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Bryan Fuller's 'Star Trek' Dream Comes True

2/10/2016 10:02am EST
'Hannibal's' Bryan Fuller Named Showrunner Of New 'Star Trek' TV
CBS has named Hannibal boss Bryan Fuller as co-creator and showrunner of its new Star Trek series, to be launched digitally on the CBS All Access platform in early 2017. Fuller joins Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin (Sleepy Hollow, Limitless) as executive producers.

"The Star Trek universe lit my imagination on fire," said Fuller in Tuesday's press release from the network. "It is without exaggeration a dream come true to be crafting a brand-new iteration of Star Trek with fellow franchise alum Alex Kurtzman and boldly going where no Star Trek series has gone before."

Fuller spent the las...

Blu-ray Review: 'Hannibal - Season 3' - Worth The Money?

12/1/2015 11:00am EST
Blu-ray Review: 'Hannibal - Season 3'
Ready to visit the demonic doctor for one final season? Then follow us as we check out the new to Blu-ray "Hannibal – Season 3" out Dec. 8 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. We see if the final farewell does indeed fare well below!

Title: "Hannibal – Season 3"

Grade: 1

Cast: Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, Laurence Fishburne

Director: Various

Rating: Not Rated

Runtime: 560 minutes

Release Company: Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Website: www.lionsgateshop.com

Overall: Sadly this last season of the "Hannibal" TV show goes exactly the way I feared when the show first began – astray....

Should ‘Hannibal’s’ Third Season Have Followed The Books So Closely?

8/30/2015 10:06pm EDT
Hannibal TV Series
That’s it, folks. Hannibal’s over. It’s been a good run (phenomenal, really) and there are roughly 800,000 questions I’ve got after witnessing “The Wrath of the Lamb’s” final blood orgy of a cliffhanger (a literal cliffhanger, no less). But here’s the question that I think is most pressing:

Should Hannibal have clung so closely to Thomas Harris's novels this season?

This year’s been quite the departure from Hannibal season past. Those first two years started with the obvious broad strokes Thomas Harris provided (characters, settings, etc) and built their very own framework. The more exact...

‘Hannibal’ Recap: ‘The Number Of The Beast’ Is Total Nightmare Fuel

8/23/2015 10:55pm EDT
Hannibal TV Series
Hannibal’s always maintained a very delicate balance. One chunk of the show maintains that snail-slow art film vibe where characters spout mystical-sounding metaphors at each other. And then the other chunk produces some of the nastiest, most stomach-churning gore on TV.

“The Number of the Beast is 666…” last night’s second-to-last (sob) episode of Hannibal, felt like one of the first times the show really whiffed on that balance. This hour felt slow, right? Like, ponderously, upsettingly slow? At least until the last fifteen minutes or so, when the Red Dragon started rippin' lips and turn...

‘Hannibal’ Recap: Love, 'Hannibal' Style

8/16/2015 10:21pm EDT
Hannibal TV Series
You know what I could use a little more of in Hannibal? Hannibal. I love this show as much as the next rabid fan who hung on through appalling ratings and a switch to Saturday night, but the "Red Dragon" storyline, so far, has been very light on the actual Dr. Lecter.

Which kind of makes sense. Hannibal’s in custody throughout the entire “Red Dragon” story, and Will and Hannibal aren’t on great terms right now (especially after the whole whoops! Kinda sent Dolarhyde to murder your whole family thing), so Hannibal has so very little impact on the story.

I expect this is why we’ve seen so m...

'Hannibal' Recap: A Serial Killer Falls In Love

8/9/2015 6:49am EDT
Hannibal TV Series
Shame on you, Hannibal. Shame on you for actually making me feel something like empathy for the Red Dragon. This guy shoots families in the head, and prances around doing nude Tai Chi, a la the bad guy in Die Hard 2.

And yet "...and the Woman Clothed in the Sun" actually made me feel for the guy. His relationship with Reba (I'm not sure if Hannibal's ever actually given us her name, but rest assured, it's Reba) is progressing and it's almost likable. In a weird, serial killer way.

Dolarhyde takes Reba to the zoo to pet a tiger. The entire sequence was this beautiful mixture of touching an...

'Hannibal' Recap: The Red Dragon Is... A Real Dragon?

8/2/2015 6:53am EDT
Hannibal TV Series
Holy crap. Hannibal is on a roll- last week's "premiere" of the Red Dragon storyline was top-notch, and our second our, "And the Woman Clothed with the Sun…" (so long, food-based episode titles) hasn't lost a speck of momentum.

This whole "cop show" thing really gels with Hannibal, as much as I enjoy formless modern art European vacation TV.

This week: Will and Hannibal coalesce, Dolarhyde makes a friend, Abigail does serial killer prep work in flashback. Not much, as far as story goes (only two episodes into the Red Dragon stuff, Hannibal can afford to stop and savor things). But two mom...

'Hannibal' Recap: Hannibal Behind Bars

7/26/2015 7:06am EDT
Hannibal TV Series
Ahh, another Saturday Hannibal. It's a little awkward to upend your Saturday night plans to watch serial killers carve innocent families to pieces, but if NBC's exiling everyone's favorite killer to the doldrums, to the doldrums we shall follow.

And so much has changed since last Saturday. "The Great Red Dragon" continues after a three year time jump. Will is happily married and has a stepson. We don't see much of them together, but he genuinely seems like a standup, normal dad.

I'm guessing that'll change now that Will's done his lightbulb-swinging-in-front-of-the-camera "this is my desi...

Last Night's 'Hannibal' Was The Freakiest. Thing. Ever.

7/19/2015 6:42am EDT
Hannibal TV Series
"Digestivo"- an alcoholic drink served at the end of a formal, multi-course Italian dinner. Sometimes it's grappa (brandy made from grapes), sometimes it's limoncello (lemon liquor). Typically, the digestivo is meant to help digest (well, duh) the massive pile of food you just consumed.

Oh, and in case you didn't get the memo (thanks for the short notice, NBC), Hannibal airs on Saturday night from now on, and for the rest of the season. Saturday night is where TV shows are dumped and left to die. And Hannibal will almost certainly not get that season four, but now there's a movie in the ca...

'Hannibal': 'Dolce's' Last Ten Minutes Are Absolutely Insane

7/10/2015 7:10am EDT
'Hannibal' Recap: Did Hannibal Just Eat A Main Character's Brain
"Dolce"- it means sweet, literally, but in a more appropriate context it's also "dessert."

Yep, it's already dessert time on Hannibal. Because, in case you didn't realize, our Italian dinner is only going to take up half the season. Season Three is really two movie/book adaptations in two parts- episodes one through seven are Hannibal the 2001 film (which we'll put a cap on next week with "Digestivo"), and the last six hours are a take on Red Dragon.

That our Italian dinner party is ending is signified two ways. One, by actually transporting all our protagonists out of old Italia. And two...

'Hannibal': Which Major Character Did Hannibal Kill This Week?

7/3/2015 6:31am EDT
Hannibal TV Series
"Contorno": A side dish, typically some kind of vegetable and typically served alongside the secondo (that is, the meat dish). Can be served hot or cold, raw or cooked, but never on the same plate as the meat.

Odd choice of title, isn't it? In much the same way that "Secondo" the episode didn't quite feel like the TV equivalent of hearty steak, "Contorno" is rich and filling and, appropriately, rare to the point of bloody. So much more than a little dish of broccolini, don't you think?

Ok, I'll put the food metaphors away for a while. But seriously- what a knockout hour of TV. Hannibal's ...

'Hannibal' Kills Off One Character, Resurrects A Few More

6/26/2015 8:56am EDT
'Hannibal' Recap: Three Mutilations And A Funeral
"Aperitivo": A pre-dinner drink (and sometimes a pre-dinner snack, too- something small like olives or a nibble of cheese) meant to open up your appetite and get you hungry for dinner.

Yes, it's hard to dwell on prosecco and munchies when Hannibal has just been cancelled by NBC, but no worries. Bryan Fuller and his team are already hard at work securing a new home for everyone's favorite consumer of human flesh. Besides, worrying won't get us anywhere- not when there's Hannibal to discuss!

So let's discuss.

"Aperitivo" is very much an aperitif for our season-long Italian meal. It's an en...

Fans Want More 'Hannibal.' Period.

6/23/2015 3:01pm EDT
Thousands of "Hannibal" fans have signed a petition to keep the crime series going -- either on NBC or another platform.

NBC announced on Monday that it was cancelling the show, which stars Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy. The series, currently in the midst of its third season, is a victim of poor ratings. Only 1.7 million viewers tuned in to the most recent episode.

But diehard fans (known as "Fanniblas") aren't giving up. Over 35,000 people have signed the petition "What are you thinking? Renew Hannibal," on Change.org. A message on the page reads: "The fans want more Hannibal. Period."

NBC's 'Hannibal' Cancelled- Will It Be Revived?

6/22/2015 11:07pm EDT
'Hannibal' Cancelled: NBC Cancels 'Hannibal' After Three Seasons
Bad news for Hannibal fans (Fannibals? It's a real term). According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC's blood-drenched, critically lauded crime drama has just been cancelled. Not to worry, though- chances are, Hannibal won't stay cancelled for long.

Here's the official word from NBC- after three seasons (we're currently three episodes into the third season), NBC is canceling Hannibal. There are a few potential reasons for the cancellation- according to The Guardian, it was the show's ratings that were its undoing.

And Hannibal's ratings were truly atrocious- the most recent episode hitting a...

'Hannibal' Recap: Hannibal Gets A Very Vague Origin Story

6/19/2015 8:04am EDT
Hannibal TV Series
"Secondo": the main course. Either meat or fish (or plenty of both), and typically the heaviest part of any multi-course Italian meal.

Curious, isn't it? We're only three episodes into Hannibal's third season, yet we've already hit the main course. At least as far as the episode-title menu is concerned. You'd think, then, that "Secondo" would be a particularly critical outing for Hannibal (or have a certain meatiness, at least).

Not really. "Secondo" is the same measured, dreamy Hannibal we've seen all season. Not that that's a bad thing, of course.

And "Secondo" does build on a certain ...

'Hannibal' Gets Bloody... And A Little Romantic

6/12/2015 9:50am EDT
Hannibal TV Series
"Primavera": pasta in a light sauce of garlic, oil and parmesan cheese (plus cream, on occasion), cooked with plenty of fresh green vegetables.

But "Primavera" also means "spring" in Italian. And it's a painting by Botticelli, which Hannibal once used as the inspiration for a human corpse tableau. Of course, "Primavera" is also the title of our second "Hannibal" of the season.

A Primavera can be many things. Just like Will Graham can be just as many. "Everything that can happen, happens," he muses in his hospital bed (part profound wisdom, part medication high, no doubt). Meaning, there a...

Everyone's Favorite Man Eater 'Hannibal' Is Back!

6/5/2015 9:33am EDT
'Hannibal' Season 3 Premiere Recap: Eat Your Way Across Europe
"Antipasto": "Before the meal," literally, in Italian- a traditional appetizer plate of cured meats, cheeses, olives and pickled veggies.

It's also the title of "Hannibal's" third season premiere. Everyone's favorite man eater is having Italian this season. Err... Italians. Both, probably.

"Antipasto" is also very odd duck. You'd think, after a finale like "Mizumono" last season, which left four characters in various states of blood loss death, that "Antipasto" would address the four gushing elephants in the room. That's what I expected, anyway. Instead, it's all about Mr. and Mrs. Hannib...

The Goriest Deaths You Won't Believe They Got Away With On Network TV

1/4/2015 4:00pm EST
The Goriest Deaths You Won't Believe They Got Away With On Netwo
TV used to have rules. On pay cable- your HBOs, your Cinemaxes- anything and everything is fair play.

Want to turn a TV show into softcore porn? Watch a man's skull pop in the grip of a man-mountain? Replace an entire scene's worth of dialogue with nothing but F-bombs?

Go for it. It's pay cable- no one can stop you.

But the other TV stations- the kinder, gentler ones that don't cost a bundle on top of your normal cable bill each month- those are supposed to tone down the violence.

Not anymore. Now, the same network that once brought you "Friends" brings an assembly line of severed faces...

The Best TV Finales Of 2014

12/27/2014 3:00pm EST
The Best TV Finales Of 2014
All things must end- a film, a book, a refreshing, low-calorie Diet Dr. Pepper- but TV's different. On TV, a story grows over months (years, even), letting you build up a real, regular connection with those onscreen.

Then, when the ending hits, it slams into you with the impact of all those devoted hours that came beforehand.

It just feels so final, you know? Maybe that's why they call it a "finale."

2014 had its share of massive finales- maybe nothing on the level of "Breaking Bad" last year, but solid enders nonetheless. Shows that capped off their seasons with ridiculous cliffhangers...

2014: Television's Most Shocking Moments

12/26/2014 4:00pm EST
Television's Most Shocking Moments Of 2014
Television creators, writers, and producers are constantly attempting to grab headlines with shocking moments that outdo their previous seasons and outshine the competition. 2014 was no different, with dozens of jaw dropping and instantly unforgettable twists and turns. Here are the top moments that made us gasp, cry, cheer, and stayed with us long after our screens went dark. Beware there are tons of spoilers to be found within.

The Good Wife’s Shocking Departure

Alicia Florrick and Will Gardner were meant to be. Typically, a television series introduces a love interest and then takes ...

Deadly Dinner Chat With TV's 'Hannibal' Mads Mikkelsen

9/16/2014 10:08am EDT
Deadly Dinner Chat With TV's 'Hannibal' Mads Mikkelsen
Stepping into a role previously inhabited by others is in itself quite a daunting task, but when that role is the infamous part of Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter the chance to create something original seems impossible. Actor Brian Cox managed to portray and convey an inner intensity as the demented doctor in "Manhunter" and of course Anthony Hopkins brought a sense of big grandiose to the captive killer in "Silence of the Lambs" and the two following films. But could else anyone fill the shoes of such an iconic serial killer? Enter Mads Mikkelsen. As a more calculated and intellectually...

'Hannibal' Theory Of The Week: Hannibal Gives Will A Helping Hand?

3/10/2014 3:20pm EDT
'Hannibal' Theory Of The Week: Hannibal Gives Will A Helping Han
Perhaps. The promo for the next episode, “Hassun” previews a new crop of murders that are suspiciously similar to the ones Will Graham is accused of committing. The synopsis of the episode states as follows: ’S STRONGEST DETRACTORS ARE FORCED TO RECONSIDER THE CASE AGAINST HIM.

As suggested, the emergence of these crimes will bring up questions concerning Will’s possible innocence as well as the idea of there being a copycat killer out there. But there is also the possibility that the person staging these deliberately reminiscent and elaborate killings is Hannibal himself.

Dr. Lecter coul...

'Hannibal': Memorable Moments From The Season 2 Premiere 'Kaiseki'

3/1/2014 8:43am EST
Hannibal’s much anticipated season two premiere sure opened with a smash. Beginning 12 weeks in the future, we are treated with the sort of epic fight scene that only a food-obsessed, epically violent show like Hannibal could deliver.

We begin with Jack Crawford coming into Hannibal Lector’s kitchen during what was presumably a nice dinner meeting. (Hannibal smiles like they’ve been getting along.) But Jack’s face is filled with quiet anger. In Red Dragon, Will discovers that Hannibal is a killer by seeing his drawings and putting the clues together. Could Jack’s discovery be similar?


Top 5 Things We Want From 'Hannibal' Season 2

2/28/2014 10:20am EST
When season one of Hannibal ended, viewers were left with one major, baffling question: How were we going to survive the long hiatus? Will Graham, a unique and brilliant, was left behind bars, framed for crimes he didn’t commit and betrayed by people he trusted most. Hannibal Lector, one of the world’s most terrifying cannibalistic serial killers, managed to shift focus of his own crimes onto his fragile best friend. Meanwhile, the people Will was closest to, including Jack and Alana, were convinced of his guilt. Would Will be able to use his incredible mind to find a way out of his predica...

'Hannibal' Season 2 Trailer Drops–Plus Musings

1/20/2014 11:17am EST
Hannibal TV Series
The Hannibal season 2 trailer has graced us with its presence and boy is it a doozy. The 1st season finale left Will behind bars, finally aware that Hannibal was his nemesis all along. Unfortunately, he was the only one with that information, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats for all of hiatus.

The second season trailer is packed with new information and hints about the direction of the season. Here are some thoughts on the trailer”

Jack Crawford seems obnoxiously committed to believing that Will is a serial killer. He says, “Will Graham is either delusional or a psychopath. Ne...

Blu-ray Review: 'Hannibal - Season One'

9/25/2013 12:10pm EDT
Can the vicious Dr. Lector be tasty on TV?  Let’s find out as we check out "Hannibal - Season One" out now on Blu-ray from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.  We review the dinner meats below!



   Title: "Hannibal - Season One"

   Grade: 3

   Cast: Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, Laurence Fishburne

   Director: Various

   Rating: Not Rated

   Runtime: 561 minutes

   Release Company: Lionsgate Home Entertainment

   Website: www.lionsgatebluray.com


The Flick: Good and bad on this pre-"Manhunter" serial.  The bad has more to do with dragging out a story that could be told i...

Utah Network Stops Airing 'Hannibal' Due To Its 'Extensive Graphic Nature'

5/1/2013 2:55pm EDT
Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen's new NBC drama "Hannibal" is no longer airing in part of Utah because network bosses feel it's too bloody..

After receiving "numerous" complaints from viewers about the show's violent scenes, Salt Lake City's KSL-TV has pulled the "Silence of the Lambs" spin-off from the air. The Church of Latter Day Saints owns the network.

A spokesman issued the following statement on Facebook: "After viewing the past few episodes, as well as receiving numerous complaints from viewers, KSL TV will cancel the airing of the NBC show Hannibal on Thursday evenings.
"This dec...

'This Week In Horror' Dissections: 'The Following,' 'Bates Motel,' 'Hannibal' – April 22-28

4/29/2013 9:12am EDT
Part II of my weekly ‘This Week In Horror’ column.  For mini-recaps of ‘The Following,’ ‘Bates Motel,’ and ‘Hannibal,’ see Part I.

So. We have one show hitting its low, one show hitting its high, and one show choosing not to air itself for fear of making people upset.

What is so different between events on ‘Bates Motel’ spiraling out of control in a good way versus events on ‘The Following’ spiraling out of control in a bad way?  There’s a fine line between brilliant chaos and just a chaotic mess.

‘The Following’ is filled with ineptitude on the part of the authorities, so shouldn’t one ...

'This Week In Horror' Recaps: 'The Following,' 'Bates Motel,' 'Hannibal' – April 22-28

4/29/2013 9:10am EDT
Bates Motel
Welcome to This Week In Horror!  In this two-part column I dissect (pun intended) the most popular blood-soaked shows on television.  Part I will be a series of mini-recaps outlining the highlights (and low-lights) of each episode that week.  Part II will be the ‘Dissection.’

But first, for the inaugural column, an introduction:

Nothing is hotter on television at the moment than horror.  Throughout the years there have been a few shining examples of much-loved horror shows (‘Twin Peaks,’ ‘The X-Files,’ ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’), but by and large the genre has been dominated by big scree...

NBC Pulls An Episode Of 'Hannibal' Following Marathon Bombings

4/21/2013 2:18pm EDT
Hannibal TV
Producers at NBC have pulled next week's episode of hit show Hannibal over fears a child murder storyline would be too insensitive following the Boston Marathon bombings.

The forthcoming installment of the serial killer drama was set to show Molly Shannon's character brainwashing kids, leading them to kill other children - but it has now been pulled from the schedule. Series creator Bryan Fuller cited the December Connecticut school shooting and this week's tragedy at the annual race in Massachusetts for his decision to axe the episode.

He tells trade paper Variety, "I didn't want to ha...