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The Reunion Job
In order to find out an important password, the team infiltrates the high school reunion of a fiendish software exec who runs the IT department for the Axis of Evil.

The Jailhouse Job
An innocent inmate's life hangs in the balance, and Nate must take down the corrupt warden of the maximum security prison where he is imprisoned.

The Inside Job
Parker is trapped in an unknown location while working on a job for her mentor, so the Leverage team g s on a search for her.

The Scheherazade Job
Hardison has to perform as a violinist at a sold-out concert in order to buy time so that the rest of the team can break into the vault of an African thief.

The Double Blind Job
Nate and the team go after a large pharmaceutical company in order to take down a corrupt CEO who plans to release a lethal drug.

The Studio Job
The team probes the world of country music in order to take down a shady record executive. In the process, they turn Eliot into a country star.

The Gone Fishin Job
The crew sets their sights on a corrupt debt collector who enjoys ripping off taxpayers. However, they find out their target is even more nefarious than they first thought when they discover that he is funding domestic terrorism.

The Boost Job
The crew delves into the business of professional auto thieves so they can take down a shady car dealer.

The Three-Card Monte Job
The team finds that Nate's father might be the culprit behind the blackmailing of some small-business owners.

The Underground Job
The crew delves into the shady practices of a coal mining company in West Virginia after a mine explosion kills some employees.

The Rashomon Job
The team comes to realize that each of them separately tried to steal an artifact five years ago.

The King George Job
The team has to take down an opportunistic antiques dealer who uses refugee children to traffic his goods.

The Morning After Job
In order to get a sadistic financial manager to give up information on Damien Moreau, the team cons him into thinking that he has murdered Parker. However, this turns the financial manager into a target for assassins.

The Ho, Ho, Ho Job
The gang comes to the aid of a Santa Claus who has been framed by a tyrannical mall owner.

The Big Bang Job
The crew burrows into the Department of Defense to stop their nemesis, Damien Moreau, from murdering an engineer and selling her work to terrorists.

The San Lorenzo Job
The team has to track Moreau down, but they find out he is an advisor to the president. They have to infiltrate the highest levels of government in order to stop Moreau's plot.

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