I Dream Of Jeannie Summary

During the test flight of a NASA rocket, a third stage misfires, causing it to crash-land on a deserted island in the South Pacific. Its astronaut, U.S. Air Force Captain Tony Nelson, escapes unharmed. As he begins to make an S.O.S. signal from debris, he finds a strange green bottle, which he opens. A pink smoke escapes that materializes into a beautiful girl dressed as a harem dancer -- a genie.

"Thou may ask anything of thy slave, Master," she informs him; and with her hands crossed over her chest and a blink of her eyes, she proceeds to provide a rescue helicopter for him. Realizing the problems her presence and powers will cause him at NASA, he sets her free, despite her desire to remain with him.

When Tony returns to his home in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and discovers Jeannie hidden in his survival kit, he learns of her fate* and permits her to remain with him -- provided she curtail her powers and grant him no special treasures. Though reluctant, Jeannie agrees, but secretly vows to always ensure his safety.

Stories depict the attempts of the jealous and zealous genie to protect her master from harm and the influx of feminine admirers; and a master's efforts to control and conceal the presence of a beautiful, fun-loving genie.