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'The L Word: The Complete Series' Is Available On DVD June 2

5/30/2015 5:02am EDT
Check Out 'The L Word: The Complete Series' On DVD June 2
"The L Word" focuses on the lives and loves of a group of women, both gay and straight, living in Los Angeles.

The group includes Jenny, an aspiring writer who moves from the mid-west to West Hollywood to live with her boyfriend but finds herself falling for a woman after her next-door neighbors introduce her to their predominantly lesbian social circle.

Bette and Tina, the neighbors and long term life-partners, search for a suitable sperm donor so they can start a family.

The series stars Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey, Laurel Holloman, Pam Grier, Katherine Moenning and Mia Kirshner.


TV on DVD Roundup: 'Blue Mountain State,' 'The Real L Word' And More

10/20/2011 5:00pm EDT
Blue Mountain State
Here's what's new in the world of TV on DVD: college mayhem, archaeologists, starship captains and lots of sex. Read on for looks at Blue Mountain State, The Captains, The Real L Word, Queer as Folk UK and more...

Blue Mountain State: Season Two (Lionsgate)

Spike's original series Blue Mountain State is one of my guilty pleasures. It's vastly inappropriate and doesn't always make sense, but it doesn't pretend to be anything other than a hilariously good time. In season two, slacker QB Alex Moran (Daytime Emmy winner Darin Brooks) is stuck trying to keep egotistical "star player" Ra...

Leisha Hailey Removed From Airplane For 'Aggressive Behavior, Not Kissing'

9/28/2011 11:38am EDT
Leisha Hailey
Executives at Southwest Airlines have investigated Leisha Hailey's removal from a flight on Monday and concluded she was not kicked off for kissing her girlfriend, but for swearing at cabin staff.

The L Word star demanded an apology from bosses at Southwest Airlines after claiming she was asked to leave the plane for kissing her partner, Camila Grey, onboard, and a number of stars including Moby and Kelly Osbourne have subsequently called for a boycott of the company.

However, a new statement from Southwest has now revealed it was the couple's cursing and their "aggressive behavior," no...

'L Word' Star Leisha Hailey Kicked Off Flight For Lesbian Kiss

9/27/2011 8:26am EDT
Leisha Hailey
Actress Leisha Hailey has demanded an apology from officials at Southwest Airlines after she was kicked off a flight on Monday.

"The L Word" star is fuming about the humiliating incident, claiming she was asked to leave the plane for simply smooching with her partner, Camila Grey, onboard.

In a series of posts on Twitter, she raged, "I have been discriminated against by SouthwestAir. Flt (Flight) attendant said that it was a 'family' airline and kissing was not ok.

"This is an outrage. I demand a public apology by SouthwestAir and a refund. Hate is not a family value. I will never fly th...

'L Word' Star Laurel Holloman Files For Divorce

9/4/2011 12:15pm EDT
Laurel Holloman
Actress Laurel Holloman is to divorce her husband of nine years.

The L Word star wed architect Paul Machery in 2002 and the pair has two daughters - six-year-old Lola and adopted Nala.

Holloman, who separated from Machery last year, has now filed divorce papers at Los Angeles County Superior Court citing irreconcilable differences, reports

She is requesting joint physical and legal custody of the children but is also reportedly asking a judge to block Machery from seeking spousal support.

Summer Preview: 'The Real L Word'

6/5/2011 4:00pm EDT
The Real L Word
Showtime's The Real L Word raises an interesting question: do viewers want to see the real versions of what they loved as fiction?

Some people do; there's a market for documentary series about police just as much as there is one for the police procedural. (See my summer preview of A&E's The First 48: Missing Persons.) With The Real L Word, it's a different kind of series - it's not focusing on a profession, but a lifestyle. Showtime is hoping to entice those die-hard fans of The L Word into following the stories of real lesbians. Season one was greeted with mixed reviews; season two w...

'Fairly Legal' Star Sarah Shahi Calls Paris Hilton A 'Horrible Excuse For A Human Being'

4/26/2011 11:50am EDT
Paris Hilton, Sarah Shahi inset
Fairly Legal star Sarah Shahi had a few choice words for Paris Hilton over the weekend. Apparently the actress had a run-in with the socialite and was nearly run over after Paris didn't see her and then ran a stop sign.

Sarah took to her Twitter account on Friday and Saturday to call out the hotel heiress over her skills behind the wheel, and let us know how she really feels.

"Paris Hilton- worst driver ever. Almost hit me, then ran a stop sign.what if there was a kid around that corner, you dumb b*tch," she Tweeted.

Afterward in a series of follow-up Tweets, Sarah said things like, "Par...

'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Red Rooms and Sugar Mamas

5/10/2010 3:53pm EDT
Celebrity Apprentice
Last week, Sharon Osbourne and Maria Kanellis told Trump that they hated Chef Curtis Stone because he’s smug and uses an absurd amount of hair gel. Of course, the Donald's next move is to put them on a team together. Finally, there's a payoff to all of the inane boardroom questions about who everyone likes, doesn’t like, wants to marry, bury, fire or whatever.

From Trump’s majestic castle in the clouds, the six remaining celebrities find out that their next task is a design challenge. Each team is charged with refurbishing an apartment and turning it into a living space that would befit a ...

TV Shows We Will Miss... And Those We Wish Would Come Back

4/12/2010 10:19am EDT
TV Shows We Will Miss
It’s almost May sweeps time, which means an end to another TV season. Unfortunately, it also means an end to many of our favorite shows forever. Here are five shows that we will say, or have said, farewell to this season, and five shows that we wish would come back.

Lost: Trying to sum up this wonderful piece of small screen enigma is a challenge. But let’s give it a try: Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on a mysterious island, passengers are stranded, passengers deal with unknown creatures and the “Others”, passengers partake in time travelling, somebody gets kidnapped, some passengers are resc...

New TV On DVD, Oct. 20

10/20/2009 8:00am EDT
The L Word
Unresolved romances and a long-simmering film project finally bear fruit in the sixth season of The L Word. Dreams come true and new life paths are forged for many of the series' characters this year. Also on DVD: Hawaii Five-O season 7, Numb3rs season 5, and Top Chef season 5.

Ten New Fall 2009 Shows We Can't Wait To Watch

9/8/2009 9:41am EDT
New fall 2009 TV
Summer coming to an end can only mean one thing - it is time for our favorite television shows to return. Along with the top-rated shows we've come to love, such as Dancing With The Stars and CSI, the fall 2009-10 schedule is filled with newcomers just waiting to hit number one.

Check out our list of the 10 new fall shows we cant wait to watch:

Because one of something is never enough, the CW has taken on another cult-classic remake - Melrose Place. This time around the clothes are skimpier, the people are sexier and the fights are much more entertaining. While the show will have the...

The Right People At The Wrong Time: A Look at CBS' New Fall Shows

9/4/2009 9:06am EDT
Accidentally on Purpose
Accidentally on Purpose creator Claudia Lonow describes her new fall show, a comedy based on a memoir of the same name by Mary F. Pols, as being an unconventional romantic comedy. Jenna Elfman's character is a 30-something - well actually 37 as the pilot is quick to constantly point out - newspaper woman who gets pregnant after a one-night stand with a 20-something (the adorable Jon Foster) who lives in his van. From there, the two move in together because the guy is determined to do what he can to be a good dad, despite being scared to death and not really having a frame of reference on ho...

What's New On Showtime?

5/12/2009 9:51am EDT
Nurse Jackie
Showtime has been around for a few decades, but for some time it never quite managed real competition against its rival, HBO. Things have changed. In the past few years it has definitely blossomed with movies, both famous and independent, and quality television programming.

Past popular shows "The L Word" and "Queer As Folk" paved the way for current programming like "Dexter," "Weeds," and "The Tudors." So what's up for Showtime this year? Let's take a look!

Nurse Jackie

Premiering on Monday, June 8 at 10:30 PM, "Nurse Jackie" stars Edie Falco as the title character. Exhaust...

New TV On DVD, Oct. 21

10/21/2008 8:00am EDT
According to Jim
Check out According to Jim season 1, now on DVD. Starring Jim Belushi as the title character, a middle-aged husband and father finds himself literally surrounded by women. Also on DVD: Knight Rider the complete series, The Incredible Hulk the complete series, The L Word season 5, The Man From Uncle the complete series, and The Outer Limits the complete series.

Pulse Patrol: The Weakly Round-Up Of User Comments

10/7/2008 10:30am EDT
Pulse Patrol
Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week's most stirring and humorous annotations were made on the latest stories on Jennifer Aniston’s Publicity, Kelly Osbourne’s Gynecologist Bill, and Victoria Beckham’s “Hotfullness”, as well as a Story about America’s favorite Fish faced Actress.

Topic Highlights = There were some amusing and enjoyable remarks made about a Sarah Palin impersonator and a shameless has-been Comic but there was no affection fo...

Leisha Hailey Cast In 'The L Word' Pilot Spinoff

9/5/2008 1:40pm EDT
Leisha Hailey
Leisha Hailey will star in a pilot presentation spinoff of The L Word for Showtime scheduled to begin shooting in December. Ilene Chaiken, creator and executive producer of "The L Word," will return to write and produce the pilot.

"The L Word" will premiere its sixth and final season in January 2009, marking the end of an era chronicling the lives of these iconic characters that have played a pivotal role in changing cultural perceptions of lesbians and the transgender community on and off screen.

Since the series' inception, Hailey has played "Alice" a bubbly yet out-and-proud le...

Pulse Patrol: The Weakly Round-Up Of User Comments

8/26/2008 10:00am EDT
Pulse Patrol
Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week's most electrifying and witty annotations were made on the latest stories on Kirsten Dunst’s political views, Amy Winehouse’s Inspiration, and J.Lo raising her kids, as well as Diddy and his sexual prowess.

Topic Highlights = There were some kind and thoughtful remarks made about Pam Dawber’s and Rachel McAdams’ personal appearance and a lot of love (Maybe Too Much) was given to actors Tim Curry and Ana Or...

Denis Leary & 'Rescue Me' Co-Producer Peter Tolan Talk Minisodes, Season 5 Spoilers & More

6/24/2008 8:45am EDT
Rescue Me
"Rescue Me" fans eager for the fifth season will have to wait until next spring for new episodes (damn that writers' strike!). However, FX is airing 10 "minisodes" of new, original content on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT beginning June 24.

In anticipation of the new minisodes, Starpulse had the opportunity to chat with co-creators/executive producers Denis Leary (who plays Tommy Gavin) and Peter Tolan about the 5-minute episodes and what fans can expect for season five.

One of the major recurring events in Tommy's life is death. Over the past few seasons he's had to deal with the d...

Lauren Lee Smith Joins 'CSI'

5/16/2008 1:38pm EDT
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Lauren Lee Smith joins the cast of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation next season as a series regular.

She will play CSI Bryce Adams, a smart, flirtatious, and witty non-conformist who entered law enforcement to rebel against her judgmental psychiatrist father. She has always been fascinated by the perverse underbelly of society and cannot be shocked or intimidated. She will be hired onto Grissom's night shift team.

Lauren Lee Smith was first discovered out of Vancouver, Canada when she was cast into Showtime's "The L Word." Lauren then went on co-star in "Art School Confidential" and...

Sexiest Shows On TV

3/17/2008 2:30pm EDT
The L Word
Feeling a bit frisky? With spring right around the corner many of us are getting an extra boost of energy into our sex drives. While we can mention several healthy ways to channel that energy, instead we'll point you in the direction of the television, which in winter provided you with warmth and this season will provide you with a new spring in your step.

So take a look at some of the sexiest shows on television, and remember, your TV can't judge you. Your TiVo, on the other hand, can and will.

Nip/Tuck (FX)

The only show on TV that will have you feeling naughty one minute ...

Lewis Black Gets Down to 'The Root Of All Evil' In This Exclusive Q & A

3/17/2008 11:19am EDT
Lewis Black
Everyday we're bombarded with tons of information and it's getting harder and harder to figure out what's relevant, what matters, or even what's true. Luckily we've got Lewis Black to help weed out some of the fluff. On 'The Root of all Evil', Black takes some of that fluff, like Donald Trump and Viagra, and puts it on trial, exposing their foibles and giving us something to laugh and think about. Starpulse spoke with Lewis to find out what one piece of fluff he best thinks captures the spirit of the times and just where he thinks the fluff is heading.

With your new show, you're putti...

Showtime Renews 'The L Word' For Sixth & Final Season

3/10/2008 1:57pm EDT
The L Word
Showtime has renewed the critically-acclaimed, groundbreaking lesbian drama The L Word for a sixth and final season, it was announced today by Robert Greenblatt, Showtime's President of Entertainment.

One of the network's longest running series, "The L Word" will culminate early next year in eight final episodes, marking the end of an era chronicling the lives of these iconic characters who have played a pivotal role in changing cultural perceptions of lesbians and the transgender community on and off screen.

Production will resume in early summer.

New TV On DVD, Oct. 23

10/23/2007 8:00am EDT
Veronica Mars
When Veronica Mars goes to college you know she'll encounter a noir netherworld of lies, betrayal, secrets and (of course) murder. Veronica, Logan and more of your VM favorites join cool new characters for a season three of seething mystery and sardonic wit. Also on DVD: season four of The L Word and NCIS, and I Love Lucy the complete series.

'The L Word' Lands On Logo

9/20/2007 1:49pm EDT
The L Word
Logo today announced that it has acquired the first five seasons (62 episodes) of the groundbreaking Showtime lesbian drama The L Word from CBS Television Distribution and will premiere the series on commercial television for the first time beginning in summer 2008.

Logo is the nation's leading 24/7 cable and broadband channel and online source of entertainment for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) audience.

"The L Word," which launched a television sensation when it premiered on Showtime in 2004, follows a small group of Los Angeles lesbian friends through their ...

'How I Met Your Mother' Season Two Arrives On DVD October 2

9/19/2007 9:00pm EDT
How I Met Your Mother
CENTURY CITY, Calif. - Get ready to suit up once again with Ted, Robin, Lily, Marshall and the outrageously inappropriate Barney when the Emmy®-nominated series How I Met Your Mother Season Two arrives on DVD on October 2 from Fox Home Entertainment.

Releasing the week after the show's season three premiere on September 24th, "How I Met Your Mother" Season Two features an all-star cast including Josh Radnor (Not Another Teen Movie), Jason Segel (Knocked Up, Freaks & Geeks), Cobie Smulders (The L Word) Alyson Hannigan (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Date Movie) and 2007 Emmy® -nominee Nei...

'Reaper' Debuts Tuesday, Sept. 25 At 9pm On The CW

8/15/2007 8:30pm EDT
For the first 20 years of his life, Sam (Bret Harrison, The Loop, Grounded for Life) wondered why his parents went so easy on him. Whether it was school, sports or career choices, Sam's mom (Allison Hossack, "Falcon Beach") and dad (Andrew Airlie, The L Word) always let him get by with the least possible effort. As a result, Sam skipped college, took a dead-end job at the local Work Bench home improvement store and now wastes endless hours playing video games. Everything in his slacker world changed the day Sam turned 21 and discovered the ungodly reason his parents let him slide: they s...

'The L Word' To Return for Fifth Season

3/9/2007 10:26am EST
The L Word
On the heels of a year highlighted with industry recognition and critical acclaim for its award-winning original programming, Showtime has ordered a fifth season of its hit drama series The L Word, it was announced by Robert Greenblatt, President of Entertainment, Showtime Networks Inc.

Twelve new episodes are set to begin production this summer and premiere on Showtime sometime in early 2008. The series was recently nominated for the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Drama Series.

The groundbreaking series follows a group of Los Angeles-based friends as they navigate careers, fa...

Celebrity Birthdays, January 25

1/25/2007 3:00am EST
Alicia Keys
Happy Birthday to singer/pianist Alicia Keys (1981), "The L Word" actress Mia Kirshner (1976), American runner Steve Prefontaine (1951; d. 1975), director Tobe Hooper (1943), R&B singer Etta James (1938), Disney film actor Dean Jones (1931), and English writer/feminist Virginia Woolf (1882; d. 1941).

'The L Word' Is Launched in Virtual World 'Second Life'

1/22/2007 2:03pm EST
The L Word
Showtime's The L Word, continuing its ground breaking efforts to stay connected with its loyal and passionate fan base, will become the first cable television original series to go virtual with the launch of "The L Word in Second Life" on January 22.

Created by The Electric Sheep Company, "The L Word in Second Life" is a 3D experience that will take visitors into a virtual reality world inspired by the show. The virtual world will have many features, including the following:

* A neighborhood cafe that serves as the hangout for "The L Word" characters. Called "The Planet", the caf...

Season 4 of 'The L Word' Debuts Sunday

1/6/2007 8:02am EST
The L Word
In episode 401 "Legend in the Making" of The L Word, Bette kidnaps baby Angelica until a custody agreement can be brokered with Tina; Shane jilts Carmen at the altar and spirals out of control; Helena's mother cuts her off.

The series focuses on a tight-knit group of very attractive lesbians, all living and working in Los Angeles. The Showtime series is sometimes described as Sex and the City meets Queer as Folk.

The fourth season kicks off Jan 7 at 10 p.m.