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Joey and the Poker
Alex tries to lure Joey away from his beauty pageant contestant interior designer with the idea of teaching him to play poker, but her plan backfires when she teaches him the wrong way and he appears on Celebrity Poker Showdown.

Joey and the Tijuana Trip
Joey tries to help Michael with his breakup by going to Tijuana with him and Zach. After a night drinking, Joey and Zach get married.

Joey and the ESL
Joey tries to woo a woman by signing up for an English as Second Language course. Joey ends up taking his studies more seriously than his pursuit of the girl. Gina tries to lure Lockwood as a client after she loses one of Bobbie's clients, but she does so at the expense of Joey around the set.

Joey and the Sex Tape
Joey tries to face down an ex-girlfriend with a private tape by apologizing during his appearance on Ellen's show.

Joey and the Big Break
Joey and Alex try to work through having had sex with each other. Alex asks that Joey try to provide the romance after the fact. Joey learns that Gina has taken up as Bobbie's assistant. Though Joey didn't get voted off his show in the poll, his salary demands lead to his execution. Michael pretends to be Joey in order to get in with a new neighbor. Joey makes friends with a struggling actor named Zack who assures him that he can get a meeting with Kevin Smith. What Joey doesn't know is Zack stole Kevin Smith's dog to ensure the meeting.

Joey and the Musical
Joey's girlfriend convinces him to direct her grandmother's nursing home musical production.

Joey and the Christmas Party
Joey tries to not sleep with Alex when he learns from Gina how deep her feelings are for him. Bobbie's new boyfriend is overly controlling. When Joey decides to go to Alex about his feelings, he sees her kissing another guy.

Joey and the Spanking
Joey decides a hands on approach is necessary when the peevish child actor he gets paired with in his feature is buttered up by another star. Gina arranges a fake audition to find Alex a man to take her mind off of Joey.

Joey and the High School Friend
During a visit, Joey learns that the reason why his best friend in high school disappeared is because he slept with Gina. Joey does the math and comes to learn that Jimmy is Michael's father. Joey doesn't understand that when two crew members speak of "chocolate milk", they're really talking about pot.

Joey and the Snowball Fight
Joey begins to act a little strange whenever he's around Alex, reeling from the fact that she's still with her current boyfriend, Dean, but gets a slight breath of relief when his action figure comes in the mail. Meanwhile, Gina begins to think she's pregnant.

Joey and the House
Joey runs into a problem with the house he wants to buy because the owner would prefer to sell to a family, so Joey and Gina pose as a married couple. Even as Bobbie goes through anger management therapy, Alex has problems with her repressed anger over issues with Joey.

Joey and the Bachelor Thanksgiving
Joey fears that Gina is going to take over Thanksgiving again, but finds out that his neighbor throws a fantastic bachelor version of the holiday. Joey lands in hot water when he gives away ancient American Indian dishes to a needy family.

Joey and the Stuntman
Joey discovers additional uses for his stuntman and puts him to work. Joey has a problem with his lines and runs into constant confrontation with the script supervisor. Michael starts dating that same script supervisor until Joey inadvertantly gets her fired. In an effort to make up to his stuntman for abusing him, Joey buys him scotch without realizing he's had fifteen years of sobriety.

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