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Now What?
The team has to get by without House's supervision when a fellow doctor falls ill.

House handles a complicated lung donation for a young female skate boarder.

House investigates the medical predicament of a children's literature author.

Massage Therapy
House tries to stop a patient's chronic vomiting.

Unplanned Parenthood
House and his team connect a baby with lung and organ problems to possible health problems in the child's mother. House also uses his knowledge of children to less impressive effect while babysitting Cuddy's daughter.

Office Politics
A campaign manager requires medical care in the middle of election season.

A Pox on Our House
A smallpox scare causes a hospital lockdown and problems for House's team.

Small Sacrifices
House's team handles patient whose extreme religious faith interferes with the treatment plan.

Larger Than Life
House and his team race to figure out the medical problems of a heroic subway passenger.

Carrot or Stick
A trainee and his trainer from a juvenile boot camp present similar ailments. Chase deals with Internet embarrassment.

Family Practice
House figures out an unusual and illegal way to treat Cuddy's mother.

You Must Remember This
The team tries to solve the mystery of a woman whose memories of the past prevent proper treatment.

Two Stories
House learns a surprising amount when he appears at Career Day at a school.

Recession Proof
House and the team treat a patient with chemical skin damage.

House's team works on a teenager with skin and emotional problems.

Out of the Chute
When a champion bull rider is attacked by a bull, House is called in to figure out why his symptoms seem to disappear, while Masters develops a crush on the patient.

Fall From Grace
When a homeless burn victim experiences strange smells, House and his team look into his dark past. House gets engaged to a mail-order-bride, while Cuddy feels guilty for breaking up with House.

The Dig
House picks Thirteen up from prison and tries to learn what she was incarcerated for. The team deals with a teacher who suffers from respiratory problems, but investigating his house they find that he is a hoarder.

Last Temptation
Masters must decide whether to continue her education to become a surgeon or to join House's team. A teenager trying to sail around the globe collapses and is treated by House and the team.

A lottery winner named Cyrus collapses while searching the country for a woman he fell in love with years before but never really knew. He is cared for by House's team, just as Cuddy's mother prepares to sue the hospital for mistakes she claims House made in her care.

The Fix
House does not show much interest in the case of a missile engineer collapsing from a seizure, focusing instead on a boxing bet he loses to Wilson. House focuses on giving his boxer a comeback. He also suffers more pain in his leg, and begins self-medicating with an experimental drug.

After Hours
Thirteen's friend appears at her house with a gaping wound in her side, and when she reveals that she is back on drugs Thirteen treats her outside of the hospital, calling upon Chase to help. House learns that the experimental compound he has been taking has caused tumors to grow in laboratory rats, and finds that he is suffering the same problems. He uses a local and tries to cut the tumors out of his leg himself.

Moving On
A famous performance artist enters the hospital, but the team starts to wonder whether her symptoms are real or if she is just using them for her latest performance. House and Cuddy try to make peace and function as friends, but when House learns that she is starting to see someone else he drives his car through her living room.

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