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'Justified' Recap: 'Shot All To Hell'

2/5/2014 8:35am EST
'Justified' Recap: 'Shot All To Hell'
When the showrunner tells you this is one of the most important episodes in the series, you come into it with seriously high expectations. But seriously, when has Justified not delivered? Bodies fall, hearts get broken, and Raylan's credibility takes a hit in this week's top-shelf episode.

An "anonymous tip" has led our resident Sheriff Jackass to find the dead bodies that Boyd uncovered at the end of last week's festivities, and he calls Paxton in the middle of the night because the tipster also stated that Paxton "made a deal with the local criminal element." Yes, Mr. Paxton, Boyd Crowde...

'Justified' Recap And Review: 'Over The Mountain'

1/29/2014 8:34am EST
'Justified' Recap And Review: 'Over The Mountain'
Justified knows how to turn the screws. This week, everybody dislikes everybody, and we still end up winning.

Things are still not that great for Dewey Crowe (Damon Herriman), who's wandering around in the woods in the middle of the night looking for money he buried a long time ago so that he can use it to get away from his crazy relatives. Or at least that's the story he told Wade, who he shoots for stealing money from the whorehouse on Boyd's orders. When the bullet doesn't do the job, Dewey beats Wade with his own shovel. Now he's got to hide the body, butwhen he gets back, there's no W...

'Justified': The Best And Worst Of 'Over the Mountain'

1/28/2014 2:20pm EST
Best: Everything’s Not Coming Up Dewey

Dewey is by far the funniest character on Justified. His argument over Messer’s sad, tiny shovel before trying to beat him with it was classic Dewey. Even though he tries to step up as an in-charge baddie, Dewey can’t kill Messer without screwing up as many times as possible. The shovel breaks, he loses Messer, he falls down a gigantic hill, he wanders through the muck to find Messer again, and just as he’s about to finish the job he’s “rescued” by a cute family that thinks he has sun stroke. Nothing can go right in this guy’s life and it’s fun to wat...

'Justified': The Best And Worst Of 'Good Intentions'

1/22/2014 1:23pm EST
The Best Moments of “Good Intentions”

Timothy Olyphant was half naked within the first five minutes. God bless you, Justified.

Monroe’s house is a gold mine of plot. Raylan is the last person in the world who should be in a large home. He’s made for small spaces, like his motel from the early seasons and the room above the bar. Raylan needs to constantly be in spaces where he can see everything and every one. His residence in the Monroe house is only going to lead to more trouble. Awesome.

Speaking of the Monroe house, Rachel has moved in. Raylan and Rachel being roommates is the perfe...

'Justified' Recap And Review: 'Good Intentions'

1/22/2014 8:25am EST
After last week's not so sterling episode, Justified is back to its old ways. Picking up right where things left off, Boyd is still searching for his drugs, leading him to accuse Wynn of ripping him off, at least until Wynn points out there's like a half-dozen suspects. And Raylan is busy getting laid, at least until Art ruins it. Thank you, Art.

Our boss marshal tells Raylan that Monroe (the guy he arrested last week, played by Xander Berkeley) will be out tomorrow and probably pissed that Raylan is using his house as a hotel. Raylan doesn't really care, because he's fixated on Alison (Am...

'Justified': The Best and Worst Of 'The Kids Aren't Alright'

1/15/2014 1:30pm EST
Yesterday, the depressing yet predictable news that Justified would end in its sixth season was released. Although it’ll be sad to see this amazing show, filled with some of the most redeemable, charming characters in television history, go, it’ll be interesting to watch the trajectory of this season to see where the show will be heading in its final season. Will Raylan and Boyd have a show-down that will head towards them being major adversaries next year? Is a major event going to change Raylan’s outlook on the law and his place within it?

Everything that happens this season will point t...

'Justified' Recap And Review: 'The Kids Aren't All Right'

1/15/2014 8:21am EST
If you thought last week's episode of Justified was packed full of TV goodness, then you'll love this week. Not only do we have three actors who should be immediately recognizable to any small-screen aficionado, but we've also brought back the great (and greatly underused) members of the show's own supporting cast, in telling a mostly standalone story that serves as a fantastic anti-drug PSA.

Two very not-nice dudes (played by Wood Harris of The Wire and Steve Harris of The Practice, who are actually related) are beating up a third guy for screwing up their business, and then decide to sho...

FX Confirms 'Justified' Set To End After Sixth Season

1/14/2014 10:25pm EST
Crime drama Justified is set to end after its sixth season, FX CEO John Landgraf confirmed during conference on Tuesday during the TCA (Television Critics Association) Winter Press Tour.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, star Timothy Olyphant and producer Graham Yost made the decision to bring the Emmy-winning show to an end and informed Landgraf, who wasn't wasn't thrilled about cutting a season off the seven that were originally planned.

"It was Graham Yost and Timothy Olyphant's decision. I would have liked to have had more Justified," he said. "It's one of my favorite shows."

"We ...

'Justified' Season 5 Premiere: The Finest Words Around

1/9/2014 7:13am EST
A good laconic, trash-talking, smart and sassy debut of Justified season 5 this week.  Among the high points -

Raylan electing to talk to Winona and see their baby via Skype, rather than in person, even though Raylan is not very far away in Florida.  Sort of says it all about Raylan's inability to fully relate emotionally, and come to terms with the people he loves, doesn't it?  It was a quiet, very powerful scene.

Wendy Crowe - sister of villain Darryl Crowe - catching Raylan's and everyone's eye.  A good addition to the cast and a good potential romantic interest for Raylan.


'Justified': The Best And Worst Of 'A Murder Of Crowes'

1/8/2014 2:42pm EST
Best: Elmore Leonard Tribute

Before the show even began, FX ran an Elmore Leonard tribute, which discussed his literary history and his simple, classic style of writing that managed to capture mood, character, and setting in the least amount of words possible. I’ve been a huge fan of Leonard’s work for a while, so I was very happy that they gave him more than just a black screen with his name. Although it was a quick tribute, having it before the show began ensured that people would watch it. If I had any complaints it is that it could have been a few minutes longer to discuss his influenc...

'Justified' Recap: 'A Murder Of Crowes'

1/8/2014 8:15am EST
After four impressive seasons, Justified has become like a welcome houseguest; you expect to see it come back and you know that when it does, it's going to be worth the wait. Still led by the unstoppable Timothy Olyphant, season five is everything we love about this show and then a little extra something, too.

The first few minutes of the season premiere play out like a Kentucky-based episode of Law & Order. Raylan's in court being taken to task for his less-than-civil handling of bad guys, while Boyd is visiting an incarcerated Ava to assure her that he's working steadily toward her relea...

Top 5 Things We'd Like To See In Justified's 5th Season

1/7/2014 10:20am EST
1. Classic Raylan

Part of the fun of Justified is the many quirks of the main character, Raylan. Season 4 saw a more somber version of our cowboy hat wearing hero. And for good reason. His father had tried to kill him and then was murdered in prison partially because of Raylan’s actions, all before Raylan’s own child’s birth. That’s definitely enough to ruin anybody’s good mood. Hopefully, Raylan doesn’t continue down the same dark and depressing path. The best version of Raylan Givens is the wisecracking, gun-toting lawman who can’t help but relate a bit too much to the criminals he’s so ...

5 Best TV Shows Of 2013

12/26/2013 4:00pm EST
The Good Wife
Every year a new crop of shows pop up, while the old crop strives to keep the audience’s attention. Some shows fall from grace, transforming from fan favorites to overrated dreck. Other shows maintain or succeed the quality that viewers have come to expect from their favorite programs. This year many returning shows had their best season ever, while new programs wowed new audiences. The shows on this list are the best 2013 had to offer.

1. The Good Wife

Alicia Florrick spent four seasons living up to the show’s title, acting like a sweet, mild-mannered lawyer who helps her clients, with h...

Hundreds Attend The Funeral Of Writer Elmore Leonard

8/25/2013 7:27pm EDT
Elmore Leonard
Friends and family of crime novelist Elmore Leonard gathered in Michigan to pay their final respects to the writer on Saturday.

Over 300 people gathered at the Holy Name Catholic Church in Birmingham for the memorial service, where the Rev. Joe Grimaldi paid tribut in his eulogy.

"Elmore truly was gifted with creativity, skill and talent," Grimaldi said during the service. "The twinkle in his eye showed he also enjoyed having fun."

Leonard's son Christopher paid tribute to his father, saying, "When I hug my brothers and sisters, I'll be hugging my father. When I see them, I'll see my dad...

'Under The Dome' 1.9: The New Woman

8/20/2013 8:57am EDT
Under the Dome
Leave it to Under the Dome to pull a rabbit out of a hat - or a major new powerful character we haven't seen before - in episode 1.9, with the summer series three quarters over.   Well, in all fairness, she did play an important role in the very first episode.  Barbie was talking to her on the phone when he was burying Julia's husband Peter.

This gives some plausibility to how Maxine got into the dome - she was already in Chester's Mill when the dome descended - though of course she could have been anywhere in the world on the other end of the phone connection to Barbie.  And the phone cal...

Jim Beaver Talks 'Justified,' Leaving 'Supernatural' And Whether He’ll Be Back On 'Breaking Bad'

6/11/2013 10:30am EDT
Jim Beaver on 'Justified'
There’s not many offers to interview celebrities that come in my inbox that get me as excited as the one I received a few weeks ago. You might not even know his name, but odds are, you know some of his roles.

Jim Beaver is an actor I’ve followed for years, mostly because he’s had memorable roles in some of my favorite shows in the world ranging from Breaking Bad to Supernatural to Justified.

We covered all of his big roles in a recent interview. If you’re not caught up on all of those shows, you may want to steer clear of spoilers.

Jim, first, I have to say, as the huge TV watcher I am, ...

'Justified's' Joelle Carter: Emmy Contender

6/5/2013 2:15pm EDT
Nominations for the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards are just over a month away, and there's one name that deserves to be on the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series ballot: Justified star Joelle Carter.

No character on the hit FX series has gone through more changes than Carter's Ava Crowder, who began the show as the charming love interest for U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (played by Timothy Olyphant), before transforming into the criminal queen of Harlan County alongside husband-to-be Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins). Particularly in seasons three and four of Justified, we've seen such depth i...

'Justified' Recap: A Death And An Arrest In 'Ghosts'

4/3/2013 9:40am EDT
Season four of Justified is at an end, and that means it's time to see if the hammer is going to fall on any or all of the usual suspects. If this series is known for one thing, it's that it likes to end its years with a bang...sometimes more than one. What happens in this last piece of season four, though, comes with more questions than answers.

At the Marshals Office, a satisfied Raylan declares that "All is right with the world," which Art doesn't quite believe. He says he got a call from Winona about having two rocking chairs, since there's the suspicious one that showed up last week. ...

'Justified' Recap: 'Peace of Mind'

3/27/2013 9:40am EDT
With only two episodes of Justified left this season, things are going full tilt in Kentucky. As we finally get an update on the impending Raylan Junior (what with Natalie Zea being on The Following and all), her father is getting some mild applause from his colleagues for the whole Drew Thompson thing ("Does this mean you're finally getting a haircut?" Rachel quips). Drew is in the conference room, meeting with the AUSA (guest star Rick Gomez), because he's demanding protection for Ellen May. Raylan's response is "Stick it up your ass."

Where's Ellen May? She's with Ellstin Limehouse (gue...

'Justified' Actress Cathy Baron Teams With LifeKraze To Promote Healthy Eating

3/26/2013 11:35am EDT
Cathy Baron
On FX's Justified, Cathy Baron has been playing a woman of questionable repute, but off-screen this multitalented actress is helping people to improve their lives. Dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, Cathy is lending her experience and enthusiasm to LifeKraze, a new app that helps others put their best selves forward. BFTV recently spoke with her to get her tips on eating better - and snuck in a little Justified chat, too.

"it's never as hard as people think it's going to be," said the actress, who is vegan and has a degree in Nutrition. "You have to stick with it. Once you start eati...

'Justified' Recap: 'Decoy'

3/20/2013 9:20am EDT
Things are definitely hitting the fan in this week's Justified. While the Marshals try to get Drew Thompson someplace safe - you have to love Art inquiring about a rocket launcher - Boyd is trying to appease an unhappy Nick Augustine (guest star Mike O'Malley; can you believe this is the guy who used to host Nickelodeon's GUTS?).

Holed up in his father's house, Raylan recounts history with Drew (guest star Jim Beaver), at least until Art comes in and gives him a status update. "Art, we gotta move, and we gotta move soon," Raylan insists. That's a good idea, because Boyd is telling Augustin...

'Justified' Recap: 'Get Drew'

3/13/2013 9:20am EDT
Now that we know who Drew Thompson is, Justified is all about what everyone else wants with him - and that also means the return of a great character from Season 3.

After getting the drop on Boyd, he and Raylan are having a little chat, while the Marshals are looking through Drew's (guest star Jim Beaver) house. Boyd quips that Raylan's two favorite activities are being an asshole and shooting people. It's hard to argue with that.  Raylan, Tim and Rachel try to figure out where Drew will go next. As it turns out, he's in his office, advising Ellen May (guest star Abby Miller) what to do on...

'Justified' Recap: 'The Hatchet Tour'

3/6/2013 9:20am EST
"The Hatchet Tour" is the ninth episode of Justified's fourth cycle, meaning that after Tuesday, we're officially into the last quarter of the season. That's the perfect time to finally reveal the identity of Drew Thompson. But then what?

The episode opens on a very cranky note. Tim is not happy to find his friend Mark's dead body at a drug dealer's house. He cooperates with the investigating officers, but it's clear the wheels in his the most underappreciated Deputy Marshal's head are already turning. Elsewhere, Tim's psuedo-partner Raylan is collecting Hunter (guest star Brent Sexton) fr...

BFTV's 12 Best TV Drama Series Ever

3/1/2013 1:46pm EST
This week's issue of TV Guide featured that magazine's picks for the best dramas of all time. It's not a simple discussion, because there are and have been so many fantastic drama series on TV over the ages - some of which have gotten recognition and others that have flown largely under the radar. Here, then, is BFTV's list of the 12 best drama series I've seen over the last three decades - and why they've earned that recognition.

The following were the criteria for inclusion:

01) It had to be a series that I'd seen at least one full season of. It's not really fair to call something the "...

'Justified' Recap: 'Outlaw'

2/27/2013 9:15am EST
In the universe of Justified, everyone bleeds eventually. This is one of those installments.

Since he's had such great luck with prison conversations (see last week's episode), Raylan decides to pay a visit to former Sheriff Hunter (Brent Sexton, Life) to see what he knows about the mysterious Drew Thompson. Hunter is more amused than interested, and wants to know why Raylan cares. He doesn't get a straight answer.

Later on, Arlo is being hauled in for an unscheduled shave, appearing pretty much comatose. Hunter appears out of nowhere and knocks the barber unconscious, but before he can d...

'Suits' and 4 Other Unexpected Shows That Have Us Yelling At The TV

2/21/2013 9:30am EST
Tonight is the season finale of USA's Suits, which is the best show on television. There are so many reasons to love it, like compelling characters played to near-perfection by an ensemble cast, led by Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams. Then there are the plots. Courtroom drama has always been interesting to watch; that's how we sustained twenty seasons of NBC's Law & Order, after all. But Suits doesn't need to have court in session to be crackling. Whether a scene takes place in the halls of Pearson Hardman or on the streets of New York, it's good. So good, in fact, that we've caught ours...

'Justified' Recap: 'Money Trap'

2/20/2013 9:10am EST
Raylan Givens can't seem to catch a break. In this week's Justified episode, crafted from a story idea co-written by none other than the legendary Elmore Leonard himself, that's bad for Raylan but great for those of you scoring at home.

Six days ago, Raylan was turning Jody Adair (guest star Chris Chalk) - the guy he caught and stuffed in his trunk in the season premiere - over to his old friend the bail bondswoman. Once she's got her prey, she moons over Raylan for a bit to her partner, but is shut up by the need to make a sudden pit stop. Once she's gone, Jody explodes out of the back of...

'Justified' Recap: 'Foot Chase'

2/13/2013 2:10am EST
After Raylan discovered Josiah Cairn's severed foot at the end of last week's Justified, the race is on to find the rest of him. How hard can it be to locate a guy with one foot? First we can't find Waldo, now we can't find this guy...geez.

We'll get to that in a minute. Colt and Boyd, in ski masks, are paying a visit to a guy named Dale, and it's not pleasant. Because nobody ever shows up in a ski mask to give you cake. Boyd is convinced that Dale is the long sought-after Drew Thompson, but he's proven wrong by some high school memorabilia. With an awkward apology, he and Colt take their ...

'Justified' Recap: 'Kin'

2/6/2013 9:15am EST
Now that we're digging deeper into the Justified season, things are getting especially dicey - not that they're ever that calm in Harlan County.

Picking up where the last installment left off, Colt (guest star Ron Eldard) is still trying to locate Ella Mae, who took off running while he was preparing to kill her. He uses his old military police ID to get the gas-station attendant to let him watch the security camera tapes, and doesn't like what he sees.

Meanwhile, Raylan meets ex-wife and current baby mama Winona (Natalie Zea) for her next doctor's appointment. He semi-brags about being i...

David Meunier: Meet One of 'Justified's' Best Supporting Actors

2/5/2013 9:16am EST
David Meunier
Justified's Kentucky is full of memorable characters. Beyond the show's phenomenal leads is an ensemble rich in talent. One of those excellent supporting actors is David Meunier, who's become a mainstay as Boyd Crowder's cousin and right-hand man, Johnny Crowder. BFTV recently checked in with David to learn more about the man behind Johnny and see what's ahead for him in season four of Justified.

"Every day I go to work on Justified, I tell myself I'm glad I stuck with [acting]," said David, who first got involved in the craft while in college. "I think one of the things that really got me...