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No More Kings Launches Pop Culture Driven Website

5/11/2007 7:30pm EDT
No More Kings
Los Angeles-based pop/rock band No More Kings, known mostly for their viral music video hit "Sweep the Leg" (, are associated with original, high-energy music that is also entertaining and witty. Their music has finally met its match - their website.

Developed entirely in-house at Astonish Records, No More Kings' website is possibly one of the coolest band websites ever. Not only does it match the bands' style perfectly, but it's incredibly thorough, very fun, and easy to navigate.

The first thing you'll probably notice about the website is its amazing colors...

Quirky Group No More Kings Pays Tribute To 80s Pop Culture

3/20/2007 1:00am EDT
No More Kings
No More Kings, the self-titled first major release, is a positive, upbeat, pop/funk/rock party-in-a-box, full of pop culture references and quirky lyrics. "No More Kings is for anyone who's ever wanted a talking car," says Pete Mitchell, the man behind the band. "This album is very character-driven, very story-based."

A trait he learned as an animator that has carried over into his songwriting is communicating a character's core to an audience. In "Sweep the Leg," for example, Pete digs into the head of Johnny, Daniel-san's nemesis in The Karate Kid, and presents a new way of looking ...

The Rock Talks About 'Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run,' Part 1

7/18/2006 10:13am EDT
The Rock
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will be starring in the movie and video game Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run. He shares his thoughts here, in part one of his interview, on the video game and being compared to Knight Rider.

Were you a fan of the original, Spy Hunter?

The Rock: I was a big fan of the original game. When Midway came to me with the idea, of course, we were still in the development of the movie. So my first question was how is this game going to be different? How can it compete? They said for the first time the fans of the video game Spy Hunter are going to be able to get out of ...

Website Plans To Boost David Hasselhoff To The Top Of The Music Charts

7/5/2006 9:59am EDT
The Hoff
David Hasselhoff fans are planning to hijack the charts in an effort to get 'The Hoff' to number one. Devoted followers of the Knight Rider star have launched an online campaign to get him to the top of the UK charts at

The website states: "Think what 'The Hoff' has given to the world. Knight Rider, Baywatch, the reunification of East and West Germany. Untold laughter from forwarded e-mails of him in hotpants. He's given a lot. It's time we gave something back."

"'The Hoff' is having a hard time. He's split from his wife. He needs a lift. Let's help...

'Knight Rider' Movie Greenlit

5/10/2006 9:53am EDT
Knight Rider
Classic TV show Knight Rider is to be made into a movie. Hollywood bosses have given the green light to a big screen adaptation of 80s series and insist it will stay true to original program rather than going for laughs like other film versions of TV programs.

Creator Glen A. Larson said: "A number of people wanted to do a pure comedic send-up of it, but I always felt that would throw away the franchise. There was always some humor on the show, but this film will probably have more gallows humor."

Knight Rider - which made a household name of David Hasselhoff - centred on the stor...

New TV on DVD, April 4

4/4/2006 8:00am EDT
If you would like to see Katie Holmes before she hooked up with Tom Cruise, got pregnant, and became a scientologist, check out the sixth and final season of Dawson's Creek. Joey and Dawson rekindle their romance, but Dawson reveals he had a romance with an actress in L.A. Audrey's dad helps Pacey get a job and makes her singing debut with Emma's band, and Jen faces the biggest challenge of her life. Also in stores this week: season three of Full House and seasons four of Magnum P.I., The A-Team and Knight Rider.

David Hasselhoff Accused of Domestic Abuse

3/9/2006 10:07am EST
David Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff's estranged wife claims she was the victim of domestic abuse. At a private divorce hearing, Pamela Bach also asked for a temporary restraining order against the former 'Knightrider' star. However, a judge refused and simply told the pair to stay away from each other. The actor denies the claims.

Hasselhoff's attorney, Melvin Goldsman said: "The court indicated that she should stay where she is, and he should stay where he is."

However, he wouldn't comment any further on the domestic abuse allegations. The actor - who has been married to the 42-year-old actress for...

New TV on DVD, Jan. 31

1/31/2006 8:00am EST
Have a yearning for retro fast cars, private detectives, and heavy gold chains? Get your 80s action fix with these new titles on DVD: season three of Knight Rider, The A-Team, and Magnum P.I., as well as season one of Hill Street Blues.

Click here for more new TV shows on DVD

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Hasselhoff Divorcing; Teams Up With Ice-T For Rap Single

1/16/2006 10:37am EST
David Hasselhoff
Former 'Baywatch' star David Hasselhoff has filed for divorce from actress Pamela Bach, after 16 years of marriage.

Hasselhoff, 53, and Bach, 42, tied the knot in December 1989 and have two teenage daughters together.

The star's publicist, Judy Katz, confirmed the split, saying: "The couple have agreed to an amicable settlement."

Hasselhoff - who played heartthrob Mitch Buchannon in 'Baywatch' - and Bach - who appeared in numerous episodes of 'Baywatch' and 'Knight Rider' alongside her husband - cited irreconcilable differences. Details on who will win custody over their chil...

NBC Offers TV Shows On-Demand at iTunes

12/6/2005 1:58pm EST
The Office
Following in the footsteps of ABC, NBC Universal and Apple just announced a partnership of new primetime, cable, late-night and classic TV shows available at the iTunes music store. Programs include Law & Order, The Office, "Surface," "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," Late Night with Conan O'Brien, USA Network's Emmy Award-winning Monk and Sci-Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica, as well as classic TV shows including Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Dragnet, "Adam-12" and Knight Rider.

Customers can purchase and download their favorite shows, including current shows the day after they air on T...

Sleuth Channel To Feature Classic Shows and Films

11/3/2005 1:32pm EST
NBC Universal Cable Entertainment will launch Sleuth, a 24-hour entertainment cable channel dedicated to the popular - and enduring - crime, mystery and suspense genre. The new channel will feature crime and mystery classics from NBC Universal's library of feature films, classic television shows, reality series and documentaries.

Programming will include popular and cult television series like Miami Vice, The A-Team, and Knight Rider. Crime, mystery and suspense films like Scarface, The Jackal, Casino, Sneakers and Mercury Rising will be featured in standard-definition and high-defini...