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Sympathy for the Parents
When Alex's younger brother, Aaron, shows up at the hospital in need of a pro bono hernia surgery, he also discloses many surprises about Alex's past. Cristina struggles to understand the effect of the war on Owen's conduct until Teddy gives her some clues. Elsewhere, a man whose wife is rendered comatose following an operation refuses to let the hospital staff unplug her from life support, despite her written wishes. And while Meredith wonders whether she would be a good mom, Callie becomes more and more certain she's ready for that step. Finally, Mark gets an unexpected visit from Sloan.

As Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's pass, the staff at Seattle Grace deal with a variety of personal issues. While Miranda gets a visit from her father, William, who disapproves of her decision to get a divorce, Mark and Lexie cope with the arrival of a young woman who turns out to be Mark's daughter. Elsewhere, Thatcher Grey warns Meredith that the Chief is drinking again, but Meredith comes to the Chief's defense and keeps his secret.

I Saw What I Saw
After a burn victim unexpectedly dies in the midst of a chaotic ER, the Chief and board member Jennings interrogate the residents to find the culprit, as all the Mercy West and Seattle Grace residents defend their actions, giving their own versions of what happened, in an effort to save their jobs.

In the second half of the season premiere, time has passed and everyone is struggling after losing George. Meredith and Derek seem to be consummating their marriage anywhere and everywhere, while Dr. Wyatt instructs Cristina and Owen to abstain from sex. Meanwhile, the Chief is mysterious about what's going on at the hospital. Arizona enlists Callie's help with a difficult to diagnose patient and Lexy tries to help a young woman who doesn't want to live after a terrible accident.

I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked
After learning of Richard's drinking problem, Derek wants to confront him for the sake of his friend and the hospital. Izzie returns, hoping to reconcile with Alex, but Meredith aready found Alex in bed with Lexi. And tensions run high between Teddy, Cristina and Owen in the aftermath of Cristina's startling confession of being willing to discard Owen.

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me
Several weeks after her near-death experience, a recovering Izzie returns to work. Meanwhile, nervous that there will be layoffs in the hospital in the wake of an announcement from the Chief, the Seattle Grace residents compete to survive the cuts, including Cristina, who attempts to work alongside Arizona in pediatrics. Bailey and Alex's patient's already complex case is further complicated by her schizophrenic son.

Hook, Line and Sinner
Sloan returns to Mark's apartment, just as she is going into labor, and Teddy, Mark, Callie, and Arizona are there to help with the delivery and to get Mark through his grandson's pending adoption. Meanwhile, Teddy sees Derek's invitation to illustrious surgeon Tom Evans as a threat to her future employment at the hospital. Also, the team works on a crab boat captain who has been stabbed with a giant shark hook.

Meredith takes a pregnancy test and it's positive, but she wants to wait to surprise Derek. However, Gary Clark, the man who blames Derek for the death of his wife, shows up at the hospital with a gun and a grudge. He executes Reed and injures Alex on his way to find Derek. Meanwhile, Derek locks down the hospital and warns Teddy and Owen, who are in surgery. Clark finds Derek, however, and shoots him in the chest in spite of Derek's attempt at empathy.

Perfect Little Accident
When famous surgeon Dr. Harper Avery is rushed to Seattle Grace-Mercy West, the staff is surprised to discover that Jackson is related to the legend. Dr. Avery specifically requests Richard for his procedure, which initially makes Derek uneasy. Meanwhile, Arizona tries to help Teddy get over her heartbreak by planning a girls' night out and Callie encourages Sloan to move on from Lexie in more mature ways than sleeping around and attacking Alex.

Death and All His Friends
Before Clark puts a second bullet in Derek to finish him off, the SWAT team grazes him with a shot and he runs off. Derek needs immediate surgery and Cristina is the only one available. Meanwhile, Miranda is unable to get a dying Charles to an OR and Alex is evacuated to another hospital. Later, Clark finds Cristina operating on Derek and he threatens to shoot her if she continues to try and save him. Meredith appears and offers herself as a sacrifice instead. However, Cristina and Jackson trick Clark into thinking Derek has flatlined, so he leaves and they continue to operate. Richard then finds Clark sitting alone in the room where his wife died. He only has one bullet left and needs to decide between killing Richard and spending life in prison, or committing suicide. Clark chooses to shoot himself and perhaps see his wife again. Derek is safe and stable, but Meredith has a miscarriage during all the commotion.

Suicide is Painless
Teddy turns to Owen for help when her patient seeks to end treatment and her life. However, Owen disapproves of the situation, which triggers memories of his life at war and his past relationship with Teddy. Meanwhile, as Callie treats a trio of men who goad each other into doing death-defying stunts, she struggles with the decision to tell Arizona she wants to have a baby. Also, Richard tries to adjust to his role as a surgeon and he has trouble being accepted as just one of the guys. Elsewhere, Derek appropriates one of Meredith's surgeries.

The Time Warp
In his new role as Chief, Derek restores the hospital lecture series, and Richard, Bailey and Callie present to the group pivotal surgical cases from their pasts. Bailey reflects on her first days as a shy resident. Callie looks back on a polio case, and Richard recalls a case in which he and Ellis worked on a patient diagnosed with GRID, a virus later called AIDS.

The residents of Seattle Grace and Mercy West vie for surgeries and their careers as day one of the hospital merger begins. Meanwhile, Arizona stands by an enraged Callie when her father, Mr. Torres, employs a priest to help convince her to date men, and Izzie experiences the brunt of her new surgical competition.

How Insensitive
Bailey institutes some sensitivity training before admitting a 700-pound patient with an abundance of medical issues. Meanwhile, Derek has to deal with the bitter husband of a former patient in a wrongful death deposition. Also, Cristina recalls some of her own childhood difficulties when she watches over a heart patient's daughter.

Give Peace a Chance
When Isaac, a favorite hospital lab tech, discovers an inoperable tumor wrapped around his spine, he turns to Dr. Derek Shepherd to do the impossible. Derek then tests the Chief's authority when Richard objects to moving forward with the risky surgery.

When a patient with a large complicated tumor surgery comes to Seattle Grace, Richard and Owen vie for the opportunity to tackle it. Derek's decision that Owen's approach is best leaves Richard bitter until Owen calls on Richard's advice mid-surgery. Meanwhile, Bailey experiences angst about the prospect of having sex with Ben as she nervously prepares for their third date, and Teddy and Mark get conflicting advice from Callie and Arizona about the possibility of going out.

Good Mourning
The hospital staff is left to deal with the aftermath of George's passing in the first part of the two-part season premiere. Hitting the staff hard, they all find unique ways to get through the various stages of grief. George's mom returns, faced with the difficult task of deciding what to do with his organs.

Valentine's Day Massacre
On Valentine's Day, the doctors must treat dozens of people injured when the roof collapses at a popular romantic restaurant. While Derek tries to manage his busy schedule as Chief of Surgery, Meredith wrestles with her new role as the Chief's wife. Mark and Callie team up in an attempt to convince Sloan to give her baby to them rather than put it up for adoption.

New History
When Owen recruits his fellow Iraqi War vet, Dr. Teddy Altman, as the new cardiothoracic surgeon, Cristina questions Teddy's abilities in the OR and the nature of their past relationship. Meanwhile, as Izzie returns to Seattle Grace with her high school mentor seeking treatment for his dementia, Richard finds that the stress of his post-merger responsibilities is taking its toll.

Invest In Love
A generous donation is offered to Seattle Grace by the parents of Arizona's 10-year-old patient. However, when his condition worsens, she finds herself in a conflict of interests. Meanwhile, Cristina tests her boundaries with Owen at the hospital, and adding insult to injury, Alex is left with all of Izzie's hospital bills to contend with.

Mark flies Addison to Seattle to help with a difficult procedure on his pregnant daughter, Sloan, whom he wants to move in with him so he can take care of her and the baby, a decision that puts his relationship with Lexie in jeopardy. Elsewhere, there's a chance Alex's flirtation with Reed will go too far. Meanwhile, Owen questions Teddy's motives when she assigns Cristina the lead on a complicated surgery; and Derek's suspicions are raised when the Chief recruits Miranda to take his place on a high profile operation. Meredith reveals to Derek that the Chief has returned to dangerous bad habits.

State of Love and Trust
As Derek begins his role as interim chief, he faces a potential lawsuit when Bailey and Meredith's patient awakens from anesthesia mid-surgery. Meanwhile, Teddy refuses to place Cristina on her service, Arizona tests Alex out in Pediatrics, and Mark refuses to speak to a heartbroken Lexie.

Tainted Obligation
When Meredith and Lexie's father, Thatcher, returns to the hospital with a failed liver, it is up to Meredith to save his life. Meanwhile, Izzie empathizes with a patient riddled with tumors, as Mark, annoyed with Cristina's competitive zeal, tricks her into assisting on an unusual surgery.

Shiny Happy People
An elderly patient admitted into the E.R. reconnects with his long lost love who happens to be in the hospital as well. Meanwhile, Karev treats a teenage patient who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, but he figures out another diagnosis. Also, Owen asks Cristina to move in with him, but Meredith makes her question the idea when she mentions Owen's feelings for Teddy.

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