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The Peggy Horror Picture Show
Peggy, feeling a bit unfeminine because of her clothes and size-16 feet, befriends Carolyn, who views Peggy as the epitome of womanhood. Hank is thrilled that Peggy finally has someone else to talk to about her girl problems. But when Carolyn turns out to be a drag queen and mistakenly invites Peggy to perform in her stage show, it's up to Hank and the drag queens to help a devastated Peggy rediscover her femininity.

When Bobby's pet snake slithers down the toilet, Hank turns to Animal Control for help. Unfortunately, the Animal Control team takes advantage of the situation and creates a snake-in-the-city frenzy, putting Arlen in a state of panic. With the control team hissing, it's up to Dale to eliminate Arlen's reptile problem and help Animal Control rediscover their love for their job.

Luanne Gets Lucky
Luanne wants to have a prom experience, but Lucky decides to ditch her and go "stumping" with Hank. When a high schooler asks Luanne to the prom as a result, Lucky becomes jealous and seeks to ruin her prom date.

Blood and Sauce
When the guys discuss what they want to pass on to their children, Bill becomes despondent because he doesn't have any children. In an effort to cheer him up, they help Bill put together a Dauterive family reunion, only to be thwarted by the realization that Bill only has one living relative. Bill winds up sharing an incredible barbeque with his neighbors and teaches Bobby the secret sauce recipe.

Glen Peggy Glen Ross
When Peggy takes Connie on as her protégé, Connie's journalistic attitude pushes Peggy to change her writing style. Needless to say, she loses her job at The Arlen Bystander, but quickly rebounds with a job in real estate under the infamous Chris Sizemore, the brains behind Arlen's largest real estate office. Her new job is at first exciting, but when she challenges the big bosses, she is fired.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
When Nancy's feelings for Redcorn turn into stress, her hair begins to fall out rapidly. Determined to stop the hair loss, Nancy consults a doctor who prescribes several different pills. However, when drugs don't work, she pays a visit to her socialite mother, Bunny and learns a shocking secret about hereditary hair loss.

Grand Theft Arlen
Hank becomes addicted to a video game about propane and Bobby trains for the Presidential Fitness Test.

Peggy's Gone to Pots
When Peggy puts her eye on selling real estate in the exclusive Arlen Heights, she befriends Heights residents Cindy and Ted in an effort to utilize their social circle for work. Cindy embraces the new friendship and scams Peggy into becoming the new "Cozy Kitchen" representative. With boxes of products to sell, Peggy quickly learns that Arlen Heights is not as perfect and prestigious as it seems. Meanwhile, Dale, who has been using the identity of Rusty Shackelford, is surprised by a visit from the real Rusty.

Hank Gets Dusted
When Cotton decides to give Hank's beloved Cadillac to Cousin Dusty, none other than Dusty Hill from ZZ Top, Hank is devastated. But things go from bad to worse when Dusty arrives at Hank's house with a camera crew from his new reality show. With Hank already pushed to his limits, his patience is put to the ultimate test as Dusty and his band play practical jokes for the camera.

Lucky's Wedding Suit
When Luanne decides she wants an expensive wedding, Lucky sues Dale when he takes a fall on the job. It is up to Hank to convince Lucky of the evils of frivolous lawsuits and to spend his money wisely.

Bill, Bulk, and the Body Buddies
While trying to get in shape for his physical at work, Bill bulks up and befriends a group of body builders who essentially take him hostage in his home gym. Bill's aggressive attitude upsets the neighbors and when Bill becomes a meathead just like his trainer, the guys have to save Bill from the world of weight training.

The Passion of the Dauterive
When Bill survives the roof caving in over his bed, he takes it as a sign from God and immerses himself in church activities. Hank soon discovers that Bill's religious zeal may be due to a secret affair with Reverend Stroup. However, when Reverend Stroup quits the church and moves in with Bill, an overwhelmed Bill tries to break up with her.

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