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French Fight
The staff of Nolita battles a French chef, Michel, and his staff after he begins to serve lamb in the same way as Jack, even as Mimi makes time with Michel. The pranks between the two staffs escalate.

Pino asks Jack to handle the case of missing steaks and cavier. His instincts point to Steven who redeems himself by catching a limo full of bill-ditchers. In order to get her off his back, Jack appoints Mimi as floor captain.

Dinner Date with Death
Jack's mentor approaches Jack at Nolita asking to be killed with food, forcing Jack to examine how he's turned his life around. Jim lands in trouble when he tries to assert himself over a dishwasher.

Exile on Main Street (Pilot)
Jack Bourdain, a brillant chef with a troubled past, gets one last opportunity to open a restaurant (Nolita) by its owner Pino. He cobbles together a team in short order. The head of the wait staff immediately has it in for Jack. Adding to his misfortunate, the first food critic to walk through the door is one that he cheated on in the past.

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