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Special Agent Rebecca Locke, just two years out of Quantico and confined to a statistical analyst position in Washington, DC, is determined to break free of her routine, yet safe, desk job and venture out into the field to tackle the FBI's most dangerous assignments. Rebecca's drive catches the attention of famed agent Virgil "Web" Webster, the head of the FBI's Los Angeles Violent Crimes Unit (VCU), a rogue division where a team of agents tackle the most psychologically taxing and physically threatening cases. When a spate of serial killings leads to the death of one of their own, Webster hires the rookie to replace their dead profiler. While exceptionally good at her new position, Rebecca's skills stem not only from her training, but a secret she is keeping - she was once a victim herself and her kidnapper is still at large. Working with Rebecca is Agent Paul Ryan, married and the conscience of the department, who learns of Rebecca's secret and is determined to protect her from Web - a man he believes will go to any length to solve a crime, including putting his own agents at risk. Rounding out the team are Danny Love, an imposing ex-Marine, tactical team leader and a bit of a hothead; Carla Thoms, a gifted psychologist who uses humor to defuse the grim atmospheres in which the team members continually find themselves;and Carter Howard the resident computer technician