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Drowning on Dry Land

Izzie calls the Chief and asks him what to do about the man trapped under a car. He and Sloan guide her through drilling holes in his head so that he won't die. She does a great job, the man survives, and the Chief takes her off probation. Alex comes up with the idea to Polaroid all the patients so their families can identify them. He hopes that he has found the mysterious pregnant woman's husband, but he is mistaken. George lies to the mother whose son is missing so that she'll go into surgery. He searches everywhere for him, including the morgue. He finally finds him being operated on by Callie. Derek starts to wonder where Meredith is when he finds her coat on a patient. He finds the little girl that was with Meredith when he last saw her, and asks where she is. The little girl points to the water. Derek dives in and finds Meredith. He gets her to the hospital and tries to help revive her until the Chief makes him leave and sit outside the trauma room with Mark. The interns solemnly look on and fear the worst. Izzie tells them she believes Meredith will live, and that she also believes George marrying Callie was a mistake. Just as the Chief announces that they are losing Meredith, she sits up - in a strange bed. To her left is the man from the bomb squad who blew up in the hospital. To her right is Denny, telling her that she's dead.
Akeem Smith - Young Man
Billy Mayo - Rick
Brian Chenoweth - Scared Guy
Camilla Luddington - Dr. Josephine Wilson (Regular)
Chandra Wilson - Miranda Bailey (Regular)
Danielle Kennedy - Angry Woman
Dean Norris
Elizabeth Reaser - Jane Doe/Ava/Rebecca (Recurring)
Ellen Pompeo - Meredith Grey (Regular)
Gaius Charles - Dr. Shane Ross (Regular)
James Pickens - Chief of Surgery Dr Richard Webber/Dr. Richard Webber (Regular)
Jeffrey Morgan - Denny Duquette (Recurring)
Jeffrey Markle - Greg
Jerrika D. Hinton - Dr. Stephanie Edwards (Regular)
Jesse Williams - Dr Jackson Avery (Recurring)
Jessica Capshaw - Dr Arizona Robbins (Regular)
John Koyama - Search and Rescue #2
Jonah Bay - Hopeful Guy
Justin Chambers - Dr. Alex Karev (Regular)
Kali Rocha - Dr. Sydney Heron (Recurring)
Kate Anthony - Nurse Kate (Recurring)
Kelly Wolf
Kevin McKidd - Major Owen Hunt (Regular)
Kyle Chandler - Dylan
Liza De Weerd - Woman
Mac Brandt - Paramedic (Recurring)
Madison Leisle - Lisa the Child
Marlon John - Search and Rescue #3
Patrick Dempsey - Dr Derek Shepherd (Regular)
Paul Perri
Paul Norwood - Scared Guy #2
Sandra Oh - Cristina Yang (Regular)
Sara Ramirez - Dr Callie Torres (Regular)
Sarah Drew - Dr April Koepner (Regular)
Shenita Moore - Surgical ER Nurse
Tessa Ferrer - Dr. Leah Murphy (Regular)
Tim Chiou - Paramedic #6
Yvans Jourdain - Businessman

Allan Heinberg
Betsy Beers
Bill Harper
Dan Bucatinsky
Debora Cahn
Jeannine Renshaw
Jeff Rafner
Joan Rater
Karin Gleason
Krista Vernoff
Linda Klein
Lisa Taylor
Mark Wilding
Mark R. Gordon
Marti Noxon
Noah Evslin
Stacy McKee
Tammy Ann Casper
Tony Phelan
Zoanne Clack

Rob Corn

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