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The Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments
The pod goes to New York to consult for a company trying to justify their massive bonuses. Marty tries to deal with his son's audition for the role of Sandy in "Grease."

When the owners of a Phoenix sports team divorce, Marty and the Pod are called to smooth things over. Jeanie is disappointed to learn why her ex asked her dinner. Marty continues to battle Principal Gita over Roscoe's cross-dressing.

Marty is distressed when Greg Norbert announces MetroCapital may acquire Galweather. The pod goes to Indiana to help a beverage company turn things around. Roscoe is confused by his conflicting romantic feelings.

The pod ends up watching Roscoe while on a business trip because Marty must spend all his time coddling a 20-year-old CEO. After getting engaged, Jeannie hooks up with a musician she just met.

When the Pod consults for a racist CEO, Marty puts Jeannie in charge. Clyde hits on a Mormon mom. Monica's attempt to bond with Roscoe doesn't go well.

Our Descent Into Los Angeles
Marty takes on his son's school after Roscoe is accused of sexual harassment. April the stripper returns and complicates things for Marty. Jeanne starts to have doubts about her wedding.

Bareback Town
When the Pod goes to D.C. for a consult and Marty tries to stay monogamous, Jeannie must step up to keep a female client happy. Jeremiah asks April to stay quiet until he can share a serious issue with Marty. Monica gets jealous and makes a dramatic move.

At the annual recruiting event, Marty takes the only black recruit under his wing. Doug attempts to show he can coach potential recruits. Jeannie tests a flirtatious recruit.

Marty and the Pod must deal with due diligence for the merger performed by their arch-rival. Jeanie's attempt to keep her pending marriage under wraps fails when Marty finds out. Monica and Roscoe connect. Marty learns what Jeremiah has been hiding and gets momentous news from Monica.

Prologue And Aftermath
Jeannie tries create her own legend when she takes the Pod to her hometown to help a church in need. During custody mediation, Monica uses all her skills to throw a wrench between Marty and April.

Marty and Marco's plan to destroy the MetroCapital sale goes up in flames after a betrayal. Marty deals with how his breakup with April affects Roscoe.

The Mayan Apocalypse
With Greg's assistance, Marty and the Pod try to squelch the MetroCapital deal. Jeannie finally decides whether or not to marry Wes. Roscoe makes a momentous choice.

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