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The Sweet Taste of Liberty
Ted reluctantly goes along with Barney's plans to spice up his love life and finds himself on a bizarre adventure.

Zip, Zip, Zip
Ted and Victoria decide to take things to the next level when Marshall and Lily plan to go away for their anniversary.

Mary the Paralegal
Ted and the gang are invited an awards banquet where Robin is being honored, Barney hooks Ted up with a hot chick to escort him.

Purple Giraffe
Ted tries to prove to Robin that he can be casual by throwing a series of parties in the hopes that she'll attend.

In the premiere episode, Ted meets Robin, the woman he's sure will be the love of his life, but his eagerness threatens to scare her off.

Ted and Victoria face some tough relationship decisions when Victoria is offered a fellowship at a culinary institute in Germany.

Game Night
Everyone shares their most embarassing stories in order to get the full story behind a tape that was provided by Barney's ex-girlfriend.

The Limo
Ted surprises his friends with a stylish New Year's Eve excursion around New York in a limo.

Return of the Shirt
Ted's discovery of an old shirt causes him to try to rekindle a past flame when he draws a parallel from the shirt to his love life.

Okay Awesome
Robin gains entry into one of the hottest clubs in town and brings Ted and Barney with her while Lily and Marshall try to be more mature and throw a wine and cheese party.

Nothing Good Happens After 2am
A late night hook up between Ted and Robin ends up being a bad idea. Ted gets caught up in a web of lies when he is questioned by Robin about his relationship with Victoria.

The Duel
Ted and Marshall decide that a sword-fight is the only way to settle who will get to keep the apartment after Lily and Marshall get married.

Drumroll Please
Ted has a romantic adventure with a woman he met at his friends' wedding, but doesn't bother to get her phone number and Robin begins to realize that she has feelings for Ted.

Come On
In an attempt to capture Robin's heart, Ted declares his love to her. Once again, Robin resists and prepares for a weekend away with her co-anchor, Sandy. Ted makes one last romantic gesture which leaves their fate as a couple in Robin's hands. Meanwhile, when Marshall finds out about Lily interviewing for a summer program, a heated fight ensues.

Life Among the Gorillas
Marshall takes an internship at Barney's company, trying to fit in, he takes on a new personality as well.

Ted gets good news from a matchmaking company but has to reschedule his date with his possible new love interest when Lily asks for his help.

Best Prom Ever
Lily crashes a prom after learning that her wedding date was pushed up. Along with Barney and Robin they mingle with the high school students in order to evaluate the band for possible use at her wedding. Lily begins to reminisce about all the things she wanted to do after she graduated.

The Wedding
Ted invites Robin to be his date for a friend's wedding.

Belly Full of Turkey
Robin and Ted volunteer to work at a homeless shelter for Thanksgiving and are shocked to find that Barney is working there as well.

The Pineapple Incident
After his friends egg him on, Ted succumbs to a night of partying, but then can't recall everything that happened to him.

Ted turns to a matchmaker to find love and is sent away when it's determined that he's not compatible with any of the women in the database.

The Slutty Pumpkin
Ted makes his annual appearance at a rooftop Halloween party in the hopes that a girl he met four years prior will be there.

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