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Fans Are Buzzing That 'Young And Restless' Star Justin Hartley Would Be Perfect For 'MacGyver'

10/7/2015 3:27pm EDT
'Young and Restless' star Justin Hartley
CBS has just officially announced that they are developing a reboot of the old series "MacGyver" and there is already buzz swirling about who might step into the lead role. Could Justin Hartley, who currently plays Adam Newman on "The Young and the Restless" leave daytime again and head back to primetime?

TVLine shares that the new "MacGyver" is set to follow a "twentysomething Angus MacGyver as he gets recruited into the clandestine organization" from the original series. As many remember from the original show, the hook was that MacGyver could get himself out of any troublesome situatio...

'Intelligence' Season 1 Episode 5: The Watch

2/4/2014 8:40am EST
Another excellent Intelligence last night - 1.5 - with another completely different kind of story. This diversity of story style, an almost different genre every week, keeps viewers on their toes and is one of Intelligence's most appealing characteristics.

In this episode we get Gabriel and Riley out to rescue a Senator's daughter kidnapped by a Mexican drug king, in a story that could have been on NCIS-LA. But Gabriel of course has all the fancy computer connections and graphics in his head, which makes for far faster response time than on NCIS-LA, and a minimum of trivial chit-chat in...

The Best And Worst Resurrections Of TV Characters

12/18/2013 11:07am EST
Family Guy
Brian from Family Guy was resurrected via some time-traveling tomfoolery Sunday night, making him the latest TV character to be brought back from the dead. We can't say we were surprised by his return, considering Family Guy might as well be called "The Stewie and Brian Show" these days. However, it did get us thinking about some of the best and worst resurrections of TV characters…

Worst: Stewie, Family Guy. Let's stick with Family Guy for our first choice. Yes, it was necessary for Stewie to come back to life due to his popularity on the show. However, when Stewie "died" in a computer pr...

The Top 10 TV Shows That Should Be Brought Back, Rebooted Or Just Re-Run

10/5/2012 3:07pm EDT
Miami Vice
TV remakes are either hit-or-miss, but with hollywood lacking many new ideas (seems like every other show is a crime drama or takes place in a hospital these days) we've thought of a few classic shows that we think would make the cut and stick around for a while -- if they're done correctly.

There are a number of old shows from the 70s and 80s that have been brought back in recent years, some with all new casts and edgier than their predecessors, and others featuring some of the original cast members. Others were revamped entirely, and some casting decisions killed a couple before they wer...

Cuba Gooding Jr. To Star In New TV Series

2/29/2012 8:31am EST
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Cuba Gooding, Jr. is returning to his TV roots with a starring role in a new drama series.

The "Jerry Maguire" star has been cast in "Guilty," about a defense attorney who loses his licence to practice law after being falsely accused of fraud, reports

The Oscar winner is no stranger to TV - early on in his career, he made appearances on action series "MacGyver," drama "Hill Street Blues" and comedy "Better Days."

'Royal Pains' Set Visit, Q&A & Season Two Spotlight

6/2/2010 2:07pm EDT
Royal Pains
USA's famous tagline "Characters Welcome" means that it is a channel not only dedicated to entertaining audiences, but that the entertainment might be a little more quirky than most television. This is a welcome change from stations that churn out the same mind numbing procedurals year after year. With Monk, In Plain Sight, Psych, and Burn Notice, they've introduced amusing and memorable characters who come from popular genres (detective, spy, action) with a unique spin.

One of their newest successes is a show titled Royal Pains, a medical show set in the Hamptons that blends a little Hous...

Will Forte's 'MacGruber' Gets Big-Screen Treatment

7/8/2009 9:00am EDT
Will Forte
Will Forte's Saturday Night Live character MacGruber is headed to the big screen, according to SNL co-star Kristen Wiig will reprise her role as Vicki for the film.

Val Kilmer and Ryan Phillippe are in talks to join the cast.

MacGruber is a parody of the 1980s show MacGyver.

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Summer TV Preview: Forget the Beach, Cable Is The Place To Be

5/30/2008 8:30am EDT
Law and Order CI
While the cable networks still lag far behind the broadcast networks in the ratings department (well, four of them anyway), they have made great strides in terms of matching, and often times exceeding, the big dogs when it comes to quality original programming.

At no time of the year is this trend more evident than in the summer. While the broadcast networks are unsurprisingly going with a bevy of unscripted fare (including entirely too many reality competition shows), the cable networks are once again proving to be the place to turn for quality, original, SCRIPTED programming.


CBS To Offer 'Star Trek,' 'Twilight Zone' & Other Classic Shows Online

2/21/2008 1:10pm EST
Star Trek
CBS Interactive today announced that it will begin offering Television Classics from the CBS Library, which is one of the largest television programming libraries in the entertainment business, online and across the CBS Audience Network.

The initial lineup includes full-length episodes of Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, MacGyver, Hawaii Five-O and Melrose Place, with more programs and clips to be added in the coming months. The distribution of Television Classics across the CBS Audience Network follows the same open, non-exclusive strategy that CBS has been using for its content online ...

Starpulse Holiday Gift Guide: TV Goodies

11/23/2007 12:19pm EST
Gilmore Girls
With no end to the writer’s strike in sight, viewers are going to be stuck with dozens of repeats and reality shows. Blech. One way to battle the TV blues is to turn to DVDs for entertainment. The holidays are quickly approaching, so it’s perfect timing to watch, buy, or put on your wish list some of your favorite TV shows while waiting for new episodes to air.


Have you had a chance to catch the new CBS drama “Moonlight?” If you’re a new vampire voyeur, or a longtime fan of the fanged persuasion, the “Angel” 30-disc collector’s DVD set is a must-see. The collection feature...

Never Steal Taxis & Be Kind To Animals: 'Amazing Race' Recap

11/5/2007 9:44am EST
Amazing Race
The twelfth season of Amazing Race debuted last night with all its usual hoopla. I can't help but love watching people turn into creatures much worse than the regularly crazed tourists who visit countries and can't always abide by the rules and customs. Surely this season will be no exception. Let's look at the new teams:

Kynt and Vixen, from Louisville, Kentucky have been dating for about three years and represent the Goth side of the competition. Back home they host and emcee nightclubs and rock shows when they are not keeping up with their waiters' gigs. They are also into sci-fi an...

New TV On DVD, Oct. 16

10/16/2007 8:00am EDT
Studio 60
The shortly lived NBC comedy Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip centered on the backstage drama, politics and romance on a popular, late-night comedy sketch show. The complete series is now on DVD. Also in stores: season three of Medium, season seven of That 70s Show, season nine of Roseanne, and MacGyver the complete series.

Celebrity Birthdays, January 23

1/23/2007 3:00am EST
Mariska Hargitay
Happy Birthday to actress Tiffani Thiessen (1974), "Law & Order SVU" star Mariska Hargitay (1964), "Hot Properties" star Gail O'Grady (1963), E Street Band keyboard player Danny Federici (1950), MacGyver star Richard Dean Anderson (1950), Pointer Sister Anita (1948), Dutch actor Rutger Hauer (1944), "Buck Rogers" star Gil Gerard (1943), Puerto Rican actress Chita Rivera (1933),

New TV on DVD, Oct. 24

10/24/2006 8:00am EDT
The O.C.
The third season of The O.C. hits stores this week. Ryan's savior complex becomes a recipe for disaster. Seth and Summer's relationship hits the rocks. Marissa spirals out of control. Kirsten attempts to put her life back together, and Sandy assumes leadership of the Newport Group. Also out this week: season three of The L Word, Facts of Life, and Wings; season four of Bewitched, and season seven of MacGyver.

New TV on DVD, June 13

6/13/2006 8:01am EDT
The eighth season of Frasier is now on DVD. Among the highlights of this season: Niles and Daphne start dating and Frasier has an existential crisis. Also on DVD this week: Cheers season eight, MacGyver season six, The Dead Zone season four, The Rockford Files season two, Medium season one and Walker, Texas Ranger season one.

New TV on DVD, March 14

3/14/2006 8:00am EST
Check out this week's new DVD releases: MacGyver season five continues the adventures of the special ops agent who is skilled with his swiss army knife and duct tape. Season one of I Dream Of Jeannie is also available in either black and white or color versions. The third season of Murder, She Wrote about a mystery writer/detective also hits shelves. Or if a male detective is more your speed, check out the fourth season of Columbo.

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Celebrity Birthdays, January 23

1/23/2006 3:00am EST
Mariska Hargitay
Happy Birthday to actress Tiffani Thiessen (1974), "Law & Order SVU" star Mariska Hargitay (1964), "Hot Properties" star Gail O'Grady (1963), E Street Band keyboard player Danny Federici (1950), MacGyver star Richard Dean Anderson (1950), Pointer Sister Anita (1948), Dutch actor Rutger Hauer (1944), "Buck Rogers" star Gil Gerard (1943), Puerto Rican actress Chita Rivera (1933),

New TV on DVD, Dec. 6

12/6/2005 7:00am EST
Season four of 24 is available this week. Each one-hour episode covers an hour in a single day that unfolds over the course of one season. Kiefer Sutherland stars as über-hero Jack Bauer, a daring and seemingly indestructible agent for the fictitious U.S. intelligence body the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU). Throughout the series, Bauer has stopped an assassination attempt, thwarted a nuclear attack, been widowed, decapitated a witness, died, and become addicted to narcotics while undercover with a drug cartel.

Other releases this week:

The West Wing the Complete Fifth Season

MASH Se...