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Lost in the System
Amy presides over a case where Maxine is handling the case for a girl and Amy and Michael try to settle their custody dispute through mediation.

Marry, Marry Quite Contrary
Amy must decide if a teenager should be remanded to the custody of her addict mother or be allowed to marry her 26-year old boyfriend.

People of the Lie
Amy is asked to revoke a divorced dad's custody rights when his daughter claims he molested her. Meanwhile, once Michael hears about Jason Lobdel's murder, he tries to secure full custody of Lauren.

A Pretty Good Day
Amy learns that should she hand down a guilty verdict on a boy accused of planting a bomb at his school, he'll be deported.

Picture Perfect
As Maxine discovers that a child she placed several years ago is now living on the streets, Amy worries about Maxine's ability to handle losing Jared.

Cause for Alarm
Amy's stalker frightens her into installing an alarm in the house but it causes more problems than it solves. She also presides over a case of a nanny who may be responsible for the death of the child she cared for.

Thursday's Child
Amy confronts her alleged stalker after finding out that he may be the wrong guy and must preside over a case in which a mentally handicapped teenager can make her own decision to have a baby. Also, she and Bruce reconcile their relationship after their romantic encounter.

Lost and Found
Amy must decide whether or not to declare dead a child that has been missing for four years.

Roses and Truth
Amy has a confrontation with her stalker and also presides over a case of a student who is accused of raping and impregnating his science teacher.

Looking for Quarters
Amy must determine whether a girl's fatal overdose on ecstasy is the fault of the two boys who threw the rave party she attended. Meanwhile, Maxine's struggles to help a teenager whose foster parents no longer want her, though she's cleaned up her act in a work camp.

Just Say Oops
Amy must determine who has the right to custody of a child who brought pot to school for Show and Tell.

Ye Olde Freedom Inn
As Kyle tends to a teen who gave birth in a bathroom stall during a high school basketball game, Amy, Maxine and Lauren spend a night as servants at a colonial inn to help salvage Lauren's homework project.

Shock and Awe
Kyle finally makes a choice between Lily and Heather and divulges feelings to one of them. Meanwhile, a frustrated public defender holds Amy's courtroom hostage.

The Best Interests of the Child
As she enters into a custody battle with Michael, Amy considers putting Lauren on the stand. Meanwhile, Kyle tries persuading a sick child's mother to sign a "Do Not Resucitate" order.

Boys to Men
Amy must decide whether to try as adults four 15-year old boys accused of raping girl at party.

Every Stranger's Face I See
Amy presides over a custody battle between the birth mother of an adopted child and the adopting parents who kidnapped the child after already losing custody.

CSO: Hartford
Amy fails to make a good impression on Stu's mother when the three of them go out to dinner. Meanwhile, Rebecca disappears shortly after Bruce brings her to work with him.

Wild Card
Defying a judge's order, Maxine pulls a child from a home she considers a dangerously unfit environment.

Sixteen Going on Seventeen
After his 14-year old, aspiring pop star daughter makes a risque music video, her father sues her mother for sole custody.

The Frozen Zone
A young boy is caught in a custody battle after his mother is killed in the September 11th attacks.

When someone close to them dies unexpectedly, Maxine and the family must lean on each other for support.

Maxine, Interrupted
The social services supervisor sent to investigate Maxine after complaints are filed against her turns out to be an old friend.

Judging Eric
The foster child who killed Amy's stalker goes to juvenile court.

Damage Control
When a boy refuses to divulge the identity of the person taking pornographic photos of him, a district attorney files obstruction of justice charges against him.

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