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Homeland Insecurity
Kevin and Veronica defend a woman who has been deemed a potential threat to U.S security and threatened with deportation. Meanwhile, Kevin is branded a "nice guy" by a female newspaper columnist he unwittingly went out with whose column deals with her dating life, while Nicolette is assigned to assist Jessie's nephew with a college paper.

A River in Egypt
Kevin takes on the case of a former colleague's widow, who is now suing his old firm for literally working her husband to death. The case causes Kevin to think about mortality and the security of Sarah's future, and prompts him to try and locate his estranged father. Meanwhile, Dame wants Veronica to move in with him.

Love Don't Live Here Anymore
Kevin and Veronica defend a man who has committed bygamy and has decided to seek custody of his children from several different wives. Meanwhile, Kevin worries that Evelyn may be getting too serious with their relationship, and Jessie defends a department store Santa with claims of wrongful termination.

Snack Daddy
The firm takes on a client who has accused her company of firing her from her sales rep job on the basis of sex, but after the case begins to go horribly south for the legal team, Kevin discovers a piece of evidence that could turn the tide in its favor.

The Good Life
Kevin agrees to represent well-known rocker Carly Austin, who runs the risk of losing her daughter due to her own reckless ways, feeling that perhaps she has been unfairly portrayed in the public eye. When he catches Carly drunk at a party one night, however, he learns that she has lied to him and must confront his own morality in order to continue with the case.

Gods and Monsters
Kevin and Veronica team up to defend a hockey player who was fired from his team after assaulting a surly fan, but a suspicious Kevin decides to investigate the player's decision to bail out of the trial as things are looking good for his case. Meanwhile, Kevin realizes his priorities have to change when an old party-hearty friend comes to town, while George's apartment flood forces him to move in with Kevin.

The Unexpected
Kevin and Jessie must represent George when he is sued for stopping a gay bashing incident by the man who started the incident. Meanwhile, Kevin rushes Sarah to the hospital when she has an allergic reaction in the midst of his cozy evening with Evelyn, while Dame and Veronica have a hard time trying not to see each other.

Occupational Hazard
Kevin represents the parents of a teenage Iraqi soldier who have decided to sue their son's school for permitting the military to recruit kids on its school grounds, a recruitment which led to the young man's death. Meanwhile, Nicolette takes over a client's nightclub when his legal bills go unpaid, and George learns from Kevin that his new boyfriend has a wife and child.

Cardiac Episode
Kevin tries to get full custody of Sarah, but must convince the birth mother, Melanie, to give up her rights before it can happen. Kevin also begins dating a model, but keeps Sarah a secret from her, thinking that she isn't a fan of guys with children. Meanwhile, Nicolette agrees to take on the case of a man suing a health club for discrimination.

Man's Best Friend
Kevin has conflicting emotions when he takes on the sexual harrassment suit of his law school professor mentor brought on by a female student.

Losing Isn't Everything
Kevin takes on the fight of his life when he goes to court to battle Sarah's biological mother, Melanie, for full custody of Sarah. Meanwhile, Nicolette defends a friend's right to honor his gay father's military service with a proper military funeral, and Veronica and Dame team up to defend an academic who has incurred his neighbors' wrath.

Full Metal Jessie
When Jessie's ex comes looking for custody of their son, Jessie prepares her resolve for an all-out legal war. Kevin's representation of a professional sports team's cheerleading squad leads to a romantic attraction between him and his opposing attorney. Meanwhile, Kevin's grandmother comes for a visit and clashes with Kevin over her older methods of child-rearing, prompting him to tell George to keep a close eye on her.

Only Sixteen
Kevin represents a psychiatrist whose teenage patient, claim the boy's parents, was told to get a hooker in conjunction with his treatment. Meanwhile, Kevin's bitter former flame, Monroe, tries to ruin Kevin's love life, and George tries to influence the work schedule of the noisy construction that prevents him and Sarah from getting some peace by dating one of the site workers.

Going for the Juggler
Kevin and Nicolette take the case of a dance instructor being sued by a woman who claims her entrancing lessons cost her her husband. Meanwhile, Evelyn pops back into Kevin's life just as things are gelling with Monroe, and Kevin tries to organize a lavish birthday party for Sarah.

Slick attorney Kevin Hill has just found himself the legal guardian of Sarah, the 10-month old daughter of his recently deceased cousin. When the change has dire consequences for his work at the firm, which is slowly downgrading his caseload, he subsequently decides to move to an all-female law firm, start anew, and split the baby duties with full-time nanny George. It isn't long, however, before Kevin is taking on old colleagues as adversaries in the courtroom.

Kevin is visited by court-appointed social worker Eleanor Frank, who wants to inspect every inch of his life before he can be awarded temporary custody of Sarah. After appearing flustered and uncoordinated, in a panic, he gives her the number of Sarah's pediatrician, who is really just an old girlfriend that happens to be a pediatrician. Suddenly, faced with having Eleanor pay the doctor a visit, Kevin is forced to reconcile his past rude behavior towards his ex to get Sarah examined. Meanwhile, Kevin and Nicolette represent a girl whose mother wants to control her trust money after the girl claims to be using the spirit of her deceased father to make stock picks.

Making the Grade
Kevin and Nicolette team up to represent the charming owner of a top escort service being sued by an introverted customer who claims his expectations were let down, but the two lawyers' differing opinions on the case's subject matter cause them to also disagree on the professional approach to their client. Meanwhile, Kevin faces the task of trying to get Sarah into a much sought-after preschool, while Dame gets closer to Veronica when the two attend a basketball game.

House Arrest
When Sarah hands off her flu to Kevin, he is stuck at home working from afar with Veronica on the case of a former porn star turned school teacher who was wrongfully fired when he past became known. When Veronica ends up trying the case against Dame, she quickly learns what Kevin was talking about when he mentioned Shark-like tendencies in the courtroom.

Through the Looking Glass
Kevin takes Sarah to get her first haircut at a Harlem salon and agrees to help the owner keep the business open after hearing about the legal pressure she's faced to close up shop and make way for a new architectural development. He also faces a decision about whether or not to reconnect with former supermodel flame, Sandra. Meanwhile, Dame gets the strong impression that his new assistant has an interest in getting personal with their relationship.

In This Corner
Dame seeks Kevin's help when he takes on his first courtroom case, in which a boxer is accused of killing a man in a barroom brawl gone too far. Meanwhile Jesse defends a paralyzed boy who loses his pending slot in a research study when a rich philanthropist decides to muscle into the study.

Sacrificial Lambs
Kevin is shocked when Sarah's birth mother comes back into his life with a pastor fiancé in tow and an interest in regaining total custody of Sarah. Meanwhile, Jessie and Nicolette represent a client suing a huge corporation for its aggressive shady advertising to minors, while Veronica takes the case of a model suing her agency for allegedly causing her current health woes.

The Monroe Doctrine
George considers leaving his job as Sarah's nanny after tiring of Kevin's decision to constantly spend time with Monroe over Sarah. Meanwhile, Kevin assists Veronica when a woman sues her plastic surgeon fiancé for doing unwelcome work on her face after a car accident, and Jessie finds herself attracted to an ex-con client.

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