Home And Away Links

Cast and Crew
Home and Away Official Site
Meet the cast members.

Officially Chris Egans
Official, has gallery, online diary, and more.

IMDB: Home and Away
User comments, cast/crew list, and plot outline.

Beau Brady Online
Fansite with media, pictures and more.

Ben Steel.com
Also know as "Jude Lawson" on the show, site includes news, vault, contest, and more.

Planet Cartwright
Fansite dedicated to Rebecca Cartwright, contains bio, pictures, and downloads.

Home and Away from Ireland
Character profiles.

Home and Away Characters
Read about each main character.

Home and Away Official Site
Screensavers, buddy icons, and more.

Fan Fiction
Original stories.

Fan Mail
Contact Any Celebrity
Get accurate contact information for over 16,000 movie, television, music, sports stars, and other popular public figures.

Home and Away Home Page
Official Site with virtual tour, gossip, weekly poll, and character info.

Jump The Shark
Read and comment on the moment the show went downhill.

Home and Away Theme
Read the lyrics to the show's theme song.

Home and Away NZ
A nice collection of images.

Home and Away from Ireland
Pictures sorted by category.

Summer Bay Web Sounds
Sound clips in WAV, ZIP, and Real Audio format.

Theme Song
Cult TV Theme Songs
Page with the lyrics to the themesong.

Blackcatter Theme Song Lyrics
Words to the show's theme song.

Home and Away Trivia
Interesting trivia facts.

Home and Away Uncut
Download uncut, never seen before video clips of the show.

Summer Bay Web Wallpapers
Two wallpapers available for download.

Home and Away Official Site
Download wallpapers from the official site.

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