Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Episode Guides

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A mother finds her little girl comatose in her bed. She has bruising and evidence of sexual abuse. Her father and step-father are investigated, but the real suspect is right in front of them. Munch deals with his own demons.

When two paroled rapists are murdered, a victim's mother, a former cop and an activist are the suspects.

A 17 year old girl is raped and beaten during a hotel-openig gala. The detectives probe the background of her family for answers.

The search for a police officer's runaway daughter, which leads the detectives through an underground rave culture that caters to wayward teens, is seen through the eyes of the squad room personnel and their interviews with the Internal Affairs division.

A veteran police officer is raped on the job, but she recants her story to cover an ongoing Internal Affairs investigation.

Wrong Is Right
After a man is set on fire in a beach community, the detectives have to track down the culprit. A new detective joins the squad after an internal affairs investigation stirs things up.

The detective hunt the rapist and murderer behind the death of a personnel department leader at a software company. They suspect a fired security guard who is the son of a wealthy woman.

A schizophrenic who refuses to take his medication becomes the main suspect in a rape and homicide at a convenient store.

The team tries to find a woman who lures and attacks young men who are part of an escort service. The main suspects are a married couple who may be in on it together.

Secrets (a.k.a. Apartment To Die For)
A teacher is murdered and the investigation leads to a case of sex addiction.

Closure (Part 2)
A woman was raped over a year ago. She follows her attacker, documenting his behavior to the police.

The detectives become a little edgy after working around the clock to find an abducted girl when clues point to a serial murderer and rapist who kills his victims on the third day. After trapping the killer, they are prepared to give him the death penalty untill they find out that one of his victims was ever found and offers her location as a plea bargain.

The remains of a young woman are unearthed with a collar and leash. Benson and Stabler determine that the bones belong to a Romanian who immigrated to America as a mail-order bride, but the twin of the deceased may have impersonated her sister. The web of relationships with the matchmaker who brought them to the United States, a Romanian diplomat, and the former abusive husband, may lead to the truth behind the identity crisis and the motive for murder.

A college student is found raped and left for dead in the campus bushes. The virgin victim had her drinked spiked with rophypnol, leaving the detectives with many suspects and accomplicases.

After a star singer's son is killed, Benson becomes concerned about the safety of the performer's little girl who may suffer from reactive attachment disorder.

Pixies (a.k.a. Little Women)
A 13 year-old girl gymnast is found murdered and her strict trainer, along with a competitor, may be to blame. Alternative Title: "Little Women"

A scripture-spouting serial killer stalks the streets and it's the detectives's job to bring him down before he gets his body count up.

Baby Killer
A child is shot in a Harlem schoolyard. The suspect is a seven year-old.

A woman is raped, stabbed and stoned to death. It turns out her father is an Afghanistan diplomat who is very strict about tradition. It is a crime of honor comitted by her brother.

A woman files a rape charge against her husband who is a police-sergeant in the homicide department.

A kidnapping leads to a serial killer who has eluded the detectives in the past.

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