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Go With the Flow
Sydney becomes a woman, while her mother is away leaving her father to deal with the situation.

Joint Custody
When Darryl finds marijuana in Sydney's jacket, he is determined to get to the bottom of things.

It's a Girl (Part 1)
Darryl runs into an Ex girlfriend when he and Milsap attend their 20th high-school reunion. (Part 1)

Directed by Darryl Hughley
Darryl directs the school play and tries to thwart Michael's advances towards the lead actress.

I Have A Scheme
Michael encourages his neighbors to join together to rename their street after Martin Luther King Jr.

Jump the Jump
Darryl and Michael put their fear of heights to the test, when they dare to give skydiving a try.

Smells Like Free Spirit
Daryl is visited by his difficult niece, who fantasizes about succeeding in the music business.

The Keepin' It Real World
Darryl and his friends are forced to deal with some real-life issues when they get stuck in a cabin for the weekend.

When Darryl Bumped Sally
Darryl and Sally host an "advice show" where he gives harsh, blunt suggestions to viewers as opposed to her more sensitive approach.

It's a Girl (Part 2)
Darryl jeapordizes his marriage to Yvonne by kissing his high-school ex at the renion. (Part 2)

Daddy's Lil' Girl
Sydney wins a date with rapper Lil Romeo, hurting Darryl's attempts to be the "cool" dad.

How Hattie Got Her Groove Back
Darryl buys his mother a piano as a Mother's Day gift, but becomes upset when she becomes close with his music teacher.

I'm Dreaming of a Slight Christmas
Darryl and Yvonne try and teach Michael and Sydney about the spirit of Christmas.

A Cry for Pleh
Michael gets a tutor to help him after he is diagnosed with Dyslexia.

Bored of the Rings
Darryl is surprised when he hears the news of his parents separation, and takes it upon himself to get them back together.

Mid-Wife Crisis
Yvonne is thinking about getting a job, but Darryl is not supporting the idea.

One Foot in the Grave-y
Will Darryl take a stand against his mother, when she takes over Thanksgiving dinner?

Stormy Weather
Darryl plans a romantic night out for him and Yvonne, but things don't go exactly as planned.

You've Got Male
Sydney tries cyberdating and agrees to meet a stranger, despite objections from Daryl.

Leaving Las Vegas
Darryl and Yvonne get stuck at the airport en route to a romantic Valentine's Day getaway.

Hughley & Son
When Darryl discovers that Michael has been ditching school, he forces him to experience the working world at Hughley Vending.

Whatchoo Stalkin' About, Willis?
The cast for the Halloween performance is slowly disappearing, but is it because D.L is taking over the show or is their a mysterious person responsible for all the disappearances.

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