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Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Rudy
Rudy must fight to get his job back at the dojo when Bobby Wasabi replaces him with the Wasabitron 3000, a futuristic robot sensei. Meanwhile, Milton and Eddie build a robot of their own.

My Left Foot
Seaford High needs a new quarterback and Milton nominates Jack, but quickly discovers Jack can't throw a football. When Milton's surprising kicking talent comes to light, he becomes the star of the football team and is launched into a new world of popularity, quickly forgetting who his real friends are. Meanwhile, Jerry and Kim join the pep squad and Eddie tries to land his dream girl.

We Are Family
Jerry and the gang must stand up to his new boss the Meatball King when Phil's goat Tootsie is taken hostage. Meanwhile, Eddie confesses to accidentally taking a pretzel from the pretzel cart without paying, so Joan teaches him a lesson.

Eddie Cries Uncle
When the gang's intramural basketball league is shut down for lack of funding, the kids take it upon themselves to raise the money to save it. Eddie has bragged for years that his uncle is Big Easy from the Harlem Globetrotters and he's forced to put his money where his mouth is when he learns that the 'Trotters are coming to town. Meanwhile, Phil and Rudy get dressed up to sell chocolate during the game, but unbeknownst to them, their outfits closely resemble Willy Wonka and an Oompa Loompa.

Skate Rat
Jack and the gang convince Jack's hero, skater legend Luke Strong, to build them a much-needed skate park. However, Kim puts the brakes on the project when she discovers that it's the home of the endangered species - the Striped Beach Vole. Meanwhile, Eddie and Jerry attempt to woo two skater girls by testing out Strong's skate equipment.

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Capture the Flag
Eddie is selected to be the head of the Seaford High float committee, Rudy reveals that his reputation was tarnished when a group of kids from Swathmore Academy stole the Seaford flag under his watch when he held the position in high school. When the headmaster refuses to return it, the gang sets out to restore Rudy's reputation and put Seaford High back on the parade map. Meanwhile, a pretentious girl from Swathmore challenges Kim to run for the 'Pearl of Seaford Pageant'.

It Takes Two to Tangle
While at a tournament in San Francisco, Rudy runs into Trent, a rival from his past and turns Jack's weekend of fun into a win-at-all costs competition. Meanwhile, Milton unleashes his inner 'kee-yai,' transforming him into a self-help guru.

Jack and Jerry are bummed when they can't score tickets to see their idol, heavy metal rock star Izzy Gunnar from Kung Fu Lightning. However, once they save him from being attacked by two thugs, Izzy offers them the opportunity of a lifetime to be his bodyguards. Meanwhile, Rudy, Eddie and Milton work at Falafel Phil's when Phil goes on vacation.

Dojo Day Care
The dojo is turned into a daycare center, but when the principal's son escapes to a nearby construction site, Jerry and Jack must use their martial arts skills to find him before the principal returns. Meanwhile, Rudy and Joan coach Joan's niece, Gracie Bell, in the Little Miss Seaford pageant.

Indiana Eddie
After the gang accidentally squashes Eddie's new dream of becoming an archeologist, they go to extreme measures to restore it, and accompany him on a treasure hunting adventure through the woods of Seaford. After a few hiccups along the way, they become invested in helping Eddie locate the treasure and utilize their karate skills to defeat a rowdy group of dockworkers. Meanwhile, Rudy and Phil battle an annoying cricket that is hidden within the dojo's wall.

Kim of Kong
Jack lets Kim win at sparring, Kim wants a fair rematch. At the arcade, Jack and Kim go head-to-head in an epic video game battle to become the top competitor of 'Immortal Warrior.' Meanwhile, Jerry and Eddie lose Lonnie's prized lizard and dress up as a lizard and a moth in hopes of finding it. Rudy and Milton build a miniature train town called Rudyville.

Kickin' It Old School
Rudy's ecstatic when he finds out he's going to be inducted into the Seaford High Hall of Fame, but when Milton and Eddie discover that Rudy never technically graduated, Rudy must go back to high school in order to earn his diploma. Meanwhile, when Jerry brags that he is dating Phil's niece Mika to boost his own reputation, Phil and Mika work together to teach him a lesson.

The Chosen One
The gang gets the opportunity of a lifetime to spend a weekend training with the legendary Shaolin Warriors at their temple. But they're in for a surprise when the ancient Grandmaster Po announces that Jerry is the Chosen One destined to save the temple from a looming dark cloud. Meanwhile, Jack and Kim challenge each other to walk on the 'Path of Fire' and Milton struggles to keep a vow of silence.

Hit the Road Jack
Jack must make a big decision when he is offered a prestigious scholarship to the world-renowned Otai Academy in Japan. Rudy is overjoyed with excitement and while Jerry and Eddie hold auditions for Jack's replacement, Kim struggles to say goodbye.

A Slip Down Memory Lane
Jack is going to break the word record for most bricks broken by anyone under fifteen. But when Jack accidentally slips and hits his head, he wakes up with amnesia. They all must help him get his memory back, but first they have to find him.

Wedding Crashers
Denise Richards plays Leona, aka "The Black Belt Widow," who's set up on a date with Bobby Wasabi by his pals, Jack and Jerry. When Jack and Jerry discover that Bobby plans to marry Leona - who's notorious for stealing rich karate-movie stars' fortunes, while making them mysteriously vanish - they try to find a way to call the whole thing off.

Wazombie Warriors
Kim falls asleep during a zombie movie and dreams that her friends, including Jack and Jerry have turned into zompyres, a combination of zombies and vampires. Kim is forced to battle the super-strong, extremely fast zompyres, while she travels to the lair of Dr. Krupnick, who has the only zompyre anecdote.

Jack helps Jerry get a job at the mall, but their friendship is challenged when Jerry gets promoted.

All the President's Friends
When Milton becomes school president, he becomes the target for an embarrassing takedown.

New Jack City
Jack feels replaced when an old friend of the gang and Rudy's former star pupil, Carson, moves back to Seaford. After Carson overtakes Jack for the coveted spot to compete in the tournament, Jack decides to join the rival dojo, the Black Dragons, and compete against his own team.

Karate Games
An eccentric Hollywood director casts Jack and Kim as the stars of his next movie, "The Karate Games", but their big break becomes a living nightmare when they realize the climactic scene in the movie is an actual fight for their lives. Meanwhile, Rudy, who escorts Jack and Kim to Hollywood, stumbles onto a game show called "Box That Head" and competes for a cash prize.

Kickin' It On Our Own - Part 1
When Rudy's uncle Blake (played by George Wendt) offers him a high profile job at his chain of amusement parks, Rudy sells the dojo to Ty and the Black Dragons. After Ty downgrades the Wasabi Warriors to white belts, they all decide to leave the dojo and go their separate ways. When Rudy calls the gang together for dinner to make a big announcement, he discovers the truth and decides to win back his dojo via a tournament with Ty and the Black Dragons.

Kickin' It On Our Own - Part 2
Milton enlists the help of his Aunt Jillian to get them back in shape for the tournament, but, Ty brings in a ringer, WWE star Kofi Kingston, to go up against Rudy.

Oh, Christmas Nuts!
To teach the gang about the spirit of Christmas, Rudy volunteers Jack, Jerry and Milton to work at Santa's village. But when they are accused of stealing toys to be given to an orphanage and get banned from the mall, they are labeled as the "kids who stole Christmas". While the guys try to prove their innocence, Kim and Eddie battle it out in a holiday window display contest.

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