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Apartment Complex
Doug and the guys secretly rent out an apartment above their favorite Chinese restaurant so that they can have a place to hang out.

Like Hell
Doug goes to ridiculous lengths to impress new driver, Jared, after he learns that he was the only IPS employee not to receive an invitation to the new guy's barbecue.

Inn Escapable
Carrie and Doug's romantic getaway is ruined by the overbearing owners of the bed and breakfast they're staying at.

Acting Out
When Carrie decides to put Arthur in a retirement home, Doug is delighted with the prospect of getting his basement back so that he can turn it into a media room. While Doug is cleaning up the scorched basement in preparations for his new media room, he finds some playbills that reveal that Arthur was once a well-respected actor. When Doug confronts Arthur about his days in the theater, Arthur confirms that he was an actor, but that he gave it up to raise Carrie. Doug starts feeling guilty for abandoning Arthur and tries to convince Carrie to let him stay. Meanwhile, Danny and Spence agreed that after two years in their apartment, Spence would get the larger bedroom back from Danny, though Danny now refuses to move into the smaller room, so Spence moves into the room with Danny and a classic standoff begins.

Knee Jerk
Doug decides to prolong an injury so that Carrie, who accidentally pushed him down the stairs, will continue to be nice to him.

Vocal Discord
Carrie and Doug decide to get marriage counseling after Carrie's transcribing machine records one of their arguments.

Move Doubt
Doug and Carrie are unable to figure out why Deacon and Kelly are not interested in buying the house next door to theirs.

Gambling N'Diction
After his mother beats him and his friends at poker, Doug tries to use her skills to enter and win a high-stakes tournament.

Shear Torture
Carrie bans Doug from going to the hair salon after she discovers that his frequent trips are due to his attractive new stylist.

Present Tense
Doug and Carrie dislike an oil painting of themselves that Deacon and Kelly have given them as an anniversary gift and decide to stage a robbery to get rid of it.

Baker's Doesn't
Kevin accuses Carrie of not living up to her end of a bargain when she neglects to bake a cake for their church's Christmas party.

Fight Schlub
When Doug starts hanging out with Joe, a driver at Priority Plus, his fellow drivers lose all respect for him. When Joe invites Doug to join him at a Neil Diamond concert, he discovers that Joe was only acting like his friend to get him alone so that he and his fellow Priority Plus drivers could play a trick on Doug.

Consummate Professional
When Doug's 10th anniversary at IPS arrives, Carrie realizes that Doug had lied about being employed in the beginning of their relationship so that she would sleep with him.

G'Night, Stalker
Doug's ego swells after he starts getting fan mail from someone who saw him sing at a karaoke club.

Raygin' Bulls
Doug and his friend Ray plan a guys' night out when their wives go out of town.

Pole Lox
Doug encourages Carrie to take pole dancing lessons and then can't figure out a way to tell her that he is disappointed with the results.

Four Play
Doug has a new friend in Deacon's wife, Doug and Kelly find that they have a lot in common, more in common than Doug and Deacon. Deacon also finds out that he likes hanging out with Carrie so they form a new friendship. Eventually Kelly gets frustrated with Doug's forgetfulness, leaving Doug alone with no one to hang out with. Feeling sorry Doug, Carrie and Deacon invite him to hang out with them.

Hartford Wailer
What was supposed to be weekend of relaxation for Carrie and her female co-workers turns into a disaster when Doug unexpectedly shows up with romantic intentions. Things only get worse when Carries realizes that his idea of a romantic weekend is watching the original "Planet of the Apes" series. She tries to persuade Doug to go home by telling him she's going to be too busy working all weekend but that plan foils when Doug finds out that she already has a massage scheduled.

Emotional Rollercoaster
Doug wants to overcome a local Rollercoaster ride he's been anticipating riding so he tells Carrie that it's part of the IPS management program.

Sold-Y Locks
Doug persuades Carrie to sell her hair to get money for a cruise, he realizes he made a mistake when doesn't like the new look.

Fresh Brood
Doug borrows a baby in order to convince Carrie to have a child.

Buggie Nights
Bugs invade the house after Arthur brings back infested sheets from a stay in Florida.

Sandwiched Out
When a neighborhood restaurant names a sandwich after Deacon, Doug is furious, as he maintains that the sandwich was his creation.

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