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'Lights Out' 1.12 'Sucker Punch' Advance Review

March 29th, 2011 4:46pm EDT
Lights Out
There's a bittersweet feeling that comes with watching this week's Lights Out, the first after the announcement of the show's cancellation. There are a few fickle viewers out there, I'm sure, who've thrown in the towel on the boxing drama as a result. I'm here to tell you that to do so would be a mistake.

"Sucker Punch," the penultimate episode of the series, reads exactly like a classic finishing episode. On the eve of his championship fight with Raymond "Death Row" Reynolds, Patrick "Lights" Leary's estranged mother rolls into town, wanting to make amends for her various and sundr...

Brittany's TCA 2011 Blog: FX - 'Louie,' 'Wilfred' & 'Justified'

January 19th, 2011 11:15am EST
The last day of the TCA (Television Critics Association) Winter/Spring 2011 press tour was the one I'd had circled on my calendar, because it was all about FX. I have really fallen in love with this network and the people behind it over the past year. They gave me the highlight of my trip: a panel devoted to one of my all-time favorite series (Justified), putting me in the same room with one of my all-time favorite actors (Timothy Olyphant). I'll geek out about that later, though. First, let's talk about what else the cable net has up its sleeve...

Executive Session

I gained an enormous a...

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