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Conditional Surrender
Amy presides over a case involving a mother with severe symptoms of MS and the custody of her son.

The New Normal
Amy hears the case of a 15-year-old Arab-American boy charged with attacking a classmate.

Happy Birthday
Amy finds turning 40 difficult as she deals with the case of a 13-year-old-girl who shows little remorse for killing her best friend while on a joy-ride.

Amy is forced to pay better attention to presenting testimony.

Getting Out
Bruce and Amy find themselves at odds when Bruce accuses Amy of being too sympathetic in the courtroom.

Amy gets reassigned and has to move from Criminal Court to Accountability Court.

Silent Era
Amy deals with a high school girl who violated part of her probation as a result of her mother's negligence.

My Name is Amy Gray
Amy's disillusionment with the juvenile justice system causes her to resign and to consider running for the senate.

Catching It Early
Amy stresses out as she waits on the results of her mammogram.

Too Little, Too Late
Maxine investigates a domestic violence case involving a college professor and Amy tries a case of a teenage boy who was arrested after attacking an undercover police officer.

You Don't Know Me
Bruce's casual response to the news of Amy's engagement upsets her. But Amy doesn't realize how upset the news really makes him feel.

Revolutions Per Minute
There may be more to the story of a 15-year-old boy who has been accused of viciously beating his mother.

Hard to Get
Amy testifies in court to help out a former gang member who has been arrested in connection with a drive-by shooting.

The Long Run
When Amy finds out that she is pregnant, she and David must discuss their relationship and future together.

The Paper War
Amy finds herself locked in a battle of wills with the state attorney's office after she makes some inflammatory remarks that are reported in the paper.

Sorry I Missed You
Amy tries a custody case where a father may be repeating a pattern of abuse.

When two teenagers engage in a sexual act in front of others at a party, Amy must determine whether the incident was caused by peer pressure or sexual assault.

Order and Chaos
Amy tries to help Donna with her first case as the defense attorney to a teenager accused of murder.

Dream a Little Dream
Amy presides over a case in which a troubled teen murdered his terminally ill grandfather to ease the man's pain.

Early Winter
Maxine suffers a mild heart attack which forces her to re-examine her life.

10,000 Steps
A kid in the outreach program approaches Vincent about helping him write an essay.

When a teenager confesses to murder, Amy asks for additional testimony after the suspicious testimonies from the teenager's brother and psychiatrist.

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