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'It's Always Sunny' Renewed

4/2/2016 10:31am EDT
'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Renewed For Record 14th Seas
FXX has renewed It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia for two more seasons, ensuring that the show will tie The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet as the longest running live action comedy series in TV history.

The show recently wrapped broadcast of its 11th season, and had already been renewed for a 12th, to premiere early next year. Now fans know that they'll be getting seasons 13 and 14 as well.

"If anyone doubts the power of a camcorder and a dream, just look at It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which was a DIY backyard pilot when Rob [McElhenney], Charlie [Day] and Glenn [Howerton] brought i...

The 'Sunny' Gang Takes On Scientology For Finale

3/19/2015 11:37am EDT
'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Finale Recap: 'Sunny's' Scie
It's here. Another year, another "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" season finale.

Also, another character being horrifically burned in an apartment fire at Mac and Dennis's place- remember Rickety Cricket last year in "The Gang Squashes Their Beefs?" Weird coincidence.

This time, "Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join a Cult" is, pretty obviously, about Mac & Charlie joining a cult- and "Sunny" gets a surprisingly large amount of mileage out of that scenario.

At first, the cult's something uniquely "Sunny,"- the rules involve dangerously-executed kettle bell exercises and not eating...

'Always Sunny' Gang Brings Some Gross Laughs!

3/12/2015 11:11am EDT
'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Recap: 'Sunny' Gets Gross An
A title like "Frank Retires" can't help but strike fear in any "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" fan. Could Frank really retire? Would Danny DeVito ever really leave the show?

Obviously, of course, the answer is no. Frank's here to stay- especially considering "Sunny's" cleared for at least two more seasons.

And "Frank Retires" is barely even about Frank, or his retirement, at all. Instead, it's about the rest of the gang, squabbling over who's going to own the majority shares of Paddy's Pub.

Mostly, though, it's about being as sickeningly gross as possible. Which in the hands of the "...

What Game Show Does The 'Always Sunny' Gang Rip Off?

3/5/2015 9:45am EST
'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: The Gang Rips Off 'Fa
"The Gang Goes on Family Fight" is THE episode for "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" fans that happen to like "Family Feud."

It's like watching an episode of both at the same time- plus, we get to see the Gang's inner evil eat away at "Feud's" gentle wholesomeness (even if "Family Feud" was never that wholesome to begin with- it puts up a good front, but the questions are all designed to make you giggle out sex jokes).

What could possibly be bad?

Well, "The Gang Goes on Family Fight" isn't bad. It's a consistent half-hour of laughs, and an appreciative spoof of "Family Feud." Clearly, ...

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: The Gang Kinda-Sorta Kills Someone Off

2/26/2015 12:29pm EST
'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: The Gang Kinda-Sorta
Is anyone else noticing that "It's Always Sunny's" title gags are starting to lose a little steam?

As solid as this season has been (astoundingly solid, considering how badly most shows sag once they hit the decade mark), that "Sunny" trademark of turning the episode title into a punchline has't been the same lately.

Episode titles like "Charlie Work" and "Psycho Pete Returns" just hang there. They describe the episode just fine, but there's no punch.

Remember how things were in the early seasons? Like when Dennis and Dee quit the bar to start new, super-successful dream jobs. Then, sec...

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Recap: The Gang Gets Flanderized

2/19/2015 11:36am EST
'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Recap: The Gang Gets Flander
Ever heard of Flanderization? It's a real thing, birthed in the seedy time-suck that is

Essentially: the longer a TV show airs, the more likely its characters will become caricatures of their former selves. Specifically, a caricature of that character's biggest defining trait.

Ned Flanders (who went from gentle guy next door to ultra-conservative Christian loon) being the example that gives the trope its name.

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is acutely aware of Flanderization. It'd have to be, as "The Gang Misses the Boat" is one long ode to a show that's since turned f...

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Recap: 'Sunny' Delivers An Episode-Long, Absolutely Brilliant Porn Joke

2/12/2015 11:22am EST
'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Recap: 'Sunny' Delivers An E
An episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" where the Gang gets all government surveillance-y on everybody sounds pretty amusing.

But an episode like "The Gang Spies Like U.S.," which uses a surveillance gimmick to disguise that it's nothing but jokes about Asian porn? So much better.

That's what "Sunny" gave us last night. Mac and Dennis are fed up with the the Chinese fish factory that's apparently been across the street from Paddy's Pub forever.

They invite along Dee to do some spying, which sets off Frank and Charlie's alarms (because when does anyone invite Dee to do anything?...

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Recap: Is This 'Sunny's' Greatest Episode Ever?

2/5/2015 11:04am EST
'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Recap: Is This 'Sunny's' Gre
Oh. My. God.

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's" been uncharacteristically strong for a show in its tenth season, but "Charlie Work?" "Charlie Work" was amazing. So amazing it may stand tall as the best thing this series has ever put out (or at the very least, be on par with the show's raucously funny early episodes).

That's right, we take our recap title hyperbole seriously. Greatest Episode Ever.

"Charlie Work" starts out like any other "It's Always Sunny," the Gang's got a semi-plausable, extremely illegal scheme in the works. We- and Charlie- walk in on a bar full of chickens, a si...

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Recap: 'American Horror Story,' Sunny-Style

1/28/2015 10:41am EST
'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Recap: 'American Horror Stor
Psycho Pete's back, everybody! Psycho Pete! Psycho Pete! Psycho Pete!

Of course, Psycho Pete wasn't ever here in the first place. The fabled leader of Mac and Charlie's old childhood "Freight Train" gang was mentioned back in the season seven finale, "The High School Reunion, Part 2: The Gang's Revenge."

But back in season seven, Psycho Pete was in jail and then a mental institution. Something to do with cutting up his whole family and eating them.

Now he's here for real. And he's... not actually a psycho. Just a guy with social anxiety disorder and depression, who was bumped up to urban...

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Recap: Jews, Penis Jewelry, And Other Online Dating No-Nos

1/22/2015 9:59am EST
'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Recap: Jews, Penis Jewelry,
When it comes to online dating, which is the biggest faux pas?

Having your cock ring slip off mid-date? Sleeping with hordes of what could colloquially be referred to as "toad men?" Screaming that you're going to "rate" everyone in an upscale restaurant? It really sounds like "rape" if you scream it loud enough.

Well, we're not going to answer this great moral quandary. And neither is "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," even as "The Gang Group Dates" demonstrates just how badly the Gang can torpedo an online date.

Here's the situation: Dee introduces the Gang to a site called Bunchers, ...

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Premiere Recap: Seriously, The Gang Should Be Dead Of Alcohol Poisoning

1/14/2015 10:22am EST
'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Premiere Recap: Seriously, T
That metallic crinkle-crinkle-crinkle noise you hear is the tenth season of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," having arrived at last. And having waded through a waist-high sea of beer cans to get here.

The episode: "The Gang Beats Boggs." The situation: the Gang... beating Boggs. Specifically, the record set by former Boston Red Sox third baseman Wade Boggs- drinking 50 beers on a single cross-country flight.

Or maybe 60. Or maybe 70. None of the gang is really clear on what the record is. According to some sources, it's 64.

So "The Gang Beats Boggs" is a kind of semi-bottle episode (...

Charlie Day Gives A Fantastic And Hilarious Commencement Speech At Merrimack College

5/21/2014 3:42pm EDT
Charlie Day
Always Sunny star and producer Charlie Day steps up to the podium to give a commence speech for the graduating class of his alma mater, Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusettes.

His speech is snarky, fun, a bit crude, but most of all, inspiring. Like many celebrities who give speeches, Charlie's speech is actually a learning experience. As he himself says, it's not particularly eloquent or refined - but it doesn't need to be, and if it was, it simply wouldn't have been the same.

He tells the students about a young Charlie Day who faced some very relatable crossroads, who was h...

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: The Gang Gets Quarantined

10/17/2013 2:18pm EDT
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
If "The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award" was the Sunny creators' way of putting the Television Academy on notice, "The Gang Gets Quarantined" is an exercise in providing some excellent material for Glenn Howerton's Emmy nomination reel. As a whole, it's not one of the best episodes in recent memory, but thanks to Howerton's performance and some really funny moments, it manages to stay just above average.

One of those funny moments is the cold open, which finds the original gang doin' a little East Coast swing. It's been a while since we've seen them harmonizing their hearts out (my...

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' 100th Episode Recap: The Gang Saves The Day

10/10/2013 11:34am EDT
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
This week's episode was Sunny's 100th, and perhaps in celebration of that, the gang offered us a protracted peek into each of their warped minds. When I realized that this was just going to be a collection of fantasy sequences, I groaned in anticipation of 22 wasted minutes of screen time that many long-running sitcoms phone in once in a while (e.g., "it was all a dream" episodes, "what if" scenarios, the dreaded clip shows). But I should have known better. In the hands of skilled writers, these types of hackneyed plot devices can actually work and seem fresh. And while "The Gang Saves the ...

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: Mac Day

10/3/2013 3:14pm EDT
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Yesterday was no ordinary day in Philadelphia — it was Mac Day. Mac Day, as we discovered, was just one of the five days that the gang created for each member to make everyone else do whatever the days' honoree wants. At first blush, it seems like a strangely generous setup for such a selfish group of people. But as Mac Day rolls along, it becomes apparent that each member of the gang is simply going through the motions until it's their day, all while filing away the events of their friends' days to use as fuel for future mockery.   

Being the religious one of the group, Mac patterns the s...

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: The Gang Tries Desperately To Win An Award

9/19/2013 9:04am EDT
Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang Tries Desperately to W
After accumulating nine seasons of hilarity and a devoted fanbase, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” finally decided to come right out (sort of) and ask the question we've all been pondering for nearly a decade: why the hell has this show never won (or even been nominated for) a major award? Not that the writers, cast or viewers really care about awards, right? Awards are stupid, right? Yes. But still. You've gotta think that someone like Glenn Howerton, who's just been killing it for the past few seasons, must go a little mad once in a while thinking about Jon Cryer snuggling up to his E...

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap -- Gun Fever Too: Still Hot

9/12/2013 10:42am EDT
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Last night on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” the gang addressed the hot-button issue of gun control in the same fashion that the rest of the world does: they formed two opposing sides who yelled at each other about how stupid and wrong they are.

Frank set everything in motion with his appearance on "Good Morning Philadelphia" (hoagie in hand), where he described his recent experience being held up by gun-toting thugs. Crediting his survival to his two pieces that are on him at all times, he urged everyone to get down to Gunther's Guns to arm themselves. This whipped the rest of the g...

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Episode: 'The Gang Broke Dee'

9/5/2013 9:10am EDT
It's Always Sunny In Philidelphia
For nine seasons, the It’s Always Sunny gang has razzed on each other. On Dennis, they’ve pointed out his sociopathic tendencies - for Mac, his delusions of attractiveness and karate skills. For Charlie, his illiteracy and strange living situation. For Frank, his overall disgustingness. But none of the gang has gotten quite the amount of hate as Sweet Dee, the gang’s punching bag.

After nine years of being called a bird, unattractive, and untalented, Sweet Dee finally breaks. She’s become immune to the digs and bird jokes and transformed into a trash-cake eating, smoking, un-bathed, shell ...

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap - Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense

12/21/2012 5:14pm EST
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” season finales tend to involve the gang in big productions, like putting on a bizarre musical, dancing their asses off (at both radio station-sponsored marathons and high school reunions), entering a flip cup competition or experiencing the miracle of childbirth. Season 8 followed this trend with something of a huge production, albeit one that the gang only put on for themselves...and one random bar patron.

After Frank plows into Dennis at a stop light, the two swing by Paddy's to argue over who was at fault and who is liable for the damages to Denni...

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: 'Charlie Rules the World'

12/7/2012 3:50pm EST
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
If last week's episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” suffered from too much Frank, this week's benefited from a whole lot of Charlie. 'Cause there can never be too much Charlie.

As a matter of fact, "Charlie Rules the World" made me feel like I've actually been suffering from a Charlie deficiency. I just got to thinking about how Charlie Day was the breakout star of the show in the first few seasons, but seemed to take a step back somewhere around Season 5. Or maybe it's just that the last few seasons have been totally owned by Glenn Howerton, who's turned Dennis into one of ...

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: 'Frank's Back in Business'

12/1/2012 1:30pm EST
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
OK, I'm just gonna say it, and you people can stone me (or think I'm stoned) if you want: Frank is my least favorite "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" character. Don't get me wrong; I have mad love for Danny DeVito. And it's not that I dislike Frank. Saying he's my least favorite character out of a cast of amazing characters is kind of like saying that Sunday is my least favorite day of the weekend. I mean, it's still a pretty damn good day off work. But in my opinion, Frank is to "Sunny" what Newman is to "Seinfeld": a character so completely deranged and sub-human that he always brings ...

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: 'Charlie's Mom Has Cancer'

11/17/2012 9:17am EST
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
This week's episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” put a new twist on Season 1's "Charlie Has Cancer." This time "Charlie's Mom Has Cancer," or so she claims, having finally succumbed to Mrs. Mac's constant smoking. (Who has two thumbs and forgot those ladies were roommates? This girl.) But considering this season has been all about "recycling," I doubt anyone watching really bought that story.

The episode is less about cancer than it is about scams: quack doctors scamming desperate patients, the church scamming desperate believers, a psychic scamming desperate Dee, and Dennis and...

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: 'The Gang Gets Analyzed'

11/9/2012 2:19pm EST
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
If there's anything the gang from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” needs it's a shrink, so last night's episode, "The Gang Gets Analyzed" was long overdue. And at the risk of sounding like some idiot "American Idol" judge who calls every performance the "best performance so far," I have to say proclaim this week's episode the funniest of the far. Yeah, dawg.

It starts out basic enough, with Dee dragging the gang to a therapist (the always wonderful Kerri Kenney-Silver) to find out who's responsible for doing the dishes from their recent dinner party. But of course, as the ...

Morena Baccarin Laments Turning Down 'IASIP' Transsexual Role

11/8/2012 10:41am EST
Morena Baccarin
Homeland and Stargate SG-1 star Morena Baccarin had to give up her role as a male-to-female transsexual in cult comedy series It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia after landing another TV job.

The sexy actress played the quirky character in the show's pilot but had already moved on when it was picked up by bosses at cable channel FX.

She tells TV Guide magazine, "It was a lot of fun and we went crazy with it (character). The biggest research was what to put in my pants to make it (penis) look real.

"After the show got officially picked up, I was working on another project and couldn't do...

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: 'Charlie and Dee Find Love'

11/2/2012 12:02pm EDT
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
I may be in the minority with this opinion, but last week's Halloween episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" just didn't do it for me. (That's not why it wasn't recapped; I was actually out of town.) While most of the McPoyle-based episodes are pretty strong, I felt that, aside from a few non-McPoyle moments (Dee sucking "bat poison" out of Frank's head and nearly everything Charlie did, including forgetting how to drive, his "Jaws" speech, and his Batman/horror genre conversation with Mac), it focused so much on elevating the freakishness of everyone's favorite inbred family that t...

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: 'The Gang Recycles Their Trash'

10/19/2012 12:15pm EDT
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
After a Hopper incident that caused me to miss the premiere of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (insert a Liam McPoyle slow-mo “Noooooooo!” here), the DVR gods were merciful and finally allowed me to get in on some Season 8 action. Although, while watching the cold open of this season’s second episode, I was a little concerned that, through some sort of weird, wormhole-y, space-time mix-up, I’d actually recorded an episode from Season 3, specifically “The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby.” As Dennis, Mac and Dee waded through the trash piled up behind Paddy’s, Dennis’s remarks about their “thr...

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Stars Kaitlin Olson & Rob McElhenney Welcome Second Son

4/5/2012 11:40pm EDT
Kaitlin Olson & Rob McElhenney
Married It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia stars Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney are celebrating after becoming parents again.

Actress Olson gave birth to little Leo Grey McElhenney early on Thursday at the couple's home in Los Angeles.

Olson and McElhenney wed in 2008 and welcomed son Axel Lee in 2010.

The Best Of 2011 - Editors' Picks

1/1/2012 9:00pm EST
Editor's Picks 2011
You've seen the rest, now see OUR best - Starpulse contributing editors Pete Weiss, Noelle Talmon, Kevin Blair & Casey Johnson bring you their favorites from the year that was - 2011. We've been watching & listening, too, and here's what we think are the best TV shows (Drama, Comedy & Reality), the best movie of the year, and the albums that had the most plays on our iPods...

Pete, Editorial

Best TV Show, Drama: Breaking Bad

The big networks should follow AMC's lead, as they continue to produce the best programs on television. Season 4 of Breaking Bad was no exception, great acting and...

'Drive' Dominates The 2011 Satellite Awards

12/19/2011 10:28am EST
Drive Movie
Action thriller Drive was the toast of the 2011 Satellite Awards on Sunday night, winning four of the ceremony's top honors.

Nicolas Winding Refn was named Best Director, while the movie's lead Ryan Gosling fought off competition from stars including George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gary Oldman and Brad Pitt to take home the Best Actor prize.

Albert Brooks landed the Best Supporting Actor trophy, and Refn's movie also won the Best Sounding Editing prize.

However, Drive missed out on the Best Picture Of The Year award, which went to Clooney's The Descendants. The film, a top tip for ...

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Recap: 'The High School Reunion Part 2: The Gang's Revenge'

12/16/2011 11:28am EST
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” closed out its seventh season last night with the conclusion of last week’s high school reunion tale, and thankfully the second half was better than the first. Still, it didn’t come close to the high expectations I had for it. I may eventually come around on this (as I did with “The Nightman Cometh,” an episode I inexplicably didn’t like upon first viewing), but for now I’m calling it the series’ weakest season ender yet. (Oh, there will be rankings. Just wait.)

Picking up from where we left off last week, the gang is collectively humiliated. Dennis a...