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Kevin Costner Plans To Record 'Hatfields & McCoys' Album

6/20/2012 8:10am EDT
Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner and his band Modern West are working on a new album of music inspired by the movie star's record-breaking TV mini-series Hatfields & McCoys.

The TV drama crushed cable TV viewing records when it aired at the end of last month and Costner admits he's still engrossed in the story of the post-Civil War feuding families.

He wrote new material inspired by the period drama while he was filming in Romania - and those tracks are to be used for a behind-the-scenes, making-of documentary. Costner and his band didn't stop there, however, and the Field of Dreams star is now planning t...

TV Ratings: 'Hatfields & McCoys' Shoots Down Records

6/7/2012 9:10am EDT
'Hatfields & McCoys'
Well, we’re officially into the summer doldrums. Broadcast TV ratings were fairly ho-hum last week. On cable, however, there is something to talk about.

First, let’s start with the networks. Aside from fresh reality shows (‘America’s Got Talent,’ which ranked first and third, and ‘Duets,’ hanging in there at #19) naturally dominated the Top 20, but lots of repeats (‘NCIS,’ ‘The Big Bang Theory’) helped sustain CBS.

Without ‘American Idol’ until January, FOX got a decent showing from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ on Wednesday. The big story, though, belongs to the History Channel. And it’s ...

Charlize Theron Plans Big-Screen Version Of 'Hatfields & McCoys'

6/4/2012 1:18pm EDT
Charlize Theron
Kevin Costner's "Hatfields & McCoys" miniseries stunned TV execs when more than 14.3 million viewers tuned in to the History channel to watch the final episode last Wednesday. Now Charlize Theron is shopping around a big-screen version of the story.

Theron's production company Denver & Delilah and producers Dawn Olmstead and Beau Flynn are taking their "Hatfields & McCoys" project back to ABC executives after they passed on screenwriter John Glenn's script for the project last year.

Perhaps the success of the History channel miniseries will persuade execs to reconsider the project?


Kevin Costner's 'Hatfields & McCoys' Shoots Down Competition Taking Top Spot

5/30/2012 2:43pm EDT
Hatfields & McCoys
The History Channel and Kevin Costner scored big over the Memorial Day weekend. The historical drama Hatfields & McCoys shattered TV rating records after drawing an audience of 13.9 million for its Monday evening premiere.

Costner plays 'Devil' Anse Hatfield opposite Bill Paxton as Randall McCoy in the three-part series, about the two families' infamous post-American Civil War feud over a stolen pig, and viewers tuned in droves to catch the two-hour debut, making it the most-watched non-sports program in ad-supported cable history.

Another 3.8 million caught the encore presentation later ...

Kevin Costner Defends Historical Mini-Series 'Hatfields & McCoys'

5/23/2012 7:49am EDT
Hatfields & McCoys
Kevin Costner hopes fans will take his new historical TV mini-series Hatfields & McCoys seriously - because the men behind the infamous post-Civil War feud were the fathers and grandfathers of some of the country's most important men.

The patriarchs of the Hatfield and McCoy families famously fought over a pig - and the quarrel became a history-making drama at the beginning of what was to become the United States.

Nevertheless, Costner hopes TV viewers who tune in to the project, in which he stars opposite Bill Paxton, will realize the series is so much more than a story about a family ...

Watch A Sneak Peek Clip Of History's 'Hatfields & McCoys'

5/15/2012 2:41pm EDT
Hatfields & McCoys
HISTORY's highly anticipated scripted miniseries, "Hatfields & McCoys," premieres this Memorial Day on May 28.

Starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton, the three-night miniseries chronicles a clash of clans that inspired passion, vengeance, courage, sacrifice, crimes and accusations, while forever transforming the two families and the region they lived in.

The saga begins with Devil Anse Hatfield (Costner) and Randall McCoy (Paxton). Close friends and comrades until near the end of the Civil War, they return to their neighboring homes—Hatfield in West Virginia, McCoy just across the ...