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A gay officer is stranded in a potentially deadly situation after a communication error with his comrades. Police investigate the incident and find that the officer's partner is linked to an anti-homosexual religious group, so the incident may not have merely been an accident and his life may have been deliberately jeopardized.

Brooks and Devlin have the brutal task of investigating the abduction of a young girl who is later found murdered.

Community Service
A homeless man is beaten to death in a public square and all of the witnesses seem to have motives but aren't talking.

Brooks and Devlin investigate the murder of someone with a missing kidney, so they begin to suspect organ trafficking.

Love and Loss
Brooks and Devlin are on the case when a young teenage drug mule is found dead from a heroin overdose.

Honor Bound
Brooks helps his old partner and friend with an undercover drug sting. However, things go awry and Brooks ends up being investigated for the shooting of a civilian.

The team is disturbed after they witness a toddler being killed, and they start to grapple with their own feelings about whether some crimes are completely unforgivable.

Prosecutor Steel continues to pursue a released serial rapist whom he believes is still a threat.

Matt and Ronnie try to investigate quickly when three people are killed and another is left for dead.

Devlin's old friend and fellow police officer is murdered. James and Alesha have to take an unorthodox approach to the prosecution of the killer.

Matt and Ronnie delve into the murder of a prison guard, and they find he wasn't the model employee they heard about.

An accused murderer claims self-defense when police discover a student who was stabbed to death.

A murder that began as a cyber-stalking case ends up dividing the team.

A conspiracy is revealed when investigators delve into the case of a murdered pregnant doctor.

A hired hit on Judge Callahan leaves her seriously injured, but alive.

An investigation into the sudden death of an infant reveals that the baby was shaken. James and Alesha have the painful task of sifting through bereaved family members to try and find the culprit.

Duty of Care
A disabled boy who was routinely tortured and and bullied for years is found dead. The defense lawyer for the accused puts up a rigorous fight after the prosecution thinks the case will be quick and simple.

A former football player is found murdered in an apparent robbery that went awry.

The team combs London in search of a serial killer.

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