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One is the Loneliest Number
Sean gets jealous when Eddie starts spending all of his time with Faye, and begins to critique all of her "faults." Brad is unfazed by Lily's attempts to make him jealous by dating Mocha Joey, when he realizes that Mocha Joey has no common interests with her. Meanwhile, Claudia gets upset when she learns that, thanks to Sean, everyone is aware of her pregnancy.

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
Feeling unattractive due to the pregnancy, Claudia finds herself perking up when her friend Steve starts flirting with her, a feel-good gesture which soon proves to be an idea conjured up by Sean. Eddie gets help with his comedy material from Lily, but the jokes are ripped off by a competing comedian. Meanwhile, after Jimmy takes an interest in Brad's science group, he quickly learns that the real focus of the group is pornography.

I'm Looking Through You
After Sean assures Sister Helen he can get an old friend of his, health guru J.J. Bodybuddy to perform at the school, he is soon forced to take on his friend's role, and his identity, when Bodybuddy turns up drunk and incapacitated. Meanwhile, Lily learns that Claudia plans to make her room into the baby's new room, prompting her to audition for the Asian leg of the "Up with People" tour.

Policy of Truth
Brad returns from space camp, but while he admits to Lily that he hooked up with Lana, his space camp pal, she neglects to tell him about her rendevous with a coffee shop employee. Meanwhile, Sean must break the news to Claudia about her impending pregnancy, while Eddie tries to get Jimmy off his obsession with life on the road.

Psycho Therapy
Lily sabotages herself while running for school president against Brad, after using Jimmy to try and tarnish Brad's reputation fails to keep her from acknowledging her real feelings about him during one of their debates. Sean finds out the sex of their baby, but Claudia isn't sure if she wants to know. Meanwhile, Eddie's new psychiatrist pins the blame for Eddie's unstable lifestyle on Sean.

Eddie finds out that his former girlfriend is selling nude pictures of him for lots of cash, but soon he and Sean are trying to convince her to help them rescue the bar with her profits. Meanwhile, Sean throws Claudia an unexpected baby shower and Jimmy becomes a cheerleader to Lily's dismay.

Hello, Goodbye
Claudia and Sean must leave Lily's graduation early when Claudia goes into labor, which causes Lily's prank on them to backfire. Meanwhile, Walt surprises his sons with the news that he's marrying his housekeeper, while Brad's early admission into Yale causes Lily to reevaluate her own path.

Day Tripper
When Lily becomes jealous of Brad's new girlfriend, she tries to prevent her from becoming the school football team's first female player.

Tom Sawyer
Sean takes another job driving a limo to avoid housework, while Claudia attempts to get her neighbor to see the Finnertys in a more sophisticated light. Lily hordes in on Brad's Yale interview by trying to get one of her own. Meanwhile, Jimmy gets some acting tips from Eddie for his upcoming first stage performance.

Mystery Dance
Sean and Claudia decide to get other work with the bar heading into some financially rocky times. While Claudia collects medical bill debts over the phone, Sean and, as he soon learns, Eddie compete for a gig at "T.J. Shenanigans." The brothers wonder whether or not they should just find a buyer for the bar. Meanwhile, When Brad decides to break up with Taya and get back with Lily, a shattered Taya decides to woo him back from the inside by going out with Jimmy.

Man! I Feel Like a Woman
Lily and Brad attempt to be friends after breaking up, with Lily accepting a date from another guy and Brad going after the Finnerty's beautiful new neighbor, who is also Jimmy's new crush. Meanwhile, as Claudia starts into her pregnancy, Sean begins to take on the emotional traits of a pregnancy as well, while Eddie gives it another go with a former girlfriend.

You Better You Bet
Claudia gets mad at Sean after she learns he has gambled money intended for the baby's crib at the track and used the winnings to buy a brand new TV. When she accidentally breaks the TV, she tries to get it repaired, but to get the money, she must get Eddie to take her to the track, which means that Jimmy is unhappily used as a decoy to keep Sean busy for the day. Meanwhile, Lily's attempt to become a Big Sister fails miserably when her Little Sister gives her the boot.

The Letter(s)
Sean is sent letters from the local Home Owner's Association asking him to tidy up his house and its surroundings, which annoys him, but makes Claudia happy when she realizes their neighborhood is changing for the better. Meanwhile, Lily and Brad's attempt to celebrate their anniversary proves to be a not-so-simple endeavor, while Jimmy offers up a shocking bulletin about the direction of his lifestyle.

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