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Fox Remaking British Series 'Luther'

11/19/2014 11:12am EST
Fox Remaking Acclaimed British Series 'Luther'
Acclaimed British series "Luther" will be getting a reboot in America on Fox.

A remake of the dynamic British detective show about investigator John Luther is getting an American makeover. The show’s creator, Neil Cross, will write and executive produce the American remake.

Fox has committed to the series. British series star Idris Elba will not star in the American version, but will serve as an executive producer on the version shown in the states.

Elba was Emmy-nominated for the role and earned a Golden Globe in 2012 for his starring role in the series. The series earned eight Emmy nom...

'Luther' Review 3.4: Go Ask Alice

9/7/2013 9:22am EDT
A thoroughly satisfying conclusion of these four nights of Luther with episode 3.4, and the hope that we'll be seeing Idris Elba again in the title role along with all the supporting characters who survived.

Satisfying because it was to good see Stark get what he deserved from the shotgun of Tom.  Satisfying because Luther made some good and right choices, only some of which were in his control.

For example, in the scene on the roof, where Tom with shotgun in hand asks Luther to choose who will die - Alice the evil genius or Mary the pixie - Luther after saying repeatedly he can't choose,...

'Luther' Review 3.3: The Perils Of Being An Enemy

9/6/2013 9:12am EDT
A stunningly powerful Luther 3.3 that connected on all sorts of levels, like a kick in the solar plexus.

The new villain is Tom, a classic vigilante killer who gets the drop on Luther, but lets him go, because he doesn't want to kill him.  After all, as Tom tells Luther, they're on the same side, both hunting bad guys.  But Luther can't accept that, because he's just a cop, he says, not judge and jury.

Now actually, as we know from the past two seasons, and even this one, that's not completely true. When sufficiently enraged, Luther's always ready to mete out severe corporal punishment.  ...

'Luther' Recap 3.2: Success

9/5/2013 8:54am EDT
Luther 3.2 was even better than 3.1 - because Luther was against all odds successful, on at least three fronts. And yet somehow we know he hasn't faced the worst of what he will be facing.  In part because there are two episodes left, in part because it's in the DNA of Luther that he can never be at peace, never be really or totally successful.

He gave it a good try tonight.  The serial killer who's bald walked right past Luther.  He was wearing a wig, but was recognizable to the audience.  And something about him was recognizable to Luther, who pursues the killer - Paul Ellis - but can't ...

'Luther' Review 3.1: Into The Blender

9/4/2013 8:44am EDT
Idris Elba is back in his second best role on television as Luther - his best was Stringer Bell on The Wire, so you can see how highly I regard Luther.  Its first season was scalding, pull-no-punches, brilliant guts-in-your-face British detective work, with twists and turns that kept your heart in your mouth and your seat on the edge, and the second season was almost as good.

The third season - a short one, just four episodes on four nights this week - is off to a great start.  Luther is typically not only hunting psychos and vicious killers but is the target of what we here in the US woul...

'Broadchurch' Review: 1.3: The Spy

8/22/2013 9:05am EDT
Broadchurch 1.3 continues with its almost everyone a suspect in Danny's murder - even after someone is apparently cleared after lying.

Danny's father is the prime suspect in 1.3, which starts with his lame alibi for the night Danny was murdered, Danny's blood on his boat, and Ellie's son telling Alec that Danny told him his father Mark had a temper and hit Danny a few times.  Mark is held but released, when the woman he was sleeping that night - not his wife - comes forward.  This was my feeling all along - that Mark was lying to police to cover up not the murder of his son but his cheatin...

TV Book Club Q&A: Neil Cross's 'Luther: The Calling'

9/8/2012 10:30am EDT
Neil Cross is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed British TV series Luther, which has thrilled audiences and garnered awards for star Idris Elba's portrayal of the tortured investigator John Luther. While we eagerly await Luther's third series, Cross is tiding us over with Luther: The Calling, which brings the character into the print world.

The Calling further develops Luther and the characters in his universe by showing us parts of them we haven't yet seen; for example, Luther's former partner Ian Reed is here, and not yet unhinged. Luther's marriage to Zoe is still intact, ...

Five Fun Facts about 'Prometheus' Actor Idris Elba

6/7/2012 2:00pm EDT
Idris Elba - Five Fun Facts
Ridley Scott’s Prometheus comes out this Friday, reminding us of the buzz that surrounded his original Alien film back in 1979. Much like he did with that film, Scott has cast this science fiction piece with well-established actors including Academy Award winner Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, and Michael Fassbender. Fans of the HBO series “The Wire” or the BBC series “Luther” will be pleased to see Idris Elba take on the role as the captain of Prometheus, giving us a good excuse to dig up five fun facts on the sexiest man to ever work at Dunder Mifflin.

1) A working actor since 1999, it was...

TV on DVD: 'Luther,' 'Margaret Thatcher' & 'Robotech'

10/27/2011 4:15pm EDT
This week in TV on DVD, check out Luther: Series 2 and The Rise and Fall of Margaret Thatcher (BBC Home Entertainment), as well as Robotech: The Complete Series (A&E Home Entertainment). Read on for my looks at all three new titles!

Luther: Series 2 (BBC Home Entertainment)

Just days after Luther's second series finished airing on BBC America, you can now bring it home. DCI John Luther (Emmy nominee Idris Elba) returns after the disastrous ending of the previous series to tackle two more violent cases. You can check out my episode reviews of Luther, though be advised they do contain...

'Luther' Recap: 'Series 2, Episode 4' (2.04)

10/19/2011 11:02pm EDT
Can you believe Luther is already over? Weren't we just talking about its beginning a month ago?

While trying to help Jenny cover up the death of Toby (the psychopathic grandson of Jenny's former madam Baba), Luther gets to deal with "twins with a shared psychosis" who look at their crimes as one big competitive game. I would complain here about how our hero cannot catch a break, but I'm not sure that he'd want one if he could get it. John Luther is not unlike an addict; he's consumed by the world he lives in and doesn't seem very interested in getting out.

Once again things star...

'Luther' Review: 'Series 2, Episode 2' (2.02)

10/5/2011 11:05pm EDT
This week's Luther is not unlike my least favorite episode of 24: a character gets tortured for an entire episode, and I spend that time feeling my stomach turn to the point where I don't ever want to watch it again.

DCI John Luther and his team are spending this week trying to rescue their colleague DS Ripley from the clutches of Cameron Pell, the killer they couldn't catch last time. While Ripley's anguished screams fill the background, Cameron demands attention that Luther has no intention of giving him, less Ripley become expendable and end up dead.

Schenk proves he's more t...

'Luther' 2.01 'Series 2, Episode 1' Review

9/28/2011 11:06pm EDT
The first series of Luther scared the hell out of me on at least one occasion. I couldn't help but wonder: could it top that? Should it? Well, series two was certainly going to try.

While Alice Morgan (the devilishly delightful Ruth Wilson) sits in a mental hospital, DCI John Luther (Emmy nominee Idris Elba) makes a half-hearted attempt to kill himself. You can't blame him, considering that he lost his wife at the hands of his close friend last series. When that doesn't work, he turns to an awkward friendship with his wife's lover Mark North (Paul McGann) and of course, to his job...

What Happened To The Emmy Nominations?!

7/14/2011 2:07pm EDT
What happened to this year's Emmy nominations? They're...actually pretty great.

I normally can't stand TV's big awards show; it seems like the same people and series get nominated all the time, with the occasional "why did that get nominated at all?" head-scratcher for variety. But the 2011 nominations were announced early Thursday morning, and while it's still a little puzzling (though let's not name names), there's a bevy of deserving names on that big list.

Here are some of my favorites:

Finally, some love for Justified: I still maintain that star Timothy Olyphant was robbed l...