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Flirting With De-Feet
Claude is concerned when Carl doesn't get jealous when he catches her flirting with the cute copy repairman. Kipp admits to Ramona that he has a job on the side as a foot model, and she insists that he help her get into the business.

The Devil Wears Burberry (Part 1)
Claude discovers that Will has left his anchor position on her way back in from a vacation, which puts her into the world of unemployment. After becoming a temp once again in the network offices, she then is offered the job of Lydia's assistant, a harrowing prospect which she ultimately accepts. Meanwhile, Owen becomes infatuated with the soft-serve ice cream machine owned by Carl.

A Crush Grows In Brooklyn
Claude and Carl end up in bed together after a night out drinking with their friends. They agree to keep it a secret, but their attraction for each other makes it very difficult. Jeb purposefully causes problems between Lydia and Kipp so that they will leave him alone.

Why Are You Hurting Claude?
Claude admits to Ramona that she and Carl are sleeping together. They decide not to tell Owen, but he is suspicious of their behavior. Unfortunately, Owen walks in on Claude and Carl having sex later that night. Jeb and Lydia can't stop fighting at work. Kipp loses his trust fund and turns to Ramona for help on how to live cheaply.

The Devil Wears Burberry (part 2)
After quitting as Lydia's assistant, Claude is back to "floater" status. However, the only spot available is working with Lydia, so Claude reluctantly agrees to work for her, but with conditions. Lydia's first major assignment is to produce a complicated segment for the news. She pretends to have everything under control, but ends up breaking down and begging Claude for her help. Claude saves her only after she's given a raise, a promotion and an apology. Meanwhile, Ramona gets a call that she may need to quit and return to the National Guard, leaving Owen and Carl freaking out.

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