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The Texas Panhandler
When Bobby gets a job to make some extra money for some fancy jeans, he meets a young man named Derek and realizes there might be an easier way to accomplish his goal. After joining forces with his new found friend, Bobby decides to quit his job and start panhandling in front of stores with Derek.

Bill's House
Bill takes his work as a volunteer at a halfway house home with him, literally. Peggy decides that it's time for her to learn how to ride a bicycle.

Church Hopping
The Hills go looking for a new church when their pew is given to the Smiths by Reverend Stroup, and the family finds itself overwhelmed by the Arlen Megachurch's fantastic offer. Meanwhile, Lucky discusses his own spiritual endeavors with Hank.

Orange You Sad I Did Say Banana?
Kahn is accused of assimilating too much into American culture and decides to return to his roots by getting rid of his backyard pool.

24 Hour Propane People
Peggy has discovered the joys and privileges of having a press pass, while Mr. Strickland, has been permanently removed from his favorite strip club. With Strickland unable to relax, he decides to make things fun around the office, but when sleepovers and costumes start to cloud the vision of Strickland Propane, it's up to Hank to remind Mr. Strickland where his heart is.

Hank Fixes Everything
Buck Strickland competes for business with a propane store across the street and enlists the Teutuls of "American Chopper" to assist him in his fight.

The Year of Washing Dangerously
Kahn buys a car wash that has offers a regular Friday night hot rod gathering, but when Hank gets involved, he soon learns that Kahn's methods of saving money are about to put them out of business and at the mercy of Buck Strickland. Meanwhile, Peggy tries to get ahold of an elusive Nancy.

Hank's On Board
Hank learns that his friends think he's uptight and goes out of his way to prove them wrong during a beach weekend.

Business is Picking Up This Year
Bobby decides to follow in the footsteps of an entrepreneur who made his fortune on a dog poop clean-up business.

Bystand Me
Peggy tries her hand at a tips column, but gets her information from a source that dries up, causing her to try and think on her feet with disastrous results. Bobby takes on a paper route, but Dale does most of the work having always dreamed of being a paperboy.

Edu-macating Lucky
Lucky asks Peggy to help him get his GED in the hopes of improving his chances of marrying Luanne. Peggy intentionally teaches him the wrong information so he'll fail and give up the idea of marrying her niece, but then she starts to suspect that Luanne might be pregnant.

You Gotta Believe (In Moderation)
Hank tries to get back charity money lost in a softball game.

Hank's Bully
When the Hills get some liberal-minded neighbors, Hank finds himself terrorized by their uncontrollable son Caleb. Lila and Jim have raised their son without boundaries and now Caleb is a force in the neighborhood.

Hank and Peggy discover Arlen's seedy roots while trying to clean up a town landmark. The city's new manager then decides to make Arlen hospitable to the adult film industry, which drives the sickened Hill family out of town.

A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Clown
Hank signs Bobby up for a community college class for clowns after his public antics make Hank uncomfortable.

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