I'm a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here! Episode Guides

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Night 8
Steven is feeling a little lost without his brother in the game any longer. Meanwhile, Janice is very happy that Daniel the bully got sent home. The rest of the celebrities think Janice is showing off poor sportsmanship by celebrating Daniel's elimination.

Night 1
Celebrities are flown to Costa Rica to face often gruesome challenges and compete to survive in the jungle. Spencer Pratt is displeased with the fame level of his fellow celebrities; contestants compete for a chicken dinner by eating insects and other exotic fare. Contestants enter the "Trauma Tank."

Night 12
The celebrities discuss the past eliminations. Stephen is ready to leave life in the jungle. He announces that he's heading out for good. The celebrities are shocked, especially with only a few more days left in the competition. But in the end, Stephen walks away from the game. The camp leader, John finds out that with Stephen's departure, an eliminated celebrity can return to the jungle, they have to listen to who wants it the most. The remaining celebrities lightened up at the thought of Holly coming back and vote her to return over Janice. Lou wins a challenge to win a cheeseburger and fries. Holly loses a competition and has to leave the jungle again.

Night 6
The Hang Tough challenge continues as each celebrity participating hangs on for immunity. One by one, each celebrity lets go of their bars, falling into the muddy water. It comes down to Lou and Sanjaya as the last two celebrities hanging. In the end, Lou outlasts them all and is able to claim immunity from the elimination vote.

Night 10
The celebrities all weigh in on how they feel about John choosing himself for immunity. They all find the move selfish, but understand his decision. Meanwhile, Torrie is beginning to let her emotions get the best of her. She's ready to go home because she misses her family. Patti can sympathize with her teammate. The Spider Walk tests the celebrities' endurance, strength and teamwork. The guys win and their team gets a Chinese take-out meal. The teams also realize that it's time to step up their game, especially with two celebrities getting eliminated on Thursday. Myleene and Damien let the celebrities know the voting is very close and remind them all that it's anybody's game.

Night 3
Janice and John are at odds; Daniel Baldwin joins the cast; Heidi and Spencer ask to return, and it is up to the celebrities to decide their fate.

Night 11
Damien and Myleene tell the celebrities they are no longer playing on teams, they are playing for themselves. Good news to some, bad news for others. Lou, Patti and Sanjaya win a competition for pizza; Holly and Janice are eliminated. After the eliminations, the remaining celebrities receive letters from home.

Night 7
The celebrities are learning the hard way that they aren't the only ones in the jungle. The spiders and bugs have invaded their camp and are out for blood. All the celebrities are finding themselves with bite marks all over, but it's the itchiness that is the most irritating.

Night 2
Sanjaya wins the "Trauma Tank" challenge, giving the men immunity from elimination; Stephen baptizes Spencer; Heidi and Spencer leave the series; Patty is saved from elimination.

Night 9
John is taking on his new role as team leader. His first order of business is delivering chores to the rest of the celebrities. His new crack-the-whip attitude isn't adjusting well to everybody in the jungle. The celebrities use their camcorder to make a slasher flick with Lou playing the role of director. The food trial challenge begins and Torrie is going to represent the females and Lou is going to represent the men. The winning team will win an Italian meal.Torrie loses to Lou and she feels terrible losing by only one star. The "Up in Arms" immunity challenge tests the celebrities' endurance and strength. Lou wins the immunity challenge and is happy with the results. In the end, team leader John gets to decide who the second celebrity should be to have immunity from elimination. Without hesitation, John names himself. Now it's John and Lou who have complete immunity this week.

Night 14
Lou, Torrie and John anxiously wait to see who will be crowned the king or queen of the jungle. The finalists participate in the "Bush Spa," where they have to dig through all types of jungle critters and gross ingredients in order to retrieve two cut-out stars. After the celebrities conquer their spa challenge, they meet up with Damien and Myleene to share their feelings about being in the finals. Then, the final three meet up with the eliminated celebrities and share in their best memories from the show. Finally, Lou Diamond Philips celebrates his victory and is crowned "King of the Jungle."

Night 4
The ladies of the jungle love the arrival of Daniel Baldwin. He's bringing an incredible work ethic to the game and not to mention, he is charming and humorous. Stephen is still having a hard time adjusting to the fact that his brother just joined the game. But, he thinks it will bring them closer.

Night 13
Both teams are dropped down into the jungles of Costa Rica. The celebrities are already taken in with the scenery and wildlife. But the smiles are short-lived. As the celebrities are getting off the boat, the red team's Patti Blagojevich slips and is taken downstream by the river. Luckily, her teammates are there to help her up.

Night 5
Heidi and Spencer agree to go into the lost chamber overnight in order to earn their spot back in the jungle. The dark chamber is filled with spiders, rats and bugs and cold, stale cots. Meanwhile, after a lot of debate, the celebrities decide to bring the bratty duo back into the game.

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