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Blind Ambition
Feeling sorry for a man that Nina dumped, Maya dates a blind man who proves to have an antagonistic personality. Also, Finch takes a TV Production class.

Nina Van Mom
The daughter that Nina gave up for adoption finds her.

Christmas? Christmas!
Kevin's cousin comes to the Blush Christmas party and shows an interest in dating Maya. Finch and Nina pass the time writing Christmas songs.

Friends And Neighbors
Maya is thrilled when her noisy neighbor from across the hall moves out, until Finch and Kevin decide to move in.

The Haves And Have-Mores
Kevin, the mail clerk, is obsessed with Nina, so Maya tries to help him get over it. Also, Jack tries to impress his rich peers.

About A Boy
Finch launches a new scheme to meet women. He hires a naive au pair to care for his imaginary son.

The Bad Grandma
Elliott's grandmother spends more time with Finch than with him.

Liotta? Liotta!
Ray Liotta professes his love for Maya on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

Nina Van Grandma
Nina bonds with her newly discovered teen-age granddaughter.

Educating Finch
Finch requests money for a tutor, but ends up using the money for massages instead.

Finch Chasing Amy
Both Finch and Elliott pursue the new sex columnist, Amy. Meanwhile, Maya and Nina compete at the office when Jack introduces a point system for positive reinforcement.

The Burning House
Finch shoots a semi-autobiographical movie for his film class.

The Two Faces of Finch (1)
An old schoolmate of Finch's begins working at Blush as the security guard. Finch accuses her of stalking him in college and trying to steal his personality.

The Two Faces of Finch (2)
Finch starts dating a woman who is alarmingly similar to him, but when she proposes a threesome with Elliott, he freaks out. Also, Maya fears that her father is giving her special treatment.

Maya Judges Amy
Maya hires a sexy new assistant who winds up becoming the new Blush sex columnist.

The Book Of Jack
While on vacation, Jack attempts to write a novel but he ends up hiring an English professor to write it for him. Meanwhile, Maya, Elliott and Nina are left to run the magazine.

The Boys In The Band
When Finch forms a rock band with Kevin and their friend Gary, Nina becomes an unwanted groupie when she develops a crush on Gary.

The Impossible Dream
Amy dates both Finch and Elliott at the same time.

A Beautiful Mind
Maya dates a poorly educated exterminator who can't keep up with her wit. Finch and Elliot pay Kevin to eat a host of disgusting things.

Finch In The Dogg House
After Jack fires him for sleeping with his ex-wife, Finch lands a job as rap star Snoop Dogg's assistant.

Blush Gets Some Therapy
Jack brings in a corporate therapist to get to the bottom of his staff's disfuctions after their poor behavior sends a designer running out of the office.

Bye Bye Binnie
Nina has a hard time dealing with the unexpected death of her friend Binnie. Also, Finch decides to go to college and competes for the Gallo Foundation Scholarship.

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