Love Boat: Who Killed Maxwell Thorn?

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Gavin MacLeod

Bernie Kopell

Ted Lange

Jill Whelan

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A TV movie continuing the adventures of the Love Boat gang.

Various passengers end up on board after receiving complimentary tickets from an agency called Luxury Travel, an outfit which turns out to be owned by famous reclusive billionaire Maxwell Thorn. Ace hypothesizes that Thorn plans to kill all the guests one by one, as in Agatha Christie's story "Ten Little Indians." But when Thorn is thrown overboard late one night, Ace figures events are shaping up more in the fashion of "Murder on the Orient Express." The Captain tells him he's seen too many movies.

Among the guests are an unmarried couple, Sarah York and Allan Davis, and Sarah's mother Jessica. Sarah and her mom want to strike ... Full Summary >>