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Wrong Song (Pilot)
Joe and Kevin worry Nick is falling too hard and too fast for a guitar-playing singer, Penny. Meanwhile, Stella has Macy test new fan-resistant clothing for the boys.

Love Sick
Joe becomes nervous when Stella invites him to a fashion event and his brothers insist she's interested in being more than friends.

Keeping it Real
The guys discover that as they get more and more famous, simple chores hard to do when fans mob them.

Complete Repeat
Nick experiences writer's block as part of a really bad day. When he falls asleep, he dreams of writing a great song but can't remember it once he wakes up, so Joe and Kevin try to re-create Nick's bad day to help him remember.

Forgetting Stella's Birthday
When Joe forgets Stella's birthday, he tries to plan her another one but schedules it at the same time as his big interview.

Cold Shoulder
Kevin's old girlfriend transfers to the guys's school, but finds it hard to make friends.

Chasing the Dream
Kevin asks Macy to perform with JONAS for the president of their record label. When the brothers learn Macy is a terrible singer, they try to tell her without hurting her feelings. Meanwhile, Frankie designs band t-shirts featuring himself.

Joe's classmate Abby is unfairly punished for an accident at school they both had a part in and he is determined to make it right.

Pizza Girl
Joe, Nick and Kevin all fall for Maria, the pizza girl. They compete with each other to try and impress her.

The Tale of the Haunted Firehouse
Kevin thinks there's a ghost in the firehouse, but Joe and Nick are just playing a trick on him. Then all three experience something ghostly, but it just turns out to be Dad and Frankie.

That Ding You Do
Joe finds that it is rough being a JONAS when he develops a crush on a cello player who dislikes celebrities, but in the end all goes well .

Home Not Alone
Nick, Joe and Kevin are left alone at home and their good intentions lead to crisis when Frankie tries to have a party. Stella takes control of the JONAS fan club.

Frantic Romantic

Double Date
A jealous Joe crashes Van Dyke's date with Stella.

Exam Jam
The guys' world concert tour is getting close and Joe and Stella prepare themselves for being apart over the summer. Meanwhile, Kevin and Joe scheme to help Nick on his geometry test after their dad threatens not to allow the tour unless they pass all of their school exams.

Fashion Victim
Joe gets jealous when Stella goes on a date with another guy, so he calls for an emergency fashion meeting, ruining Stella's date. In turn, Stella gives Joe a bad outfit to wear when meeting the prime minister.

Karaoke Surprise
Stella becomes jealous of Macy spending time with Joe not knowing they're actually planning a surprise party for her.

Beauty and the Beat
The "Miss Most Amazing Teen Competition" is being judged by Kevin, Joe and Nick. They get to pick the lovely winner, but their fun ends after Stella makes a fool of herself during the pageant.

Groovy Movies
While making a birthday gift, the boys accidentally destroy their family's old home movies. So no one will notice, they try to reenact and re-record them.

Band's Best Friend
The Lucas' childhood friend Carl comes to visit them, but manipulates their popularity for his own gain. Stella is furious that Macy used her money to buy a potato chip in the shape of Joe. Joe reveals that he had a crush on Stella in third grade.

Three Musketeers
The acting bug bites Kevin, Joe and Nick, compelling them to join the school production of The Three Musketeers.

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