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Out Of Bounds
Shocking news stuns Ahsha, to Jelena's great pleasure. Meanwhile, Kyle rebels against dating rules; Raquel is encouraged to take a stand against her ex; and Derek and Terrence clash.

Ahsha and German share cramped quarters after Ahsha moves into German's studio. Pete and Sloane talk for the first time about the past. In a power play with Olivia, Jelena sets up Ahsha to fail at the Devil Girls' annual calendar photo shoot. Olivia investigates a former Devil Girl's disappearance.

Asha Hayes tries out for the L.A. Devil Girls cheer-leading squad against her mother's wishes. Pete Davenport, former All-Star player for the L.A. Devils, comes back to coach the team, and despite his wishes ends up having to judge for the new cheer-leading squad. We also learn that Pete and Ahsha's mother, Sloane, had a relationship when she was a Devil Girl and he was a player.

Game On

Keep Away
The Devil Girls find out they are performing at the Santa Monica Pier. Jelena sets up a toxic love triangle and Ahsha tries to discover what Sloane is hiding about the past.

Season Credits

Lights Out
The power goes out at Devils Arena before a sold-out game. A frustrated Oscar threatens to move the team and reveals his future plan to Chase. Ahsha is upset with German after he gives her a pricey gift, then gets trapped with Derek in an elevator. Pete confides a shocking secret to Raquel. Kyle counsels German about Ahsha.Sloane shocks Pete again. Jelena has a troubling encounter with someone from her past.

Moving Screens
Ahsha's star rises. Elsewhere, Kyle's behavior irks Olivia; Raquel is thrown for a loop, courtesy of Jesse; disturbing news surfaces about Terrence; and Derek is confronted by German.

Fast Break
Ahsha gets an opportunity to shine when Jelena is put on the sidelines. Elsewhere, German and Ahsha clash; Derek shares his true feelings; and Sloane discovers an alarming secret about the organization.

A surprise from Terrence. Sloane ends up in an uncomfortable position.And finally, Kyle deals with a fan who might have more going on than what he knows.

An unforeseen personnel change shakes up the organization in the Season 1 finale. Also: Ahsha and Derek inch closer to one another; Terrence stuns Jelena with a big decision; and Pete gets romantic with Raquel.

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