Kiss Toledo Goodbye

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Michael Rapaport

Christopher Walken

Robert Forster

Christine Taylor

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Architect Kevin Gower has his life turned upside down when he suddenly meets his biological father, Sal, who turns out to be a well-connected mobster.

One afternoon, as Kevin is leaving a party, a tough wiseguy named Max "assists" Kevin into a waiting limousine which delivers Kevin to a meeting with Sal Fortuna and his right-hand man Nicky. Kevin is bewildered when Sal informs him that he is his biological father, a point that Kevin's mother Madge wanted hidden from her son. The two are barely acquainted when an explosion rocks the parking lot and Sal is killed.

Max and Sal's girlfriend Wendy explain to Kevin that as Sal's son he may be the next target for Sal's enemy and suggest that th... Full Summary >>