Kojak: The Belarus File

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Telly Savalas

Suzanne Pleshette

Max von Sydow

Alan Rosenberg

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Savalas recreated his popular role of Theo Kojak, the NYPD detective he had portrayed from 1973 to 1978, in this hybrid movie that meshed a Kojak adventure with a mystery about the murder of a number of elderly Russian emigres that was the plot of John Loftus' best-seller, "The Belarus Secret." Kojak and a comely Federal Agent (Suzanne Pleshette) uncover a conspiracy reaching back to the Nazi occupation of the Soviet Union, but for the most part the charismatic, bald, lollipop-sucking (though not here) detective remains on the periphery of the story.

This film tested the waters for a possible new "Kojak" series. Trivia buffs will note that both Savalas and von Sydow acted together as, resp... Full Summary >>