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16 Chefs Complete
Chef Ramsay kicks off the new season by announcing the new batch of contestants who will against all odds successfully complete the opening night's dinner service. He then divides the 16 chefs into two teams women vs. men and sends them to the kitchen to create their signature dishes. After the presentation of the dishes, Ramsay sends the chefs back to the dorms to study the restaurant menu and watch a special Hell's Kitchen instructional video. During the dinner service, things do not go as smoothly as Chef Ramsay had hoped, and Stacey is eliminated.

13 Chefs Complete
Chef Ramsay talks with Salvatore and convinces him to stay in the competition. The teams roll the dice to determine the ingredients for their dinner. The men win the competition of combining the ingredients. The Red team must clean while the men get to go ski-diving. The teams must serve dinner to several celebrity diners, with a few of them actually dining in the kitchen. During the dinner service Maria lets the stress get to her and has an emotional breakdown. Autumn gets yelled at by Ramsay. Chef Ramsay is pleased with both teams and tasks Nilka and Salvatore with nominating someone to be eliminated from their respective teams. Nilka puts up Autumn and Salvatore puts up Scott. Ramsay d sn't eliminate either contestant, but makes them switch teams.

15 Chefs Complete
The first team challenge is to make eggs four ways, and the team with the most properly cooked eggs wins a helicopter tour high above Los Angeles. During dinner service, both teams struggle with communication, but an argument between a chef and Ramsay could cause one team to go down in flames. Andrew decides to leave and Mikey is eliminated.

14 Chefs Complete
Chef Ramsay gives the chefs a lesson in teamwork by tasking them with serving lunch to hungry members of the University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band and Song Girls. The Red team wins the competition and is rewarding with some time at the beach, while the Blue team has to help clean up the beach. Chef Ramsay and his family challenge the Red team to a game of soccer at the beach. That evening during dinner service, both teams feel the pressure, but the red team gets especially heated after Fran gets burned. During the dinner service, Blue team member Salvatore walks out. Jean-Phillipe tries to talk Salvatore out of leaving and he returns to finish the service. The Blue Team wins. Jamie and Fran are put up for elimination. Jamie is eliminated.

12 Chefs Complete
The teams are sent out to catch pigs with ingredients written on them. The chefs must create pork-themed dishes with their chosen ingredients. The Blue team wins and the Red team has to clean the pigs outside while the Blue team gets to go to a spa. Then the teams cook Barbecue for dinner. The restaurant is overbooked so Ramsay decides to do a double seating. The Red team fights while cooking. Fran tries to unite the team. The Blue team wins, although Ramsay is not pleased with either team's efforts. Fran is tasked with nominating two members for elimination. She puts up Maria and Nilka. Ramsay saves Nilka and puts Scott up instead. Maria is eliminated.

11 Chefs Complete
Chef Ramsay tasks the team with preparing dishes representing each of the five "mother sauces." Nilka is still upset over Fran putting her up for elimination. Ramsay's mother and wife show up to do the judging. The Blue team wins and g s to a British pub and the Red team is stuck cleaning the kitchen. For the evening's dinner service, its family night and the pint-sized customers could not be more finicky, rowdy and demanding. The Red team falls apart and Chef Ramsay kicks them all out of the kitchen and finishes the service with his own team. He sends them upstairs to choice their nominees. They select Scott and are torn over the second nomination, but put up Fran. Chef Ramsay wants to know who they think the best chef on the team is. Chef Ramsay eliminates Scott and sends Benjamin to the Red Team.

10 Chefs Complete
The Red Team wins their first challenge in weeks and is treated to an authentic 50s deli experience while the blue team decorates for the anniversary party that evening. During dinner service, Benjamin makes an error with the appetizers and d sn't appreciate his teammates' help. Fran and Siobhan are nominated for elimination. Chef surprises everyone when he sends them both back and eliminates Salvatore instead.

9 Chefs Complete
Chef Ramsay turns Hell's Kitchen into an upscale deli when he challenges each contestant to create an original gourmet sandwich. The blue team wins and is treated to an amazing retreat in wine country, and the red team is left behind to make peanut butter from scratch. During dinner Chef Ramsay gets upset with the blue team and kicks them all out. But the Fran upsets him and he kicks the red team out too. The teams put up Autumn and Ed and Siobhan and Fran for elimination. Chef eliminates Siobhan.

8 Chefs Complete
Chef Ramsay serves the contestants a frozen dinner and none of them realize it's not gourmet. He then blindfolds them and has them compete to correctly identify ingredients. The Blue Team wins the contest and gets to spend the day at Sea World while the Red Team accept deliveries. For the dinner service, the team's must design their own menu's. After Ramsay tastes the proposed menus the teams do some last minute revamping. The Blue Team's menu proves to be more popular. There are problems in both kitchens and Ramsay declares them both losers and they must each nominate someone for elimination. The Blue Team nominates Autumn and the Red Team nominates Fran. Ramsay eliminates Fran and sends Autumn back to the Red Team.

7 Chefs Complete
The teams are challenged with splitting up a 10 pound lobster so that each member can create their own dish. Three guest judges declare the Red Team as the winning team and they are given a trip to a caviar house along with a $1000 shopping spree. The Blue Team preps the kitchens for dinner service. Because the dinner guests have theater tickets, both teams cook together in the Red Kitchen since they only have 2 and a half hours to serve all the diners. Holli gets to serve the diners caviar table side. Meanwhile, in the kitchen Nilka has a meltdown. Nilka packs her bags, but before she leaves Chef gives her a pep talk. Chef Ramsay praises the contestants over the dinner service. Ed and Autumn are nominated for elimination, but Chef keeps them both in the game and Nilka is the only one to leave.

6 Chefs Complete
The remaining six are combined in one team, but before cooking together they face their own individual challenges. The contestants must each make a dish focusing on the presentation. The contestants only have 30 minutes. Chef Ramsay narrows it to two dishes to be judged on taste. Guest judge Tanya Steele tastes the dishes Ed and Benjamin created and declares Benjamin the winner. Benjamin gets pampered for the day while the rest of the contestants clean the dining room. For dinner service, Benjamin's dish is added to the menu. Unfortunately, for the first time cooking together the team is not communicating well. Whoopi Goldberg shows up for dinner with three friends. The team puts up Autumn and Ed for elimination and Chef Ramsay sends Ed home.

5 Chefs Complete
Chef Ramsay takes the contestants to a high-end grocery store where they have only $10 to spend on ingredients. The panel of judges prices the dishes the contestants created from the ingredients and the highest priced dish wins. Holli's dish is given a $29.66 price tag, making her the winner. Holli gets to go to the pool, and go on a shopping spree and she's allowed to bring a friend, so she selects Jay. The remaining three spend the day doing laundry. Holli's winning dish is added to the dinner menu. Chef Ramsay is disappointed that the top five are not improving. Benjamin and Jason are nominated for elimination. Jason is eliminated.

4 Chefs Complete
Chef Ramsay cooks monkfish for the final four contestants who then have to teach four hunky bachelors with no culinary experience how to recreate the exact same dish. Jay and his partner deliver the best example. Jay chooses Holli to join him on the surprise reward while the losers have to do maintenance on the restaurant and clean the parking lot. The reward turns out to be a ride on the Goodyear Blimp. For the dinner service, Chef Ramsay does something unprecedented: He allows the contestants to choose their own stations as a group and after a rough start, the quartet finishes strong and receives plaudits from Chef. Jay has to make the decision to nominate two of his cohorts and he nominates Autumn and Benjamin. Chef Ramsay allows all four contestants to remain in the competition for another round and they are all rewarded with a visit from loved ones.

2 Chefs Complete
The key to creating a successful dish is having a discerning palate. During the individual challenge, Ramsay asks the final four chefs to recreate one of his specialties as a way to test their ability to identify ingredients and flavors. The chef who presents the most delicious dish and chooses the most ingredients correctly jets off to a day of relaxation, while the losers must return home and spend the day cleaning. The dynamic in the kitchen turns sour when the physical exertion becomes too much for one contestant and compromises the team's ability to prep for dinner service.

Winner Announced
As the competition winds down, the pressure is on for the final two contestants. Chef Ramsay gives the chefs a behind-the-scenes look into the executive-chef experience, but turns up the heat by presenting a nerve-wracking challenge designed to impress five of his protégé's. In their final dinner service, the contestants receive special help, but they soon discover that having too many cooks in the kitchen can be a recipe for disaster. Let us see which off the chef outperforms the competition and earns a life-changing culinary prize.

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