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Joey and the Break-Up/ Joey and the Moving In
Michael has a girlfriend, but is hesitant about letting her meet with Gina. His girlfriend Lorraine turns out to be older than his mother, but he then catches her with another, older man. Joey asks Sara to move in when the job Bobbie lands her would move her to Washington, D.C. Sara leaves Joey with a note after realizing that they weren't ready for the next step. Bobbie gets Michael tickets to a Star Wars screening, but then shows up at the screening to sit next to him. Gina decides to confront Bobbie. Alex and Joey comfort each other. Joey learns that there will be an online poll to see which "Deep Powder" male will be killed off the show.

Joey and the Roadtrip
Joey gets the call to fill in as a celebrity judge at a Las Vegas beauty pageant. Gina, Michael and Alex tag along and Michael shows the importance of math to casino games.

Joey and the Temptation
Joey's newfound commitment to Sarah comes under fire when he's paired with dream girl Carmen Electra for a love scene. Joey confronts Alex's husband about catching Eric kissing another girl.

Joey and The Tonight Show
Joey frets over missing his big opportunity to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno because of traffic. Joey is able to convince Alex to purchase a moped.

Joey tries to acclimate to life in Los Angeles. He also has to deal with his sister when his twenty year old nephew decides he wants to move in with Joey.

Joey and the Plot Twist
Joey worries about his longterm prospects when he believes that his character is destined to be killed off. Joey tries to bring the Christmas spirit to the complex.

Joey and the Nemesis
Joey has a hard time with a fellow actor constantly undermining him in competition. Gina babies a sick Michael. Joey learns of Gina's secret boyfriend.

Joey and the Neighbor
Joey falls for his new neighbor, but has a very hard time impressing her especially after his A-game fails. Alex's husband returns after a long absence and his idiosyncrasies start to bother her. Alex decides to separate from her husband.

Joey and the Party
Joey tries to make new Los Angeles-based friends by having a housewarming party. Michael competes with an old friend and rival.

Joey and the Book Club
Joey joins Michael's book club in an effort to meet women but burns bridges with Michael when the girl Michael likes is attracted to Joey. Gina envies a classmate's success as a hair stylist and enlists Alex's help in landing a celebrity client.

Joey and the Perfect Storm
Joey accepts a handful of understudy roles in the hopes to increase his chances of stage time but finds himself in hot water when all the leads fall out for one reason or another.

Joey and the Dream Girl (Part 2)
Donna's husband arrives in Los Angeles to take her back home, leaving Joey heartbroken. Alex has trouble accepting herself as a "hot girl." Michael is bothered by Gina's romantic getaways... with him.

Joey and the Fancy Sister
One of Joey's sisters visits and flaunts her fabulous life until Joey reveals that her large diamond ring is a fake. His sister then decides to move in and let Joey take care of her. Michael misses all the signals that a girl throws at him.

Joey and the Taste Test
Joey's producer Lauren tries to stave off a romance between Joey and his TV daughter. Gina and Alex compete in a lasagna cooking competition against each other.

Joey and the Big Audition
Joey pretends to be a Northwestern alumni in order to make connections. Joey feels weird in auditioning for a "dad" role, but not as weird when he finds out the girl he's been flirting with is cast as his daughter.

Joey and the Husband
Gina feels put off when the boss's newly hired daughter starts taking on her clients at the salon. Joey and Michael decide that she deserves a salon of her own. Joey finally meets Alex's husband and learns that Eric is not intimidated by the time Joey spends with Alex.

Joey and the Wrong Name
Joey has a hard time pronouncing the name of a nominee at the Daytime Soap Awards and when he gets it right, he emphatically says it again, mistakenly announcing the wrong winner. Michael tries to show off his manly physical abilities but only shows that he's never learned how to do a good push-up, pull-up or even how to arm wrestle properly.

Joey and the Valentine's Date
Joey unknowingly agrees to take an enamored reporter out for Valentine's Day. In trying to get a good interview, he finds himself deeper and deeper in.

Joey and the Premiere
When Joey gets two tickets to the premiere of his new series, he is forced to pick between Gina, Michael, and Alex as his guest. Following a makeshift competition between the three, however, Joey decides he can't pick one and tries to get more tickets.

Joey and the Assistant
Joey realizes that one of the perks of being a big TV celebrity is that he can have an assistant and sets out about hiring one. Meanwhile, Michael is upset when his friend, Seth, decides to patent a shared idea of theirs all by himself.

Joey and the Dream Girl (Part 1)
Joey sees his chance when his high school crush visits with Gina and learns that Donna is getting a divorce. Michael learns about himself through old home movies and confronts his mother about pulling him out of baseball.

Joey and the Spying
Alex spies on her husband from Joey's bedroom after he moves out. Gina tells Glen that the reason she's dumping him is that Michael doesn't like him. Joey tries to get back at Sara by also dating another girl, but finds that he can't enjoy it.

Joey and the Student (fka Episode One)
Joey tries to help his nephew, and new roommate, pick up women. The night out is ruined when Gina calls and busts Michael for being underage, all because she wants to be in on the fun. Joey starts to receive notes from the Super and eventually finds out that the Super is Alex.

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