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The Lie Is Cast
Ed has to clean up the mess made when Danny's generosity gets him in trouble with the police. When the chef refuses to open the casino's restaurant for lunch, Delinda has to coax a singer to help her persuade the chef.

Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
Danny returns home from war, but is plagued by thoughts of what he's experienced there. He proposes to Mary. Ed, Mike and Danny try to tackle some troublemakers who turn out to be more important than they estimated.

Hide and Sneak
Ed believes that someone has broken into the Montecito's security system and is now watching the hotel, its guests and its staff. Danny and Mike work to discern the truth even as a consultant evaluates the Montecito for sale. Delinda takes care of her visiting Amish cousin who has left the Amish community for his Rumspringa. Sam takes care of some high-rolling vampires.

As Vegas celebrates its 100th birthday, the staff are alerted to changes planned by the new owner of the Montecito as four parties bid on their future. Ed learns that Nessa has a sister. Mike's aunt Gladys Knight pays a visit to the Montecito. Visiting guests Jon Bon Jovi and John Elway play pranks on each other. Even as Ed learns that Nessa's father may still be alive, Danny's father dies in a car accident. The Montecito is demolished.

Whale of a Time
The unexpected arrival of a woman from Ed's past endangers his whole staff. Mike and Danny take on the task of protecting the woman. Mary tries to save the vacation of a man who was stood up at the altar. It turns out that Mary and Ed's problems are actually linked. Delinda and Nessa believe that all is fair when they vie for a high-roller.

Catch of the Day
Mike and Danny look into a large lobster theft. Sam journeys across the nation to find lobsters for her whale's daughter's wedding. Michael Buble decides to give mime a chance.

Good Run of Bad Luck
Danny plays babysitter for a Marine's widow but worries when she doesn't come back as planned. Sam plays host to a man trying to lose his wealth to avoid it falling into his ex-wife's hands. Mary, Nessa and Delinda go treasure hunting.

Blood is Thicker
When Ed is the prime suspect in a murder, Danny and Mike try to prove his innocence. The perfect tenants for a new property turn out to be anything but for Sam, Mary, Nessa and Delinda when it turns out they are entrenched in internet porn.

Games People Play
A woman shows up at the Montecito telling Nessa that her father is alive which leads Nessa directly into a trap.

To Protect and Serve Manicotti
Ed teams up with Frank the Repairman to end the extortion exerted against a local restaurant owner. Danny and Mike try to locate one hundred thousand dollars that's been stolen from the Montecito, before Ed finds out. Sam, Delinda and Nessa all vie for the attention of guest Joe Rogan.

My Beautiful Launderette
Sam discovers that one of her whales uses the casino to launder drug money. Mike falls for his dream girl even as Delinda has eyes for a rodeo champion.

Magic Carpet Fred (Maxim Hot 100)
Rich oddball Fred Puterbaugh returns to the Montecito with Ashanti in tow and an eye on thanking Danny and Ed for saving his life with gifts and news that he's going to buy the casino. Ed gets help catching a cheat and a thief from a magician who is also a sports handicapper. Sam has a hard time with a high roller who believes his wife was overcharged for a bikini wax.

Silver Star
Mike looks for a girl when he sees a cab pull away with a "help me" sign who may be his cousin. Danny takes Mary to Los Angeles, prompting talk of them eloping. Delinda becomes enamored with the Polyphonic Spree.

Letters, Lawyers and Loose Women
Mary's secret admirer comes with some heavy strings. Mike is enlisted to aid a hotel guest who lost his wedding ring at a brothel. Danny and Ed perform an investigation in honor of a friend's final wish when they learn that Luis died in action.

When You Got to Go, You Got to Go
Danny and Mike try to locate a kidnapped Ed who doesn't want the ransom paid or the police involved. Sam has to try to find a couple's lucky rings so that their wedding can go ahead. Mary and Delinda help each other when Duran Duran comes to the Montecito.

Hit Me!
Ed and Danny can't seem to catch an black jack player with uncanny insticts with all the technology at their disposal (including the smart table he plays at) and so they turn towards their own instincts. Mary and Mike handle a cheat of a husband after his wife comes to Vegas thinking that something bad may have happened to him. Don Knotts steps in to help keep a high roller in vintage clothing.

One Nation, Under Surveillance
Danny tries to help out a friend and fellow former Marine who has gone on to be a politician. His friend finds himself in trouble when embroiled in a scandal with a teenager. A man sells all his possessions in order to place one bet on a roulette spin at the Montecito.

Two of a Kind
Danny and Mike team up with Jordan and Woody to solve the murder of a whale with a growing list of possible suspects. Ed tries to hide from Jillian who is in the hotel as their house is remodeled. Woody hits a bad losing streak.

Montecito Lancers
Danny and Mike try to balance helping the Casino-sponsored football team with the search for a missing employee. Sam finds her position endangered by her new protege.

Sperm Whales and Spearmint Rhinos
Delinda believes an apparent suicide is really a murder victim and when Danny and Ed investigate on her say-so, she finds herself endangered. One of Sam's whales frets over hygiene. Mike's ex shows up at the Montecito and lets him know she's a lesbian and asks for his help in conceiving a child.

Degas Away With It
A priceless art piece is stolen from the Montecito and Ed forms an uneasy tie with Jack Keller in an effort to get it back. Danny and Mike try to help soothe the savage spirits of their current tenants after they trash the place.

Tainted Love
Mary and Delinda handle some of Sam's clients while she deals with a particularly large whale. There's a problem when one of the billionaires is a cheat at horse racing. Sam learns that her husband is in town. Ed handles jury duty, and the ensuing fallout with Jillian, on Valentine's Day.

The Count of Montecito
Nessa gains a not-so-secret admirer in the form of Fred Puterbaugh. Danny and Sam have their hands full with a group of a very experienced card counters. Ed and Danny deal with a possible archaeological scam.

Can You See What I See?
Ed decides to keep the staff on their toes during a slow spell by having them take on each other's jobs. Placed in charge of the floor, Danny runs into a high school chum riding a very dubious lucky streak. Ed tries to get Mike to clear him of a traffic ticket even though the evidence speaks against his innocence.

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