. Peggy's new boyfriend Mark tries to assert himself. In a proposal to a much-needed new client, Don goes too edgy but refuses to tone it down.

Christmas Comes But Once a Year
A sober Freddy rejoins the office and brings with him a new account. The firm has to throw a lavish Christmas party to impress Lee Garner Jr. of Lucky Strike. Glen Bishop and his friend trash the Draper house. Mark and Peggy have sex, with Mark believing that Peggy lacks sexual experience. After he leaving his keys at the office, Don has a less-than-smooth tryst with his secretary when she brings them to his apartment.

The Good News
Joan visits her gynecologist and hopes that her past abortions do not jeopardize her ability to have a child with Greg. Before heading to Acapulco, Don visits Anna Draper in Los Angeles and learns about her cancer. Don ends up not going to Mexico and spends a fun night with Lane.

The Rejected
Don and Roger attempt to reassure Lee Garner Jr. that the Lucky Strike brand will survive the new restrictions on cigarette advertising. Faye holds a focus group for the new Ponds campaign while Don, Peggy and Freddy watch behind one-way glass. The intense discussion leads to Allison crying and running out of the room. Pete's father-in-law accidentally informs him of his daughter's pregnancy. Peggy makes a new friend, Joyce, and attends a downtown party. Pete and Harry have lunch with Ken Cosgrove. Pete informs his father-in-law of a conflict of interest between Clearasil and the new Ponds account, but pushes for the larger Vicks Chemical account. The office learns about Pete's new arrival and Peggy attempts to move forward. Don dresses down Faye in the wake of Allison quitting and storming out.

The Chrysanthemum and the Sword
Don and the entire SCDP agency compete with Cutler Gleason and Chaough for the Honda account (against Roger's wishes). Sally cuts much of her hair off while in the care of Phoebe, Don's babysitter, prompting more doubts about Don's parenting, a slap from her mother, and a visit to the therapist for Sally.

Waldorf Stories
Don and Peggy interview Jane Sterling's cousin Danny Siegel for a position at the agency but his portfolio proves underwhelming. Roger continues to work on his memoirs, remembering when he first met Don while Don was selling furs. Don, Roger, Pete and Joan attend the Clio awards and the Glo-Coat campaign wins. After winning, Don and Roger have to rush back to the office to meet with Life cereal. They try to pitch while drunk, but when the executives do not like the planned presentation, Don throws out an idea from Danny Siegel's portfolio. Peggy has to spend the weekend in a hotel room with Stan coming up with takes on cough drops. When the creativity does not flow, Peggy agrees to strip naked to appease Stan, but it does not lead to anything. At the Clio awards after-party, Don embarks on a bender that results in a missed visit with his children and a tryst with a waitress below his usual standards. Ken is rehired at the agency and Pete is not happy about it. Don has to hire Danny Siegel despite his lack of experience.

The Suitcase
Duck tries to lure Peggy into a new opportunity but she doubts his reliability. Don receives an urgent message from California but does not call back right away. While the rest of the office heads out to watch the 1965 Clay-Liston bout, Don forces Peggy to work late on the Samsonite campaign and she misses her surprise birthday dinner with Mark and her family. Roger has to join non-drinkers Freddy Rumsen and Cal Rutledge for dinner. After no ideas stick, Don and Peggy go out for something to eat and listen to the fight at a bar. Duck shows up at the office drunk. After Don attempts to defend Peggy's honor, Duck wrestles him to the ground. After seeing Anna's ghost, Don finally calls California and learns that Anna has died.

The Summer Man
Don starts a journal and makes new goals for his life. Joey tells off Joan, noting that she dresses like she is hoping for sexual violence. Greg leaves for basic training. Don takes Bethany out to a nice restaurant and Betty and Henry show up at the same restaurant. Bethany performs oral sex on Don in the back of the cab. Peggy fires Joey after his bad behavior around the office escalates. Don invites Faye out for dinner after he hears that she is newly single. Don and Faye kiss but go no further. Don attends a birthday party for young Gene.

The Beautiful Girls
Sally runs away from home and shows up at the SCDP offices. Don does his best to care for her but delegates some of the tasks to Faye. Roger and Joan have dinner and then are robbed at gunpoint in a bad neighborhood. In the moments after, they make love. Miss Blankenship passes away, adding another distraction to Don's day. Peggy finds herself between a racist client - Fillmore Auto Parts - and a progressive potential love interest who attempts to sway her views.

Hands and Knees
Joan and Roger discuss her pregnancy as a couple and with her physician. Lane's father, Robert Pryce, visits New York. Lane attempts to show his father his new life in America with his black Playboy bunny girlfriend, but Robert forces him to take a leave of absence and return to England to deal with his family problems. Joan visits a doctor that performs abortions. The North American Aviation account requires government background checks for Sterling Cooper employees. After government agents visit Betty and Don at their respective homes, Don gets nervous and forces Pete to drop the account before they discover his secret. Roger learns that Lucky Strike will be dropping SCDP from their account, but he convinces Lee Garner Jr. to not report it for a month. Don tells Faye about his past.

Chinese Wall
The loss of the Lucky Strike account hits the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce office and puts everyone on edge. Roger pretends that the news is actually new, going as far as to fake a visit to North Carolina. Glo-Coat also drops SCDP. Ted Chaough of CGC offers Pete a full partnership at his agency just before Pete's wife delivers a baby girl. Pete and other SCDP employees attend an advertising industry funeral to find new business. After she expresses an interest in his work, Don makes loves to his new secretary Megan on his office sofa. After Don asks her to behave unethically, Faye obliges and sets up a meeting with Heinz.

Blowing Smoke
Don makes a pitch to a Heinz executive but learns that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is considered too much of a risk for the next six months. Sally makes progress in therapy but she also continues to talk to Glen Bishop. Don sees Midge Daniels and goes back to her apartment to meet her husband. Midge and her husband attempt to push her artwork on Don, but their real agenda is to get cash for more heroin. Don posts an advertisement in the New York Times noting that SCDP is no longer taking tobacco clients and receives a mixed response from the partners and the media. When all the partners are asked to put in money to keep SCDP running, Pete worries about his ability to chip in but Don pays Pete's share. SCDP begins to reduce staff and expenses.

Don and Pete make a strong pitch to the American Cancer Society. Joan receives a promotion in title only but still does not discuss her pregnancy with the office. After Carla allows Glen to talk to Sally, Betty fires the longtime nanny. After she accompanies Don and his children on their California vacation, Megan accepts Don's marriage proposal. Ken and Peggy land the Topaz hosiery account. Don breaks the news to Faye that he has met someone else.

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