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Double Down, Triple Threat (Part 2)
Dr. Cavanaugh helps the staff of the Montecito track down the kidnapped daughter of a card counter. A man who won six hundred thousand dollars tries to give it back to Ed and the casino.

The Big Ed Decline
Ed's hopes of destressing hit a bump when someone steals his identity. Mike borrows Ed's car to try and work his way with a lady but then she steals it from him. Sam's brother visits.

The Real McCoy
Danny tracks down his father's mystery woman. After meeting up with her and agreeing to help with some of her bills, Danny investigates and learns that she's Penny's mother, but not until after they con him out of the money from his father's house. Sam learns her brother is hooking up with Monica, but then Monica asks Sam to break up for her. Olivia's influence on the Montecito policies affects the staff and Ed fires her. When Monica hires her back, Ed quits.

Bold, Beautiful and Blue
The Montecito plays host to Star of Kashmir, a very expensive piece of jewelry on loan from the Indian government. Monica refuses to encase the necklace even after being informed that three infamous jewel thieves are in Las Vegas. Criss Angel performs his magic act at the Montecito and Mike is full of doubt. Monica appoints Danny President of the Montecito when Ed refuses to return.

Everything Old is You Again
The whole crew gets a 60s makeover due to Danny's flashback to that era.

Viva Las Vegas
Ed tries to pull together the Montecito and get his staff reunited. Ed worries about some criminals that have been hitting Indian casinos and his fears turn out to be well-founded when the same crew tries the Montecito during a Big & Rich show.

Cash Springs Eternal
Danny and Mike find themselves investigating a string of robberies in the residential suites and, in their spare time, posing for a charity beefcake calendar. Meanwhile, Jillian panics when her therapist says her marriage to Ed sets a bad example and may be the reason Delinda remains single.

Whatever Happened to Seymour Magoon?
Danny's relationship with Penny continues to escalate. When Jilian sprains her ankle, Delinda gets Ed to be their family dog's handler at a dog show in exchange for her returning to Montecito service per Monica's request. Monica tries to buy a house on the Montecito grounds from its elderly owner and, after some difficulty, gets the owner to sell only to find a dead body on premises during demolition. Mike has to rescue people from their steam showers, including Monica.

Chaos Theory
Things get steamy between Delinda and Dr. Derek, Danny and Mike compete with a high-roller that would like to bet 1 million dollars per hand. Meanwhile Ed and Jill are on a less than pleasant retreat.

The Bitch Is Back
Excitement and expectations abound in preparation for the opening of Wolfgang Puck's new restaurant at the Montecito.

And Here's Mike With the Weather
Danny's drill sergeant visits the Montecito. Mike steps in for a local weatherman when he falls prey to a food allergy. The Montecito's gaming license is endangered when 2.98 million dollars is missing from the night before the destruction of the original Montecito.

For Sail By Owner
Danny comes under investigation for Monica's odd death. Ed returns to town with Casey. Monica's will states that the Montecito and majority of her assets go to a charity for the blind and names Ed her executor. Mike is assaulted at the Montecito. Sam takes half of the Montecito from Casey.

Lyle & Substance
Mike and Danny pick up a man for stealing chips who informs them of a plot to blow up the casino. Meanwhile, Gunther and Wolfgang Puck engage in a cooking duel.

Father of the Bride
While Delinda is preparing to get married, old romances resurface. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are being planned. Meanwhile, Ed is being haunted by his CIA past.

Bait and Switch
The Montecito is the site of a diamond heist during a rap video shoot. Mike gets a lot of female attention when a Vegas male stripper going as "Hot Chocolate" makes the scene.

All Quiet on the Montecito Front
Danny and Delinda begin to grow feelings for one another, but the arrival of Delinda's former college boyfriend puts a crimp in the new couple's plans to keep things quiet. Meanwhile, Casey tries to get a paintball match happening.

Fidelity, Security, Delivery
Things heat up at the Montecito when Olympic athlete Sasha Cohen stops by; Delinda provides Dr. Derek with an answer to his marriage proposal; Danny and Mike help a couple big gamblers find out if their spouses are cheating; and Sam and Woody go away for a romantic weekend.

A comic book convention comes to the Montecito and owner Monica Mancuso bears some resemblance to one of the idolized characters. Danny feels the pressure of Ed's absence when crooks feel like the Montecito is now ripe for the pickings. Sam tries to track down the black book of a powerful and newly dead casino host. Ed teams up with Casey Manning. While talking to Danny, Monica is blown off the roof of the Montecito.

And Here's Mike with the Weather
When The Montecito seeks its annual license renewal from the Gaming Commission, $2.9 million in irregularities are discovered in the auditor's report. Ed and Danny trace the missing amount to the date the old Montecito imploded and to a Blackjack tournament which included the infamous Monica Mancuso. Not completely convinced Monica is guilty, Ed and Danny dig deeper and discover much more then meets the eye. Meanwhile, Danny's former marine Sergeant, Sergeant Burn visits The Montecito. The two have drinks with Ed and find themselves in a bar fight. The spirited night leads Ed to offer Burn a job; Danny is happy until the Sergeant imposes his military style leadership throughout the casino. Elsewhere, Mike, an amateur meteorologist, is thrilled when weatherman Storm Reno decides to report the weather from the casino...and when Storm's health goes array, Mike get the chance to fulfill his dream to "do the weather."

Fake the Money and Run
Ed tries to come down on some counterfeit chipmaking without alerting the new owner. Danny turns to an attractive real estate agent to sell his father's house.

Down and Dirty
Mike gets the feeling that one of the contestants in a televised poker tournament staged at the Montecito is cheating. One of Casey's first moves in charge of the Montecito is to book an adult entertainment convention. Danny has to try and track down one of the guests lost Woody, an adult film award. Casey asks Ed to be the new face of the Montecito for an ad campaign.

Coyote Ugly
Monica's friend Norma drops in at the Montecito. Meanwhile, Sam is forced to deal with a patron that insists he not be the host, and the casino gets a bit of a scare when a finger is discovered in a buffet spread.

Urban Legends
The Montecito staff deals with a car show and celebrity judge Jimmie Johnson as well as organ theft. Sam convinces Ed to play casino host for a big whale.

Like a Virgin
Mary takes on the challenge of organizing a wedding for Sam's top-drawer client. Meanwhile, Danny and Mike look into a possible card counting problem at the Montecito.

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