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Lacy Lilting Lyrics
Tina and Jenny fight over the creative direction of their movie. Meanwhile, Alice and her friends try to console Phyllis's heartbroken husband after Phyliss breaks the news to him. Bette and Jodi try to take their relationship to the next level, but Bette's controlling personality causes problems.

Lexington And Concord
Jenny's plan for revenge on her critics backfires on her in front of her agents. Alice and Tasha start a romance despite their disagreements over the war in Iraq. Tina meets Bette's girlfriend. Kit yells at Angus for cheating.

Lez Girls
Bette's affair with her TA causes her problems at work. Meanwhile, after meeting Phyllis' husband Alice breaks up with Phylis. Tina catches Angus with her nanny, Hazel and the story Jenny gets published in "The New Yorker" angers Alice.

Livin' La Vida Loca
Bette adjusts to her new job and her new boss, while Jenny's book receives a critical review. Tina has to fire Helena forcing Helena to become roommates with Alice.

Literary License to Kill
Bette is worried about losing Jodi to an art center on the East Coast. Alice's girlfriend Tasha is having trouble with flashbacks from Iraq. Phylis's husband tries to convince her to come back to him.

Little Boy Blue
Angus tries to apologize for his infidelity, and Kit binge-drinks. Alice manages to find investors for her blog, but Jenny is part of the deal. Jenny finds a director for her movie and Bette struggles with her control issues.

Legend in the Making
While waiting for a custody agreement to be worked out with Tina, Bette kidnaps baby Angelica. Shane stands up Carmen at the altar. Meanwhile, Jenny reunites with Marina and Helena's mother cuts off her financial support.

Luck Be a Lady
Bette and Tina disagree over the baby's preschool. Bette must also deal with the consequences of Alice breaking up with Phyllis. She also enjoys her new romance. Meanwhile, Alica, Helena and Shane learn how to play poker.

Lesson Number One
Hollywood shows interest in Jenny's short story about her friends. Helena tries to pay back her poker debt. Meanwhile, Alice's new girlfriend Tasha is having flashbacks about the war in Iraq. Bette tries to console Phyllis who is still upset about being dumped by Alice.

Bette has to work with an artist who's artwork is politically incendiary. Bette worries about Alice and Phyliss having a relationship. When Tina's friend reject her at a softball game, she joins the opposing team.

Bette starts an affair with a teaching assistant. Phyllis comes out. Jenny tries to find dirt on the journalist that wrote the bad review on her book. Shane helps Helena get a job and Tina throws a party.

Long Time Coming
Bette asks Tina for advice on how to get Jodi back. Shane becomes serious about Paige. Tasha surprises Alice with the news that she has to go back to Iraq. Phyllis proceeds with the divorce and Jenny is in danger of being fired from her own movie.

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