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Jennifer Hudson's Weight Loss is Inspiring

3/8/2011 11:25pm EST
Jennifer Hudson in Essence
Grammy and Academy award-winning singer/actress Jennifer Hudson spoke with Essence magazine in their April isue about what's new in her personal life, including her recent 80 pound weight loss - dropping an amazing 10 dress sizes.

"I didn't realize that so many people were watching me or that so many people were interested. Now people come up to me saying, 'You've inspired me,' and I'm like, Wow," she says.

Just one look at her pics from last month's Academy Awards red carpet and you'll be like, 'wow' too!

Jennifer also dished about her home life, including being a mom to 19-month-old so...

Reality Stars We Love To Hate In Honor Of 'Project Runway's' New Season

8/20/2009 9:59am EDT
Heidi Montag
Reality stars. Can't live with 'em, can't live...heck, yeah we can live without them! But many are here to stay. And let's admit it, they're entertaining. Whether they bring bad press upon themselves or are the victims of media attacks, one thing is for sure: they make TV more interesting.

We love to talk about them and their stupid antics (especially the mess that was Speidi and "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!" earlier this summer). We love to mock their new adventures (Omarosa becoming a minister...what?!). "Project Runway" returns tonight and to welcome the new season on Lifet...

Hot Tranny Messes Not Apologizing For It: Hollywood's Worst Dressed

6/22/2009 9:32am EDT
Bai Ling
Though they receive a lot of free clothing from designers, celebrities are not immune to looking - well - worse than us regular folk. Check out our list and photos of the celebs with the worst personal style:

When people begin to suspect that you are drunk when you show up for your work, one would think you would try to dress like you weren't drinking before you got there. Not Paula Abdul. She always looks like she's going to a frat party that she got dressed for while she was pregaming. How else could she think that shiny sequin leggings, a George Washington's blouse, and captain Hook's...

Reality TV Stars We Can't Get Enough Of & Those Who Need To Go Away

5/28/2009 9:45am EDT
Brooke Hogan
There is a reality show for everything these days, from dog grooming to etiquette training. While most of the reality personalities are grueling to watch as they pretend they are actual celebrities, there are some reality show stars that we can't take our eyes off.

Here are a few Reality TV stars that we can't get enough of:

Kim Kardashian

On "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Kim is actually enjoyable to watch. Unlike her mother and her two sisters, she seems more down to earth and a little less self-centered. Since her sisters Khloe and Kourtney are jetting off to ...

Hoopz Wins 'I Love Money'

10/8/2008 8:00am EDT
I Love Money
Well, "I Love Money" fans, it has finally come down to the season finale and what a long journey it has been for everyone. Remember the first week when Midget Mac offended everyone and got kicked off the show very quickly? And no one can forget the perverted Mr. Boston, the love triangle with Destiney, Heat and the Entertainer, nor the backstabbing and general insanity going on in that house. There was a marriage proposal, a food fight, a mentally impaired dog, and plenty of hook ups; just the thing to keep a reality show healthy! It is over now, and while it could be seen as a documentary ...

Reality TV Overload

8/11/2008 8:45am EDT
Project Runway
What happened to the days when movie stars were in fact stars in major motion pictures and when being an actor meant you actually had talent? What about when game show contestants were just game show contestants, not famous people?

Now it seems like you can't turn on the television without seeing a reality show, a preview for a reality show, or a reality show "star" in his or her new movie. When is it going to stop? It's reality TV overload! Some shows aren't that bad and are actually tolerable, but then there are shows like "Sunset Tan" on E! that make you want to rip your eyes out.


Midget Mac Is Eliminated On 'I Love Money'

7/9/2008 11:12am EDT
I Love Money
"I looooooove money!" crowed The Entertainer after jumping out of a tank filled with floating pesos, but there is very little doubt in the audience of "I Love Money" what it is the contestants love the most - fame, even the ridiculous spectacle version of it, and money.

The players of "I Love Money" are all former characters, er, contestants from VH1 shows such as "Flavor of Love 1 & 2," "I Love New York 1 & 2," and "Rock of Love 1 & 2." None of these 17 people found the love of their lives and were mostly rejected on live television, but they are back to compete for over $250,000 in ...

'Rock Of Love,' 'I Love New York' & "Flavor Of Love' Contestants Are Back

6/18/2008 4:45pm EDT
Flavor of Love
America’s favorite contestants from VH1’s hit series “Rock of Love,” “I Love New York” and “Flavor of Love” are set to star in the network’s newest ‘celebreality’ series, “I Love Money” premiering on Sunday, July 6 at 9:00 PM.* Hosted by Craig J. Jackson, the 12-episode series will pit 17 all-star contestants against one another for a chance to win a $250,000 grand prize.

Infamous cast members including 12 Pack, Chance, Heat, Midget Mac, Mr. Boston, Real, The Entertainer, Whiteboy, Brandi C., Destiney, Heather, Hoopz, Megan, Nibblz, Pumkin, Rodeo and Toastee will travel to Mexico wher...

Is This Really Our Reality? Nominees For The Worst Reality Shows

6/4/2008 8:45am EDT
The Moment of Truth
With the summer television season just around the corner, the influx of new reality shows about to inundate our small screens is just about inevitable. With gems like "Farmer Wants A Wife" or "The Greatest American Dog" set to hit primetime, we can be breathe a little sigh of relief that at least they can't possibly be as bad as some of reality shows past...or so we hope.

Miss Rap Supreme

In 2005, USC professor Todd Boyd made a prediction to his students that the next big thing in hip-hop was going to be a white, female MC. Three years later the infamous MC Serch branded EgoTrip an...

VH1 Summer Series Include 'Brooke Knows Best,' 'New York Goes To Hollywood'

5/29/2008 9:50am EDT
New York
VH1 lets the sun shine this upcoming summer season 2008 with a new slate of "Celebreality" series, star-studded pop culture specials, new additions to the consistently compelling VH1 Rock Doc franchise, and concert events that celebrate some of the greatest artists, in music history. The new celebreality series are:

Brooke Knows Best -- Premieres Sunday, July 13

The world has come to know and love Brooke Hogan over the past four seasons in the hit VH1 show "Hogan Knows Best." After surviving life from under the oppressive thumb of her father Hulk Hogan, Brooke is finally breakin...

Starpulse Answers Your Burning Questions

5/23/2008 8:00am EDT
Rolling Stones
1) Starpulse user dulitl asks, "What is the name of the Rolling Stones song where they are giants in the city?"

The song is titled "Love Is Strong" from 1994's Voodoo Lounge.

2) User cjhs7 asks, "Can you tell me the name of the actor who played Thomas Crane on 'Law & Order: SVU' episode 'Cold' on May 13, 2008?"

Jack Gwaltney.

3) User user193 asks, "Did Audrina Patridge recently have breast augmentation?"

"The Hills" star Heidi Montag admitted she had a breast augmentation and nose job last year. What about her "Hills" co-star Audrina? Heidi told Maxim magazine, "Almost every...

The Image of Black Women in Entertainment

3/24/2008 1:17pm EDT
Tyler Perry
Where in the world are black women in today's entertainment? There is a significant dearth in quality images of African-American women in television and film. And no, Oprah's un-Godly success and stature doesn't diminish this truth.

It wasn't always like this. In 1968, Diahann Carroll starred in the ground breaking series "Julia." Heralded as being the first series to star a black woman in a non-stereotypical role, "Julia" produced 86 episodes and Carroll earned herself a golden globe.

In the 70s, Pam Grier played a character that went against the typical African American fema...

'Flavor of Love 3': Keep Your Eyes On Hotlanta

2/22/2008 11:10am EST
Flavor Flav
Two seasons ago, Flavor Flav began his search for his one true love on "The Flavor Of Love." His first season ended briefly after Hoopz announced at the reunion, “It’s like that but it’s not like that.” It didn’t matter that the two didn’t work out; everyone was just relieved to see that he didn’t pick New York. As crazy as the two of them are, no one really wanted a lunatic to win. After all, she ended up with Tailor Made after two seasons of I Love New York. As for season two, does anyone really know what happened to Deelishis?

Word on the street is that he didn’t give her a single c...

Trashy Reality Shows Feature Drunken Escapades, Showmances & More

2/7/2008 10:27am EST
Rock of Love
Reality TV is an obsession. It's not just typical of American culture, either. Many countries delight in humiliating common folks. That, of course, is the allure. It could be any of us. It could be your sister or brother on TV, hooking up with two people while being broadcast in night vision. Or it could be you.

Following are some of the trashiest and most salacious offerings you can currently find on TV. When is the writers' strike over? Oh, that's right. Guess I'll keep watching.

Big Brother

The King of Trash, in my opinion. I love this show, and I am sad to report that I st...