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5 TV Shows That Should Have Quit While They Were Ahead - And 3 That Left Us Wanting More

7/6/2014 10:00am EDT
5 TV Shows That Should Have Quit While They Were Ahead - And 3 T
The upcoming revival of NBC’s hit series, Community, headed by Joel McHale and Alison Brie makes room for a discussion of what the right time to call it quits for a TV show should be. The question should always be: is there still an audience for this, and has the premise of the show run its course?

There have been several shows in the last 20 years that have towed this line perfectly and ended the show while it was still on top. The hit series Friends from 1994-2004 is one of the perfect examples of this as the characters had all aged to a point that the show was no longer what it starte...

Meg Ryan Lands 'How I Met Your Dad' Role

4/24/2014 11:00am EDT
Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan has joined the "How I Met Your Mother" spin-off series, "How I Met Your Dad" as the narrator. She will play the future version of main character Sally, according to

"Future" Sally will recall to her kids the story of how she met their father. Young Sally will be played by Greta Gerwig.

On "How I Met Your Mother," Bob Saget voiced Future Ted.

Ryan, 52, is most known for 90s films such as "Sleepless in Seattle" and "You've Got Mail" as well as the hit 1989 romantic comedy "When Harry Met Sally..."

She has made guest appearances on several TV series, including "Web T...

'How I Met Your Mother' Creator Confirms Alternate Ending Will Be Released

4/7/2014 6:33pm EDT
How I Met Your Mother
If you were upset over the ending to How I Met Your Mother, you may be happy to know that an alternate ending is coming soon.

Series co-creator Carter Bays revealed days ago on Twitter there were two endings and one was left on the cutting room floor in favor of the one that went to air.

So anyway, here's a bit of news: 16 days ago today we were in the HIMYM edit room, trying to decide between two very different endings.

— Carter Bays (@CarterBays) April 4, 2014

We only shot one script, but through edit room magic we had two possible outcomes for the series.

— Carter Bays (@Carte...

7 Awful TV Series Finales That Caused Fan Outrage

4/5/2014 7:00pm EDT
7 Awful TV Series Finales That Caused Fan Outrage
When How I Met Your Mother ended this past week after nine seasons, reaction among fans was somewhat mixed. Some fans said that Ted and Robin belonged together, just like other long-time TV couples like Ross and Rachel or Carrie and Big. But other fans resorted to throwing a tantrum on Twitter, saying the show essentially ended right back at square one, nine years later.

Whether you loved or hate the How I Met Your Mother finale, it just proves that we can all get a little too attached to our favorite shows sometimes. When the producers pull the rug out from under viewers in a much anticip...

'How I Met Your Mother' Cast Knew The Show's Ending Since Series Began

4/1/2014 11:41pm EDT
How I Met Your Mother
The cast of How I Met Your Mother has known how the series was going to end since the show's beginning back in 2005.

Producers revealed the end of the story to stars Josh Radnor and Lyndsy Fonseca, who play star Josh Radnor's children on the series, when scenes for the end of the series were shot at the beginning in order to ensure that the series came full circle.

"(Creators) Carter (Bays) and Craig (Thomas), are so smart. They had actually planned the ending during our pilot," says star Cobie Smulders, who plays Radnor's love interest on the show. "They shot some scenes with the two chi...

'How I Met Your Mother' Was Finished Long Before Its Finale Misfire

4/1/2014 11:30pm EDT
How I Met Your Mother
Bloggers and critics spent a lot of time over the past week remembering How I Met Your Mother. Websites 'posted Top 50 and Top 10 episode countdowns. Interviews were conducted with the cast. There were tours of the set. The AV Club posted a retrospective about the beauty of the series. Years of creatively bankrupt storytelling, disinterested acting, and unnecessarily prolonged storytelling didn’t deter the most ardent and devoted HIMYM fans. Something about the series continued to charm fans and critics.

A sense of ‘it’ll be worth the wait’ carried fans through nonsense episode after nonse...

'How I Met Your Mother': The Legend Is Complete

4/1/2014 3:15pm EDT
How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother aired for a final time Monday night. I have said many times that HIMYM was in many ways a victim of its own success. The first two seasons of the show are amongst the best in sitcom history. The show thrived in a traditionally tough timeslot, and became the mainstay of the CBS comedy Monday lineup. Creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays realized that they were basically going to have the slot as long as they wanted. They had written a story that had a clearly defined beginning and end, but they now needed a ton of filler to bridge the gap. When CBS lured the cast a...

'How I Met Your Mother' Series Finale: Was It Legendary?

4/1/2014 7:43am EDT
How I Met Your Mother
"How I Met Your Mother" completed its legendary nine-season run with a series finale that was lovingly poignant without losing its trademark humor. The series finale zoomed more than fifteen years in the future, chronicling major milestones in the gangs' lives who promised to always be there for the "big moments" but still grew apart.


Marshall and Lily (Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigon respectively) indeed went to Rome and had two more children. Marshall finally achieved his dreams of becoming a judge (aka Judge Fudge" or "Fudge Supreme"). Due to the demands of Robin...

'How I Met Your Mother' Recap: Barney And Robin Reach 'The End Of The Aisle'

3/25/2014 8:41am EDT
HIMYM - The End of the Aisle
Barney and Robin married. Nearly an entire season happened before the wedding, but Barney and Robin ended “The End of the Aisle” triumphantly married, despite the odds, and the doubts each had. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas seemed to overtly address the criticisms of the couple in their wedding episode. Barney and Robin was a welcomed coupling four or five seasons ago (whenever it was) until it wasn’t because the boys bailed on the romance before the end of November sweeps. Barney and Robin interacted as friends between seasons. Barney was engaged to two women. Robin dated cardboard cutout c...

Recap: 'How I Met Your Mother' Visits 'Gary Blauman' One Last Time

3/18/2014 9:19am EDT
Recap: 'How I Met Your Mother' Visits 'Gary Blauman' One Last Ti
Sitcoms usually call attention to its ending. The Boy Meets World gang decided to move to New York City, a not-too-distant drive from Philadelphia, but the move was treated with more gravity and emotion than one imagines a move from Philly to NYC would cause. Great, long, epic books do not end by making the viewer aware that it’s ending, that what you enjoyed for the previous hundreds of pages will continue and that it will be absent from your life when you read the final sentence and close the book. How I Met Your Mother has hit the stage of the final season when the characters address the...

Recap: 'How I Met Your Mother' Season 9 Episode 20 'Daisy'

3/11/2014 10:32am EDT
Recap: 'How I Met Your Mother' Season 9 Episode 20 'Daisy'
How I Met Your Mother returned to wasting the viewer’s time with “Daisy.” One may point out that last week’s episode proved everyone’s fear that the entire show had been a waste of time to watch, invest in, talk about with friends in real life and with friends online, review weekly, and so on. One should’ve known we’d been wasting our time four years ago. “Daisy” is the type of HIMYM episode I like least. A simple ‘mystery’ takes the length of the episode to resolve when it could’ve happened within a scene an episode or two ago, and the other story serves as a precursor to the next episode ...

'How I Met Your Mother' Review: 'Vesuvius' – Final Episodes Starting To Show Substance

3/4/2014 10:13am EST
'How I Met Your Mother' Review: 'Vesuvius' – Final Episodes Star
Carter Bays and Craig Thomas were most wasteful with episodes this season, but the final five episodes of How I Met Your Mother seem more substantial than filler. I use ‘seem’ because one never knows when Carter and Craig will devote an episode to Barney picking a suit to wear. Oh, that happened tonight. The pointless stories had some kind of a purpose, though. The 2013 wedding day stories were framed around 2024 Ted sharing stories with The Mother on a weekend getaway to Farhampton. The 2024 storytelling added mystery and intrigue to the final four episodes of the series. Fans have specula...

'How I Met Your Mother' Recap: 'Rally'

2/25/2014 9:10am EST
How I Met Your Mother
Love is the elixir that fixes people. Barney Stinson’s magic fixer elixir was made out of love for his friends, in their moments of greatest need. The series will enter its final month next Monday. “Rally” kicks off the final run of episodes for the series with a declaration of the series’ purpose, its mission statement: that love heals and transforms. Carter Bays and Carter Thomas take the roundest of roundabout roads to arrive that particular poignant point, but that’s old hat. The roundest of roundabout roads includes detours into the future where the friends remain coupled, successful, ...

Greta Gerwig To Star In 'How I Met Your Mother' Spinoff

2/12/2014 6:00pm EST
Greta Gerwig To Star In 'How I Met Your Mother' Spinoff
The multi-talented Greta Gerwig has landed the lead role in the "How I Met Your Mother" spinoff titled "How I Met Your Dad." Gerwig will also produce and write for the show if its pilot is picked up as a series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"How I Met Your Dad" will be similar to its predecessor but will be told from a woman's perspective. Gerwig will play Sally, who's described as a female Peter Pan who won't grow up and is unhappy in her fledgling marriage. Her well-meaning friends and family give her advice that often backfires.

"How I Met Your Mother" crew Emily Spivey, Carter...

'How I Met Your Mother' Review: Sunrise

2/4/2014 9:08am EST
HIMYM - Sunrise
“Sunrise” was horrible looking. The bulk of the How I Met Your Mother budget, I presume, goes towards the salaries of the five stars and Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. I know the show is shot on various sets on a lot in Los Angeles or Burbank or somewhere near both those cities. The construction of set Manhattan is passable. Actually, any street set is fine, but the green screen work made Ringer’s green screen use in its “Pilot” look outstanding. Not all HIMYM green screen work deserves criticism, but “Sunrise” looked horrible. The look of the show is never as bad as the content, but the loo...

'How I Met Your Mother' 200th Episode Review: 'How Your Mother Met Me'

1/28/2014 10:56am EST
How Your Mother Met Me
“How Your Mother Met Me” was the least grating How I Met Your Mother episode in four years. I think the reason for that is the absence of every character fans love. Ted passes through The Mother’s life, Barney’s reduced to a one joke note, Lily’s there to hug Barney, and Robin and Marshall don’t appear. Well, every character appears, but in minor parts. None speak. How I Met Your Mother’s 200th episode is like LOST’s “The Other 48 Days,” ANGEL’s “Birthday,” and Buffy’s “Superstar.” In the latter two episodes, an alternate world is portrayed, but audience perspective shifts from Angel and Bu...

'How I Met Your Mother' Review: 'Unpause'

1/21/2014 9:13am EST
How I Met Your Mother
My expectations for How I Met Your Mother are very, very low, practically non-existent actually; however, I expected tidy resolution for Marshall and Lily in the third act. Bays and Thomas conditioned me to expect the tidiest resolutions in the third act. Act one establishes the story; act two involves much silliness; act three resolves all the stories swiftly. Marshall and Lily end separated. Lily leaves the Inn. Marshall stands in his bedroom, presumably, regretful of what he said to Lily. The extremity of the fight, which involves callbacks to Lily leaving Marshall because it matters for...

'How I Met Your Mother' Creators Apologize For Racially Insensitive Episode

1/16/2014 10:12pm EST
How I Met Your Mother
Bosses of hit CBS series How I Met Your Mother have apologized for Monday night's episode of the show, which included some racially insensitive themes.

The show featured Jason Segel's character Marshall going to China to larn the "art of slapping" from three masters, played by co-stars Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders and Alyson Hannigan, all of whom were dressed to look Asian.

While the episode's intentions were to pay tribute to kung fu movies in a "silly and unabashedly immature" way, the episode angered viewers, who voiced their opinions on Twitter with the hashtag "#HowIMetYourRacism."


'How I Met Your Mother' Review: 'Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment In Slapmarra'

1/15/2014 9:40am EST
How I Met Your Mother
The Slap Bet is one of the more popular running gags/storylines in the series, so in the final season Bays and Thomas want to give closure to the fans on this long-running thread. In this episode, viewers learn about the history of the slap set as a homage to kung-fu movies and mythic Eastern thought. The episode is notable for one reason: Marshall’s nonsense throughout the episode is for the sake of nonsense. No stirring third act epiphanies happen to Marshall or Barney or to any of the other characters. Marshall wants to slap Barney, wants Barney to anticipate it, fear it, dread it. Marsh...

7 Spoilers You Need To Know: 'Person Of Interest,' 'Supernatural,' 'HIMYM' And More...

1/7/2014 3:00pm EST
Person Of Interest
If the first week of 2014 has been anything, it's frigid.  Most of the nation is enduring the polar vortex, so it's a blessing that most shows are returning from their holiday hiatuses.  Now we have something entertaining to do while we hunker down in blankets.  Here are seven spoilers you need to know on "Person Of Interest," “Supernatural" and more...

It can always get worse.  If you thought the Carter's stunning death was this season's rock bottom, think again. EP Jonah Nolan ominously warns: "As taxing, difficult and ultimately lethal as the battle [with HR] was, that was just the ...

Another Classic 'HIMYM' Twist On 'The Rehearsal Dinner'

12/3/2013 8:21pm EST
How I Met Your Mother returned Monday for another piece of Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend.  In typical HIMYM fashion, we got a look at near the end of the story and then found out how we got to that point.  Barney is being held in the back of a laser tag place by a security guard, and Robin is furious at him that he is ruining their rehearsal dinner. 

For a little back story, we go back a few months at the bar with the gang talking about the planning for the wedding.  Barney says he would love to have a laser tag rehearsal dinner, and Robin says that she would love to have the ceremony...

'How I Met Your Mother' Review: 'The Rehearsal Dinner'

12/3/2013 9:31am EST
How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Premiere
Bays and Thomas and the other writers, you all have done this kind of Barney story before. The insane viewers thought it charming; the sane viewers thought it not. Barney, you’ll recall, lied to Robin a great deal last season before the proposal. Barney lies again in “The Rehearsal Dinner.” The lie is long and elaborate. The most thrilling part of the episode was watching the production uses the most sets used this season. The parts involving the lie were not thrilling. No, watching yet another apology for Barney’s character is as unpleasant as watching an episode of The Cape and According ...

'How I Met Your Mother' Creators Try Something New With 'Bedtime Stories'

11/26/2013 7:32pm EST
How I Met Your Mother
Carter Bays and Craig Thomas told IGN that they wanted to do something they’ve never done before in How I Met Your Mother in the final season. I didn’t know anything about this intention to do something they’ve never done before. How I Met Your Mother has been sort of experimental in its nine seasons. The non-linear structure along with its homage to the oral tradition of storytelling sets it apart from many present and past sitcoms. Experimentalism in art is a worthwhile effort. The arts are better for the experimental projects, regardless of a project’s success or failure. William Burroug...

Recap: 'How I Met Your Mother' Mixes It Up With 'Bedtime Stories'

11/26/2013 9:19am EST
How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother returned last night with the fun and creative episode, “Bedtime Stories.”  With the weekend of Barney and Robin’s wedding encompassing the entirety of the ninth and final season, show creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas were obviously going to have to come up with some ways to toss in other stories for a change of pace.  Last night’s episode was comprised of three stories that Marshall told to his son Marvin to try to get him to fall asleep on their bus ride out to Long Island.

Story one: “Mosby at the Bat.”

A new physics professor named Lisa had asked Ted for ad...

TV Report Card: Grading 'Scandal', 'Supernatural' And More...

11/21/2013 3:30pm EST
Surprisingly, the freshman shows 2013-14 television season are offering some stiff competition for the veterans. Now that everyone is rolling out their November best for sweeps, it's time to grade your favorite returning shows. The SPOILER ALERT!! is implied...

"Scandal," Thursdays ABC, 10pm EST

The craziest thing about "Scandal" is an episode actually feels as good if not better than the 30-second trailers advertising the juiciest bits.  It's a thrill-ride that never stops thrilling, a heartbreak that never stops breaking...until now.  Before you call B6-13 to reserve some dark, torturou...

'How I Met Your Mother' Recap: John Lithgow Returns In Episode 'Mom And Dad'

11/19/2013 9:08am EST
How I Met Your Mother
Last week Robin was dealing with the fact that her mother was not going to make it to her wedding, but one family member that was making the trip out was Barney’s dad.  Jerry, played by the incomparable John Lithgow, was reunited with Barney a couple of seasons ago after being absent for most of Barney’s childhood. 

When Barney sees Jerry run into his mom, Loretta, he gets the childish notion that maybe his parents could get back together.  He decides to put together one of his patented elaborate schemes, but this one may have been a bit over the top.  Barney sends Jerry’s wife Sheryl on a...

Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston Returns To 'HIMYM'

11/12/2013 8:13pm EST
How I Met Your Mother
Sweeps month continued on CBS with the new HIMYM episode “Platonish.”  It picks back up Saturday morning, 31 hours until Barney and Robin’s wedding.  Robin is inconsolable after finding out her mother will not be attending the ceremony.  Barney accepts the challenge of getting her to stop crying.  When nothing works, Robin tells everyone to just let her deal with it on her own.  Barney proclaims that once he accepts a challenge, he will not rest until the task is completed.  “Where are our diapers and samosas then?” Lily asks. 

Diapers and samosas?  It turns out this story goes back to abo...

'How I Met Your Mother' Review: Cristin Milioti’s Character Begins To Form In 'Platonish'

11/12/2013 9:37am EST
How I Met Your Mother
Cristin Milioti’s mother character’s personality is beginning to form now that the show’s near its final months. Fans and critics wanted to see why she’s the right girl for Ted Mosby. The easiest way to show why she’s right for him is to show how she’s helped his friends before they met at Farhampton station. The future Mrs. Ted Mosby shared scenes with Lily and Barney thus far. In both scenes she’s been incredibly empathetic and helpful, seeing into their souls much more than they see into their own. She helped Lily settle down on the train, and she helped Barney re-focus and re-direct his...

'How I Met Your Mother' Review: Cristin Milioti Returns In 'The Lighthouse'

11/5/2013 9:08am EST
Sweeps month kicked off at CBS with How I Met Your Mother’s eighth episode of their final season.  “The Lighthouse” picked up Saturday morning of the weekend of Barney and Robin’s wedding.  At brunch, there is still some hostility between Robin and Barney’s mother Loretta.  It is important to Barney that they bury the hatchet, but he doesn’t know how to get them to make up.  They continue to fight through breakfast, resulting in a ridiculous fight about who makes better scrambled eggs.

Lily was still dealing with the bomb that Marshall had dropped on her.  Marshall had accepted a judgeship...

'How I Met Your Mother': No Questions Asked (9x07)

11/2/2013 1:45am EDT
How I Met Your Mother
I'd say this episode was a decent one - one of the stronger ones in a thus far mediocre season. It had a few things that I didn't like, but it stuck to a tight premise and really rolled with it, finding creative things to do with all of these characters.

Daphne has sent a text to Lily that reveals that Marshall has agreed to become a judge. Marshall is horrified, and calls his friends to ask them a favor. He calls Barney, Robin and Ted to ask them to sneak into Lily's room, get her phone, and delete the last text she received. No. Questions. Asked. They all do crazy things to try and get t...